Colombia is still the world's biggest producer of cocaine

In 2017, more than 171.00 hectares of coca were grown in Colombia, according to the UN

What keeps Cristina Fernández de Kirchner away from going to jail?

Despite being accused of illicit enrichment, there is a possibility for the former president to escape from prison

Chile: The Gender Law is historic for the LGBTI community

The controversial law was approved by the Chilean Congress, after several years of struggle by LGBTI rights defenders in the southern country.

Bolivia: Why people reject the new headquarters of UNASUR?

The building, which cost more than 60 million dollars, is located in a city with a poverty rate of 45%, according to the National Institute of Statistics of the country

These are the figures that the Venezuelan migration left

"These numbers are large, it is one of the biggest migration crises we have experienced": United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Colombia: How was Ivan Duque’s first month as a President?

Support for the Anticorruption Consultation, his position on the case of the "Water Bonds", were influential factors when measuring his approval as president

United States: 4 women of Colombian descent win primary elections in New York

The Democratic Party elected the four women of Colombian descent to face the Republicans in the November legislative elections

What are the factors that threaten Latin American democracy?

Today we celebrate the day of democracy and in LatinAmerican Post we analyze the antidemocratic practices that affect it

This is how the international community has reacted to Nicaragua's situation

Some countries and international organizations have shown their concern about the current political, social and economic situation that Nicaragua is facing

Why Iván Velásquez is not welcomed in Guatemala?

Iván Velásquez, who leads the anti-corruption commission of the UN in the Central American country, will have to do it from abroad

11 countries will welcome Venezuelans with expired documents

On September, 13 Latin American countries met in Quito with the aim of finding a way to guarantee the protection of Venezuelans human rights

Mexico: Why are students protesting?

The universities of the country close ranks against the National University to go out to manifest for the recent acts of violence

Ministerial Forum for Development: Which are the challenges of Latin America?

The Ministerial Forum for Development will take place from September 12 to 13. Here you can find all about the topics that this new edition will address

This is how FIFA resolved the crisis of the Uruguayan Football Association

The Regularizing Commission, established by FIFA to face the crisis of the Uruguayan Football Association, ended up getting politicized

Brazil: Why was Jair Bolsonaro attacked?

Brazilian political figures such as Dilma Rousseff insinuated that the attack against Bolsonaro was the product of the hatred that he has sown in his speech

Who is Carlos Córdoba, the new Comptroller General of Colombia?

The new Comptroller General of the Nation will have the mission to fight against corruption and the mafias

Guatemala: The controversy against Jimmy Morales is growing

The current Guatemalan president was involved in an alleged case of illicit financing during his presidential campaign in 2015

Who is the new ambassador of colombia at the UN?

Both his long diplomatic experience and his work in conflict resolution are the traits that stand out in the resume of the new ambassador of Colombia at the UN

Argentina: Why is there controversy with Macri's measures?

The president of Argentina aims to balance the economy by reducing the number of his cabinet and increasing the tax processes of the country

Mexico: What risks does AMLO face with his promise of reducing his security?

Obrador's proposal could bring risks to his life in a country with high rates of violence such as Mexico

Why did Peru and Colombia agree to create a database of Venezuelan migrants?

Both governments reached an agreement to jointly create and share a database of Venezuelan migrants between August 27 and 28, 2018

Colombia: What the visit of Pedro Sánchez left

Negotiations with the ELN and the crisis in Venezuela were some of the topics to be discussed among the leaders of each country

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