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Search Engines that you can use in Addition to Google, Advantages and Disadvantages

Google is not the only way to surf the Internet, here we bring you other search engines that you can use

Lina Caceres

Lina Cáceres, Visionary of Digital Entertainment

Lina Cáceres is a restless social communicator who saw in the digital world an exciting tool to develop talents, to be able to commercialize them and thus open the opportunity for new businesses.

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5 Best Phone Trackers in 2022

We’ve consulted with experts over at CTA.com to deliver the most accurate information about phone trackers, so let’s take a look at the top five options you should consider

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The Russian Internet is Taking Steps to Resemble China's

These are some of the small differences that separate Russian and Chinese Internet censorship. We tell you what you should know about both superpowers

Ingrid Guacheta, Victoria Cano Colazo

Young Women Are Creating a Boom in the Technological Revolution

The searches for methods that make the female gender, in general, participate in STEM professional careers and the areas of technology are urgently required.

Couple lying on a bed watching Netflix on a computer

How Charging for Account Sharing Will Affect Netflix?

Netflix could start charging you for sharing your account. How could this affect the platform?

Main view of the 'Violetta' website

Get To Know The Violetta Application: The Chatbot That Identifies Toxic Situations

Currently, technology makes it possible to identify relationships of violence and abuse. This is something you can discover in the Violetta app!

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Infographic: These Are The Pros And Cons Of Online Elections

Here we tell you a little about the pros and cons of online elections.

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The impact of TikTok on people's attention

Like other social networks, the use of TikTok has had a negative impact on people's attention in their daily lives

Person using their cell phone in the Instagram application

How To Detect Cybercriminals On Instagram?

In this article, we tell you about some ways to detect cybercriminals on Instagram

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What Is Targeted Advertising And Why Does Biden Want To Ban It For Children?

Joe Biden wants to ban targeted advertising for children. This was requested at the Congress. We tell you the reasons

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How to avoid disinformation about Ukraine in social networks?

Disinformation about the war in Ukraine is everywhere, here are some ways to protect yourself from it

ElonMusk and Starlink satellites

How Useful will Elon Musk's Starlink be in Ukraine?

Although Elon Musk's intentions with Starlink in Ukraine are good, we must be realistic about the possible impact of this service

Person holding cell phone displaying 'Twitter' app

How can you Identify a Bot on Twitter?

Bots on Twitter are multipurpose, malicious and, sadly, countless. But how can you identify them? Here are some tips that could help you.

Cell phone showing the main screen of the game 'Wordle'

The "Strange" Versions of Wordle that you Will Surely Have Fun With

The versatility of Wordle has allowed it to "mutate" into "strange" and at the same time funny forms

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Do you know Which Data your Favorite Social Networks Collect from you?

On a daily basis, social networks obtain data about us, the why and what for is usually unknown to most of its users

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Brainly and Other Online Platforms that help you with your Homework

Do you need help with your homework? Here we tell you about Brainly and other sites that can help you

SonyPlayStation VR2 and TCL NXTWear Air

The 3 Most Anticipated Gadgets of 2022

Ready for the future? These are the most anticipated gadgets of 2022 in the technological world

Vector of the Duolingo's pet reading books

Universities that accept the Duolingo English test

Did you know that there are universities that accept the Duolingo English test as if it were the TOEFL or IELTS? Here we tell you what they are.

Person using the app Nequi

Why does Nequi Fail so much?

Here we explain you why Nequi experiences constant system crashes