Goodbye AdBlock? Why Google "Killed" Ad Blockers

Google will no longer allow AdBlock, in a move that will change the network forever. Why does this bother users?

space mining

Space Mining: What Resources Would We Compete for in Space?

World powers not only have an interest in space to increase human knowledge, they also seek to profit from space mining


China's Missions to the Moon What Are They Looking For?

The Asian giant is going to carry out more missions to the moon, what are they looking for there?

iPhone 14

The Most Expensive Smartphones on the Market Today

In this 2022, there are cell phones that are positioned as the most coveted by people, despite the high cost

Apple Watch 8

The Apple Watch 8 Review. How Does It Compare to Other Smartwatches?

The new Apple Watch 8 isn't much of an improvement over the previous version, but it does have some exciting new features

Larice Stielow, Anna Johnson and Anna Vanessa Haotanto

What’s Next for Business Technology With the Female Vision?

This year 2022 considerably increased the number of women who master enterprise digital technology. That's why The Woman Post invites you to learn more about these leaders.


deep story

Artificial Intelligences that are Artists

Recently, the Art World was in an Uproar When News Broke that a man had Won a Painting Contest by Submitting Images Created by an Artificial Intelligence.

iPhone 14 view

iPhone 14: Everything that Is Known About the Next Apple Device

The latest version of the iPhone is about to hit the market. Apple is expected to present it at an event to be held on September 7. Find out about the information that is handled so far about this new model

Galaxy A53

The Best Mid-Range Smartphones that Came Out this Year

Do you Want a New Smartphone, but you are Low on Budget? Here we Tell you What are the Best Mid-Range Options Available on the Market

Laura Lechuga, Emilia Méndez and Desirée Teijeiro

3 Women Looking To Innovate in the Digital Green Future of 2022

Digital green innovation seeks flexible and more balanced jobs in women's personal lives because these business actions value their physical and emotional well-being.

mark zuckerberg

Opinion: Is the Metaverse an Overrated Technology?

The Metaverse is the Last Cloud of Smoke that They Want to Sell us From Silicon Valley

Device that scans melanomas

Know the Technological Advances That Allow Early Diagnoses

Known as AI or artificial intelligence, this technology has many fields of application in medicine

Hacker on a screen of codes

What Is Ransomware and How to Eliminate It?

This popular form of cybercrime is the headache of many

Google Meet app frame

How to Take Advantage of the New Features of Google Meet?

If you have the soul of an entrepreneur and are looking for a way to start a business, here we explain how to take advantage of the new Google Meet function to broadcast live

Still from 'Catholic Singles'

Religion Apps to Find the 'Better Half'

The Political Ideology, the Economic Status and Even the Surname have Been Triggers for Someone to Find a Partner Through the Different Dating Applications. However, a Trend has Emerged Where the Person's Religion is Crucial to Have a 'Match'

Roomba vacuum cleaner

What Is Behind Amazon's Purchase of iRobot, the Roomba Company?

Amazon includes Roomba in its catalog, but many questions have arisen about it, which have to do with user privacy.

Apple-branded products

Everything you Should Know About the Ban on Apple Products in Colombia

A Legal Dispute Between Ericsson and Apple has Stopped the Commercialization of iPhone and iPad Devices with 5G Technology in Colombia. Find Out the Details of the Case

hand holding a cell phone

Infographic: Why Should you Care About TikTok Data Collection?

TikTok collects an alarming amount of data from its users. Here's why you should be concerned.

Electric cart 'Zem'

Dutch Students Create an Electric Car that Cleans the Air While You Drive it

A Team of Students From the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands Has Created a Prototype of a Vehicle that Absorbs Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) When Used

Woman programming in a computer

Emerging Digital Communities Created by Women

Technology, science, and digitalization bring women together to create their space safely, focusing on growth, development, and innovation.