Estefanía Vega during a conference

A Successful Mix of Technology, Philanthropy and Sustainability

Estefanía Vega is a young, intelligent, and purposeful woman who moved away from preconceived gender scripts to write her own story.

Why is Facebook at war with Apple?

Despite being essential for the digital day-to-day, these two companies do not have a very friendly bond

Smartphone circuit

New PCBs Could Make Smartphones More Eco-Friendly

With each passing year, we are now seeing a growing focus on environmental conservation with respect to consumer activity

People in a meeting

How to Get Involved in Closing Gaps

Women are hugely underrepresented in the STEM fields. 

Scenic view of night sky with stars

It is Possible to Touch The Stars

The sky seems very far away but today more than any other time in history it is within reach for every girl who dared to dream with it.

Camera to detect coronavirus created by University of South Australia.

Think you have COVID? This camera could tell you

A key symptom of COVID-19 - oxygen saturation - is now being estimated remotely from a camera, thanks to research from University of South Australia

Frame of the trailer of the video game 'Grand Theft Auto V'

How boosting service can help you as you play GTA 5?

Everyone is familiar with the GTA because it is one of the most popular open-world shooting video games.

Smartphone showing the app 'TikTok'.

#LearnOnTikTok: The Educational Side of the Viral App

TikTok's popularity has skyrocketed once again during COVID19 lockdown, but it's not just about fun. 

Catalina Rengifo

More Talented Women in The Artificial Intelligence Industry

It is important that in the Information and Communication Technologies sector the presence of women is strengthened.

Mom sitting with her child

#TechMums: Empowering Mothers Through Technology

TechMums is a not-for-profit that supports moms, making them confident with technology to create a better home environment with their kids.

Cathy Bessant and Lori Beer

The Most Powerful Women In Tech

 If you are passionate about the tech industry, the following women will inspire you to realize your full potential

Hummer EV Pickup

From military to electric: This is how the Hummer returns

This mythical off-road truck returns to the market with a renewed concept and an all-electric motor

Woman using smartphone

7 Mental Health Apps you Need to Know About

Technology has had an impact on the research and treatment of mental illnesses.

Woman holding an iPhone

Are green smartphones possible?

Is it possible to generate eco-friendly smartphones or is it a simple marketing campaign?

Person holding smartphone on tiktok app

The algorithm that makes TikTok addictive

TikTok is in one of the best positions for fast and easy growth as a rising creator.

Lilian Rincón, Google Assistant Director

Meet an Inspirational Woman, the Google Assistant Director

Lilian Rincón is the Senior Director of Product Management at Google and the mastermind behind Google Assistant.

Vector artificial intelligence in a brain

Neuralink: the quest to control devices directly with the brain

The same owner of major companies such as SpaceX and Tesla is now looking for a new challenge: connecting the brain to the Internet

Paula Gaviria

Click, With a Woman's Touch

In the ICT sector, there has been an increase in the participation of women in the various fields it encompasses.

View of the planet Venus

Can Venus have life? Water could be the answer

One of the most intriguing planets in our galaxy might have some secrets to discover

Example of an intervention with Deepfakes

What are deepfakes and why are they such a big problem?

Even though we all seem to fight misinformation, technology has advanced to the point where it is difficult to know what is true and what is not