Man standing in the Huawei room using a cell phone.

Huawei cloud: the first public storage cloud in Chile

In addition to offering storage, the Chinese giant also said they maintain interest in deploying an underwater cable between Chile and Asia

Person getting in an electric car

Can power napping solve electric car charging challenge?

Automakers around the world are pushing hard for new networks that can charge electric cars fast

Laptop with an image of the cloud in technology

Researchers propose method to balance user experience on technology delays

Researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) have now developed a method to help avoid end-to-end delay

Planetary system

Some exoplanets may have greater variety of life than exists on Earth

A new study indicates that some exoplanets may have better conditions for life to thrive than Earth itself has

Brain inside a silhouette of a person, on a background of computer code.

Understanding the animal brain could help robots wash your dishes

Artificial intelligence (AI) still has a lot to learn from animal brains


Young Jupiter was smacked head-on by massive newborn planet

Jupiter's core may still be reeling from collision 4.5 billion years ago

Instagram adds tool for users to flag false information

Posting false information is not banned on any of Facebook's suite of social media services, but the company is taking steps to limit the reach of inaccurate information

Hardware equipment with data cables connected.

Everything you ever wanted to know about net neutrality but never dared to ask

If you've been following tech news in the past couple of years, you've probably heard the phrase "Net Neutrality" an awful lot

View of planet in front of the sun.

How many Earth-like planets are around sun-like stars?

The results of this study are particularly relevant for planning future space missions to characterize potentially Earth-like planets

Macbook Pro laptop on a table

US aviation regulator bans select MacBook Pro laptops from flights

Apple said in June it would recall a limited number of 15-inch MacBook Pro units as their batteries were susceptible to overheating

Three sharks glow in the dark of the ocean

These sharks glow in the dark thanks to a newly identified kind of marine biofluorescence

Researchers have identified what's responsible for the sharks' bright green hue

Ball shaped circle close up dark

The brain inspires a new type of artificial intelligence

A group of scientists at Bar-Ilan University in Israel has demonstrated a new type of ultrafast artificial intelligence algorithms

Augmented reality project brings fossilised dinosaur footprints to life at La Rioja site, Spain.

Dinosaurs brought back to life with augmented reality

Dinosaur lovers will be able to see the creatures brought back to life thanks to augmented reality

Dark matter.

Dark matter may be older than the big bang

The study presents a new idea of how dark matter was born and how to identify it with astronomical observations

Black hole.

Where in the universe can you find a black hole nursery?

Black holes are formed following the collapse of stars and possibly supernova explosions

Guacamole plate with crackers

Guacamole lovers, rejoice! The avocado genome has been sequenced

A new study illuminates the avocado's family history and lays the foundation for the species' improvement

Composición del sistema solar

Dead planets can 'broadcast' for up to a billion years

Astronomers are planning to hunt for cores of exoplanets around white dwarf stars by 'tuning in' to the radio waves that they emit

Smart phone and headphones on the table

Global retail tech spending to top $203 billion this year as stores play digital catch-up

Digital transformation urgency & the need for new leadership mindsets top the agenda, like AI, robotics, and payment innovation plans advance, Tech. research finds

Computador mostrando en su pantalla el logotipo de 8chan

After shootings, tech companies pressured to pull plug on 8chan

8chan, which has a verified Twitter account, has become a hotbed for white extremist content

Sony phone capturing a photo

Sony surprises with record profits thanks to camera sensors

Sony Corp is benefiting from the sales of the most powerful smartphones from customers like Huawei Technologies