Pollution also produces dementia

What should I do with my e-waste?

These 3 environmental and chemical factors increase the risk of breast cancer

Pollution affects your baby's health

Pollution seriously affects women's health

Your baby could be at risk when you walk him in strollers

Latin America: which are the cities with the cleanest and the most contaminated air?

The peripheral roads would not only help traffic, but also health

More than 757 million pairs of sneakers could be made with the plastic in the oceans

We are all eating microplastic

The most polluted beaches in the world

China: Every day less polluted

Reducing carbon emissions will save 153 million lives

Colombia will run for its forests

The ozone layer is not safe

Whales and sharks: victims of microplastic

Why did Norway say no to traditional planes?

Germany: Car exhaust tests on humans and monkeys

EU: looking to end plastic waste

Galapagos Islands airport

Galapagos Islands airport: a bet for the environment


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