These are the 3 smartest cities in Latin America

Which are the smartest cities in Latin America? Here we tell you

Facebook and the vicious circle of algorithms

Facebook's new algorithm seeks to favor content creators and fight against false news

This is the foundation that bets on agro-technology

Fundación Más por Tic told LatinAmerican Post how it hopes to become the largest digital farmer network in Colombia

Do you want to buy a video beam? 5 tips not to fail

Projectors may not even tickle TVs in competition, but increasingly cheaper and more efficient devices are coming onto the market.

3 incredible smartphones that cost less than 300 dollars

In many cases, the price is an impediment to acquire a good and modern smartphone. However, LatinAmericanPost presents 3 economical devices

How much does 1 GB of mobile data cost in Latin America?

Here we tell you about the most expensive plans and what you can do with 1 GB of mobile data

3 uses of facial recognition that demonstrate how technology revolutionized

Beyond being used to unlock a phone, facial recognition has changed the way it works in other fields of society such as tourism or health

'Sports' Netflix': DAZN arrived in Latin America

In North America and a certain part of Europe, this "Netflix of sport" is sweeping. In March it started to work in Brazil

Learn how video games can help medicine

Virtual therapy and precision in medical exams such as x-rays are some of the benefits that video games can have for medical purposes

The 3 most powerful women in the technological world

Some of the giant companies in Silicon Valley have these women in high positions. Know them

Technology at the service of tranquility in residential projects

Do you want to increase the security of your home? Here we tell you how you can do it

3 new services that are revolutionizing the technology industry

In this new millennium, companies and products must adapt to technology. These are some services that are part of this world

15 Unique Facts About the Big Data

Find out 15 fun facts about Big Data

Big Chinese companies take over the smartphone market

Giants and increasingly popular, these Chinese companies are taking over the technological market of smartphones

Samsung vs. Huawei: competing with the new releases

Both companies launch in April 2019 several phones that will compete to be the most quoted in the market, emphasizing mainly in the camera and the battery

'Netiquette': 10 rules of coexistence on the internet

As if it were a digital etiquette manual, these rules help us improve coexistence in the network

Why was Google+ shut down?

Google’s biggest social media has been shut down on Tuesday, April 2. Here's everything you need to know about it

Is artificial intelligence the composer of the 21st century?

The examples of music created by artificial intelligence multiply, which makes us wonder: how far will it go?

This technology will allow you to be closer to your premature newborn

The new sensors in cribs for premature babies aim to improve the quality of life of them and their parents

Stadia and Arcade: the new online videogame platforms

The video game industry goes one step further with the online services that Google and Apple will offer

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