Device that scans melanomas

Know the Technological Advances That Allow Early Diagnoses

Known as AI or artificial intelligence, this technology has many fields of application in medicine

Hacker on a screen of codes

What Is Ransomware and How to Eliminate It?

This popular form of cybercrime is the headache of many

Google Meet app frame

How to Take Advantage of the New Features of Google Meet?

If you have the soul of an entrepreneur and are looking for a way to start a business, here we explain how to take advantage of the new Google Meet function to broadcast live

Still from 'Catholic Singles'

Religion Apps to Find the 'Better Half'

The Political Ideology, the Economic Status and Even the Surname have Been Triggers for Someone to Find a Partner Through the Different Dating Applications. However, a Trend has Emerged Where the Person's Religion is Crucial to Have a 'Match'

Roomba vacuum cleaner

What Is Behind Amazon's Purchase of iRobot, the Roomba Company?

Amazon includes Roomba in its catalog, but many questions have arisen about it, which have to do with user privacy.

Apple-branded products

Everything you Should Know About the Ban on Apple Products in Colombia

A Legal Dispute Between Ericsson and Apple has Stopped the Commercialization of iPhone and iPad Devices with 5G Technology in Colombia. Find Out the Details of the Case

hand holding a cell phone

Infographic: Why Should you Care About TikTok Data Collection?

TikTok collects an alarming amount of data from its users. Here's why you should be concerned.

Electric cart 'Zem'

Dutch Students Create an Electric Car that Cleans the Air While You Drive it

A Team of Students From the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands Has Created a Prototype of a Vehicle that Absorbs Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) When Used

Woman programming in a computer

Emerging Digital Communities Created by Women

Technology, science, and digitalization bring women together to create their space safely, focusing on growth, development, and innovation.

Boy using a tablet

Increase In Screen Time for Primary School Children. What are the Consequences?

A Global Study Carried out by Anglia Ruskin University Shows that the Time Children Spend in Front of a Screen Increased Much More Radically than we had Thought

Bill Gates

Why Did Bill Gates Make the Decision To Donate His Fortune?

With this measure, he also wants to create awareness and encourage other billionaires to follow his example and donate part of his estate.

Anisakis simplex

Japanese Scientists Discover a Worm that Can Kill Cancer Cells

Researchers at the University of Osaka conducted a study showing that a marine worm coated with hydrogel could be an ally in the fight against cancer

Person holding cell phone with one hand

Uber Leaks: 3 Key Points to Understand the Controversy

More than 124,000 Documents were Leaked Showing the Various Questionable Moves that led to Uber Becoming a Transportation Giant. Here we Explain You What they Consist of

satellite in space

Satellite Technology, a Weapon Against Methane Gas Emissions

Given the Risk that the Large Amounts of CH4 Represent in the Environmental Balance of the Planet, Satellite Technology has Proven to be an Excellent Ally to Monitor the Emissions of this Gas

Bill Gates and Elon Musk

What Is the Technological Singularity and Why Are Bill Gates and Elon Musk Afraid of It?

This potentially doomsday tech scenario could be just around the corner

Apple and Google

Tech Companies' Reactions to US Abortion Ban

Companies Such as Amazon, Google, Meta, Apple or Netflix Have Spoken Out after the Ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States that Annuls the Constitutional Right to Abortion in the North American Country. They Assure that They will Cover the Expenses of the Employees who Decide to Travel to Interrupt their Pregnancy.

Woman holding an electronic cigarette

The FDA Against Juul in the United States, What Will Happen to the Electronic Cigarette?

The weight of the US government could fall on Juul, the world's most popular e-cigarette brand

Apps to Split the Budget of a Group Trip

These apps can help you split expenses among multiple people and make organization easier

Pregnant woman using a smartphone.

Why Does the US Want to Ban the Sale of Location Data?

A bill in the US Senate seeks to prohibit location data obtained from smartphones from being sold


What is Dogecoin and Why is it Claimed to be a Tesla Pyramid Scam?

Here we Explain Why Elon Musk is in Trouble Again for his Irresponsibility on Twitter, This Time Because of the Dogecoin Cryptocurrency