Arceneaux Hayley

The Amazing Story Behind Astronaut Hayley Arceneaux

This incredible woman is the first astronaut in space with a prosthesis on her body.

Monitor displaying index html

How To Start Data Science With Python Certification


The Training course in Data Science with Python is designed for those learning enthusiasts who want to master Python and have an equal zeal to start their career in Data Science

Cellphone showing applications on gray cloth

Disconnected? These Are Some Alternatives To WhatsApp

Here are some alternatives to WhatsApp so that you are not cut off from the world again

Captain zoya

Zoya Sapra Aggarwal, Example of Conviction for Equality

Captain Zoya Aggarwal, who is commander of AI 176, dreamed of aviation since she was 11 years old. In a recent interview, she mentioned how she would look at the stars all night and be fascinated by the trail that flying planes left.

Computer with programming code

3 Keys to the New Female Generations in Programming

Programming, an increasingly dynamic technological world and now has a female perspective.

Person holding a smartphone

Afghan People Feeling Fear About Their Digital Footprint

The sudden change of regime in Afghanistan shows the current challenge of people who are trying to put behind their digital past. Almost 4 million people in Afghanistan use social media regularly, while digital security has not improved during the last few years.

Andrea Silvana Diaz Bohorquez

Andrea Díaz, First Woman Pilot in the Colombian Air Force

For the first time in Colombian history, a woman pilots a C-130 Hercules from the Colombian Air Force.

Oscar Cardenas and Javier Garcia

The Quantum Leap: Inspiration To Transform Your Business

Undertake, innovate, create, carry out, advance...These are perhaps some of the verbs that come to mind amid the noise of everyday life demanded by the digital world, which also sometimes becomes somewhat dark.

Woman shopping online with credit card

Have We Adopted New Consumer Habits Since the Pandemic?

With every change that takes place, various opportunities may arise. Either in the professional or personal life, living through a transformation period is a chance to leave the past behind and to open your mind to new journeys.

Two iMacs in a desk

Top 4 Tools to Create Websites Without Knowledge About Coding


For several years now, website builders have been gaining popularity. Those are online services where anyone can create a website without prior experience in programming

Woman using a VR glasses

7 IT Trends That Will Power Higher Education in 2021

Yes, digitalization in education has proven to be efficient, so it will undoubtedly be used further. The only question is - how. In the article, we have tried to find the answers

Students in a classroom

The Pros and Cons of Attending a Private School in the US


Read on to discover some of the advantages and disadvantages of attending a private school to help you make the best choice

Woman using a laptop

Does Digital Boom Leave Female Participation Behind?

The internet has been a key tool to save entrepreneurs in recent times. However, many argue that that the digital world is not as democratic as it is supposed to be.

Facebook's New Hub To Keep Women Safe From Online Abuse

Facebook released Women's Safety Hub to keep women safe on the platform.

Hacker using keyboard typing bad data into computer online system

Let’s Talk More to Our Children About Cybersecurity

Kids are now more exposed than ever to the risks of the internet. Here we examine what parents can do to make it a safe place.

Woman holding a smartphone lying on bed

Great Apps for Remote Work

The COVID pandemic has taught us many lessons. One of the greatest ones is that we can work efficiently from home.

Man using a laptop

Images are important to your website success: explanation about both good and bad one

The majority of us already know that images are important for the success of a website, but most of you might not be familiar with why images are important for the success of a website

Ethernet Cables

Cloud-Based Security Solutions Are Gaining Momentum

Even though cloud-based security solutions are becoming more and more popular, a lot of enterprise customers are still skeptical about the reliability of these tools

Meg Whitman, Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer

Tech Sector in the Hands of Successful Women

The tech field is filled with amazing and inspirational women whose net worth reaches an impressive amount of almost $7 billion.

People at an office looking a macbook

The Value of Ideas From Disruptive Workers

Rebellious workers are sometimes perceived as incendiary, but there is evidence that on occasions they have come up with magnificent ideas.