Colombia: Do we need longer government periods?

The president of the Colombian Senate, Ernesto Macías, suggested through his Twitter account to extend the presidential term of Iván Duque to five years

Elections in Brazil: the era of Jair Bolsonaro begins

On October 28, the popular vote elected Jair Bolsonaro as the new president of Brazil

Uruguay: The law that benefits Trans has already been approved

Uruguay makes an important legislative advance for the trans population. What has happened in other Latin countries?

Hypocrisy? Maduro shows solidarity to Honduran migrants

The comments of the president of Venezuela on the caravan of Honduran migrants ignored the immigration problem of his country

Peru: Keiko Fujimori would go back to prison

After being released, a Peruvian prosecutor investigating Keiko Fujimori seeks to send her to jail

Colombia: Natural resources are property of the State

According to the Constitutional Court citizens can not prohibit or approve mining processes in their territory

Honduras: The migrant caravan that challenges Trump

Despite Trump's threats, the caravan of Hondurans continues its journey to the US

Why was Venezuela’s ambassador expelled from Ecuador?

Migratory aid to Venezuelans will continue, but the diplomatic distance between Ecuador and Venezuela worsens

Cuba: Internet access is expensive and limited

Since the Cuban government set the goal of implementing the Internet throughout the island by 2020, progress in this area has been slow and ineffective

Guatemala: Why is illegal migration to the US increasing?

A campaign war between the government and the coyotes has triggered illegal migration from Guatemala

Bolivia: Carlos Mesa could end the government of Evo Morales

The former president is gaining ground to Evo Morales, who is losing electoral support

Venezuela: France announced being against the dictatorship

The complaint filed with the International Criminal Court seeks to investigate the violation of human rights by the Venezuelan government

This is the counter-summit led by Kirchner and Rousseff before the G20

The event aims to promote the word of international leaders who represent and express the ideals of struggle for more just and egalitarian societies

This happened in Sebastián Piñera’s visit to Pope Francis

Pope Francis received the president of Chile in the midst of the crisis of the Church in this country

Colombia: Where is FARC's money?

The Colombian Prosecutor's Office declared that the former guerrilla group owned 6250 million dollars. Where is the money?

Would Russia and China support Venezuela in an armed conflict against the United States?

These are some of the consequences of a military attack against Nicolás Maduro

These are the absurd luxuries of 3 Latin American presidents

Evo Morales and Nicolás Maduro are on this list. Here we tell you, how they expended large amounts of money

This is AMLO's strategy for not constructing the border wall

The possession of Andrés López Obrador is approaching, the latent question is: What will happen to the wall under construction between Mexico and the United States?

What is the cause of migration in El Salvador and Honduras?

Inequality, unemployment and violence are considered as the possible causes of this migration phenomenon that El Salvador and Honduras are experiencing

Peru: will Fujimori's dinasty come to an end?

The annulment of the pardon to Alberto Fujimori, could be the end of the legacy of the former president, as well as the aspirations of his sons to continue in power

Elections in Brazil: what is the scenario for the second round?

Bolsonaro won the first round of the presidential elections with 46.8% of the votes and Haddad was left with 28.2%, so both will reach the second round

United States: Let's celebrate the month of the Hispanic Heritage

Hispanic Heritage Month will be celebrated with Chutzpah & Salsa, a play about being Latino and Jewish in the US

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