Nicaraguans abroad are also victims of xenophobia

Some Nicaraguans who have migrated to Costa Rica, as a result of the socio-political situation in their country, have been victims of xenophobic attacks

Guatemala: Jimmy Morales's reasons for expelling CICIG

The Guatemalan president tries to protect his status after the alleged cases of corruption

Latin America: Everything you need to know about Pedro Sánchez's tour

The Spanish leader, Pedro Sánchez, visited four countries in Latin America to strengthen diplomatic relations

This is what the authorities found in Cristina Fernández properties

According to former president of Argentina, the authorities took her presidential band. Here you can find what else they found during the raids

Ecuador: the last country to turn its back on the Chavist model

The Andean nation leaves ALBA, closes UNASUR headquarters, and leaves Telesur

Thousands of Venezuelans are deported from these Latin American countries

In South America several countries have welcomed thousands of Venezuelans, but restrictions have begun to appear

Maya Train: The project that seeks to connect Mexico's Southeast

"It is a very important work because it is going to communicate one of the most important cultural regions in the world", Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Who is Alejandro Ordóñez, the new ambassador of Colombia at OAS?

Former Colombian Attorney Alejandro Ordóñez, known for his strong religious and conservative positions, was named ambassador of Colombia at OAS

Is the salary demanded by Argentine teachers fair?

Education in Argentina is in a "facto" strike due to the requests made by the unions to the government of Mauricio Macri

Venezuela: It is time to end the Carnet de la Patria

Venezuelans receive subsidized food thanks to the document, but they are losing political rights

Venezuelans will have to present their passport to enter Ecuador and Peru

Since 2018, 547,000 Venezuelans have entered Ecuador and 385,000 have settled in Peru

Although the "yes" exceeded 99% in each question, the anti-corruption consultation did not reach the

Nearly 500,000 votes lacked the participation mechanism to overcome the established threshold that would determine its validity

What would you say to a Colombian minister on a 10-minute call?

With this citizen initiative you can talk to a Minister for 10 minutes, what would you tell them?

Colombia: the future of corruption is put to the vote

This Sunday, August 26, Colombia will decide at the polls if the 7 points of the Anti-Corruption Consultation will be implemented

Constituent in Paraguay: What changes would there be?

Reforming the electoral code through the Constituent Assembly is one of the proposals that the new government has launched

What did Paraguay do to be the first malaria-free country in Latin American?

Since mid-2018, the South American country is officially malaria-free. How did this happen and how are the other Latin American countries doing?

The most corrupt politicians in Latin America

Illegal appropriation of resources, economic demands, and huge salaries are some acts of corruption of certain Latin American politicians

Paraguay: Everything you need to know about the new president Mario Abdo Benítez

Benítez assumes the presidency of Paraguay backed by the political tradition of that country, but faces poverty and corruption scandals

Who is the controversial candidate seeking to reach the Colombian Comptroller?

His relationship with the Yidispolítica and Agro Ingreso Seguro, and his low score on a test to get to the Comptroller's Office have him in the eye of the storm

Chile is increasing the number of foreigners expelled

Legal background in migrants and the weak response of the authorities to detect them are some of the causes

"We see Latin America as our neighbor": Jim Mattis on his visit

The Secretary of Defense of the United States, Jim Mattis, visits several countries in the region to discuss issues of bilateral alliance

Is Costa Rica no longer Central America's paradise?

The Central American country is on alert after the death of two tourists and the increase in crime

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