Composite Image of the Galactic Center.

UMass Amherst astronomer reveals never-before-seen detail of the center of our galaxy

New image made using NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory hints at previously unknown interstellar energy source at the Milky Way center

Cell phones with Android 12 sample

Android 12: all the news for a total redesign of your smartphone

The popular operating system of millions of phones around the planet revealed what are the features that will be implemented

Judith Love Cohen

The Story of the Female Engineer Behind Apollo 13

Aerospace engineer and unsung hero Judith Love Cohen worked for NASA's most important projects, including the pioneer Apollo 13 and Hubble missions.

Woman looking her smartphone

Online Risks: 9 Things You Shouldn't Share on Social Media

The dangers of socializing on the Internet are sharing too much information, posting comments, photos or videos.

ALMA image of the galaxy BRI 1335-0417 at 12.4 billion years ago

ALMA discovers the most ancient galaxy with spiral morphology

Array (ALMA), researchers found a galaxy with a spiral morphology by only 1.4 billion years after the Big Bang

Woman looking her cellphone

Simple Tips To Avoid Telecalling Fatigue

Virtual interactions are taxing on our brains in a whole new way. As a result, there is physical and psychological exhaustion that goes along with this phenomenon.

Johana Rodríguez and woman working on a laptop

Digital Skills Increase Employability

It is estimated that 90% of current jobs require some type of digital competence.

UV Light

Light-Based Technologies To Fight COVID-19

The international day of light, celebrated on 16 May every year should remind all of us of the important contributions of light in science.

Woman coding

Opportunities in the Technology Sector That Can Be Taken by Women

Coding jobs represent a unique opportunity for women to exploit their talents and obtain well-paying jobs. 

Trailer frame for the video game 'Returnal'

Returnal: a revolutionary game that will convince many to buy the PS5

This long-awaited Sony release becomes the first “console saler” game for the PS5 and demonstrates all that this machine can offer

Apple’s AirTags

Uses for Our Lives of Apple's New AirTags

Apple AirTags tags will be used to locate personal items such as your keys, backpack or wallet, via Bluetooth.

Teddy Tzanetos, MiMi Aung and Bob Balaram

MiMi Aung, Creator of the Ingenuity Helicopter That Flies on Mars

A female face behind the small helicopter's first flight to Mars.

Person holding smartphone on instagram feed

5 Keys To Be Successful in Personal and Brand Networks

Social networks in the digital environment have become a space for competition between people and brands.

Woman looking three screens

Seven Programs for Windows You Can Uninstall Right Now

Open the software remover on your Windows laptop, and you will probably find something from our list of useless apps

This portrait of Dr Fabiola Gianotti was taken in December 2015 before she began her mandate as Director-General of CERN

Fabiola Gianotti, Leader of European Nuclear Council

Italian physics is the first woman to lead the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva.

Woman scientist

Analytical Sciences Open New Job Opportunities

Women have been taking a relevant role in scientific communities, however, international indices reflect their low representation in these key scenarios.

Two woman talking while looking at laptop

Women in SEO: How Does the Industry Work?

Although they were invisible for a long time, women specialized in SEO are being very important for the advancement of this area.

Jesus Tabares and three woman at an office

Jesús Tabares Connects Talented Women With the IT Industry

Laboratoria Colombia is a proposal that began its digital march to close the gap between female talent demanded by the industry.

Angela Rucci speaking in her Ted Talk

Stay Safe While Walking Alone

As Angela Rucci claimed during her Ted Talk called "Text Me When You Get Home," walking alone is scary.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube

Women in Charge of Technological Platforms and Their Challenges in This Pandemic

Women have played a vital role in the advancement of technology and computing.