YouTube says goodbye to dangerous challenges

Why the popular platform disabled the option to share videos of challenges and jokes?

Embr Wave: the device that changes your body temperature

The device presented at the most recent CES electronic fair can "hack your brain" to change your body temperature

The rarest technology of CES 2019

Find here 8 of the rarest and most interesting inventions presented at CES 2019

3 smartphones with the best screens on the market

The quality of the images and videos reflected on a smartphone will depend on its screen. These are the best screens on sale today

TECHO helps locate marginalized settlements in Latin America

The Latin American NGO has launched a mapping application that helps determine the incidence factors of the most marginalized populations in the region


5 things about the dark side of the moon

The current mission will solve many doubts about the enigma presented by the dark side of the moon. These are 5 things that you know for now

Project Soli: is it the end of touch screens?

Project Soli seeks to eliminate the touch system in different devices by means of a sensor capable of capturing human movements at close range

Google Fuchsia arrives while the end of Android is coming

Experts say that the new Google could be the death sentence of the operating giant

7 things we can expect at the CES fair 2019

The technology and consumer electronics fair, CES, will open its doors in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11

For the first time in history, the far side of the Moon was reached

The China Chang'e 4 probe is the first in history to land on the far side of the Moon

Find out the 2019 eclipse calendar

This year there will be unmissable eclipses. Here we tell you the dates, if they are lunar or solar, and where they can be seen

Everything you need to know about the Super Blood Moon

Between January 20 and 21 we can see this wonderful eclipse. We tell you all the details

Buying a faster smartphone is easier with these 3 tips

If you are looking for a smartphone that is not slow, this three-step guide will help you choose one of these without problems

The 7 greatest scientific advances of 2018

Find here a list of some of the most important scientific advances of the year

Tokyo 2020: your cell phone could be part of the prize

The idea aims to create medals from Japanese electronic waste

Ángela Guzmán, the Colombian who created Apple's emojis

La mujer colombiana que ha vivido desde los 8 años en los Estados Unidos fue la responsable de crear varios emojis que usamos todos los días.

More megapixels better camera? This is the reality

The quality of a camera goes far beyond the number of megapixels it has, there are other factors involved in a good photo

Tumblr returns with new policies. Will it survive?

The app had been unsubscribed from the Apple Store for harboring child pornography, forcing it to rethink its content policies

What are the functions of the new Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in Colombia?

This initiative seeks to transform 'Colciencias' into an entity that can capture more resources for research


Do you know what sarcopenia is?

Weight increasing comes as you get older. It can be due to the degeneration suffered by your muscle mass. Get to know about sarcopenia and how you can prevent it

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