The 3 most viral mistakes of Latin American presidents

Nicolás Maduro and Sebastián Piñera are some of the Latin American presidents who have made viral mistakes

Amazing! How much money did Nicolás Maduro donate to Indonesia?

Despite the crisis in Venezuela, the president decided to donate a large sum of money to Indonesia.

Colombia: What does it mean to be the new venue of the OAS?

Colombia will be the host of the next General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), celebrating its 49th edition, after 70 years

Elections in Brazil: These are the candidates' political proposals

Here you can find all about the political proposals of four of the most likely candidates to occupy the presidency of Brazil

Hague Tribunal decision: What alternative does Bolivia have?

In the last 100 years, Bolivia has claimed Chile's sovereign maritime exit, but there are other options in neighboring countries

Peru: Alberto Fujimori is back to prison

By a decision of the Supreme Court, former dictator Alberto Fujimori returns to prison after obtaining a humanitarian pardon

Brazil: Women could prevent Bolsonaro to become president

The feminine vote is against Bolsonaro, considering he has attacked them in the past

Electronic voting in Brazil: is it safe or not?

The South American country celebrates 22 years of electronic elections. What can be expected from technology in democratic processes?

UN General Assembly: Trump talks about Latin America

Within the framework of the General Assembly of the United Nations Trump had some moments to pronounce on several issues that concern Central and South America

Peru’s referendum: What changes will there be if it is approved?

This December 9 will vote on the referendum to amend articles of the Constitution and thus curb the wave of corruption that affects the country

Colombia and Venezuela: tensions generate misinformation and confusion

After fake rumors of an alleged call to the Colombian military reserves, LatinAmerican Post reviews the international 'enmity'

Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega threats Businessmen

The disagreement of the Nicaraguan people with the government model is one of the main reasons that businessmen have supported

Mexico: What is the Government doing about floods in Sinaloa?

The Tropical Depression 19-E has left hundreds of families affected in Sinaloa and other states in the north of the country. What actions has the Government taken about this emergency?

What did Ivan Duque say to the United Nations?

The new president of Colombia, Iván Duque, had his first appearance in the UN General Assembly

Why Argentines are against the agreement of the International Monetary Fund?

President Mauricio Macri holds meetings with the IMF in New York while in Argentina they protest with a transport stoppage

Venezuela vs. LatAm: Is war coming?

Las fronteras del país caribeño se han convertido en escenario de conflictos sociales y políticos, ¿crecerán las tensiones?

Trump and Duque: What did they talk about at the UN General Assembly?

Find out what were the current issues for Latin America that Trump and Duque discussed at the UN General Assembly

Venezuela is warned: military intervention is not ruled out

In the General Assembly of United Nations, the possibility of a military intervention in Venezuela was discussed

Brazil: Who will be the next president?

There are less than 15 days left for the presidential elections in Brazil, but the political landscape is confusing

Colombia: What will happen to Finance Minister Alberto Carrasquilla?

Although the possibility is minimal, the Minister of Finance, Alberto Carrasquilla, could leave office if the Congress so decides

Peru: Why would the president dissolve the Congress?

Martín Vizcarra, in a broadcast for all the Peruvian people, gave an ultimatum to Congress to process an anti-corruption law

This is the Colombian lawyer who has shaken Latin American politicians

Iván Velásquez has been responsible for being a nuisance to the spheres of power in Latin America

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