No more influencers? Instagram starts its relentless cleanup plan

The popular social network announced that it will eliminate fraudulent systems used to gain followers, likes, and comments. The most affected will be the influencers

SpaceX's Starlink: the space project that will give internet to the world

Elon Musk has just received approval from the Federal Communications Commission to put into orbit 4,400 satellites that will provide internet all over the world at low cost

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium: now available in 3 Latin American countries!

The service, which is available in 22 countries, is launched simultaneously in Colombia, Peru, and Chile

Women who get up early have less risk of breast cancer

Getting up early has multiple health benefits and could even help you minimize breast cancer risk

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a smartwatch?

The smartwatch has come to complement the use of a smartphone, but is it worth acquiring?

Is it really necessary to have a smartphone with a dual-camera?

The double camera has become indispensable in high-end smartphones, but is it really useful?

The dangerous anti-vaccine movement: Do you know what it is?

The refusal of parents to vaccinate their children is causing outbreaks of diseases that were believed almost eradicated

BepiColombo: The space mission with which we would know more about Mercury

Thanks to a Euro-Japanese union, it will be possible to investigate more of the closest planet to the Sun

This treatment would eliminate the need for insulin injections in diabetics

A new treatment promises to eliminate, once and for all, insulin injections in diabetic patients

Cinema for Everyone: the app for people with visual and hearing disabilities

The app Cinema for Everyone, developed by Colombia's MinTIC, allows people with visual, hearing and/or cognitive disabilities to access audiovisual productions

Amazing! Scientists could eliminate addiction to cigarettes

According to research by the Scripps Research Institute, an enzyme could be responsible for eliminating cigarette addiction in the near future

Is Osteoporosis a public health problem?

This disease must be considered a public health priority in Latin America, given the enormous impact on the health of patients and the economic sector

Are you interested in teleworking? This is what you need to know

Along with Chile, Colombia leads the region in the implementation of teleworking, followed by Brazil and Argentina

Amazing! Would you eat chicken nuggets made of feather cells?

By 2030, the UN's goal is to eradicate hunger through sustainable agricultural practices, technology, and markets. This type of initiatives could help

This is technology that helps overcome dyslexia

Microsoft and Made by Dyslexia develops technology that will guarantee people with dyslexia full access and the development of their potential

China defies space: they will build its own moon!

The Chinese city of Chengdu will launch in 2020 a satellite capable of emitting a brightness 8 times higher than the Moon, locating it almost 500 kilometers from the Earth

An artificial intelligence faculty? MIT will create it

MIT announced that it will invest $ 1 billion to create a new institute specialized in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science

This could be the end of salmonella, colera, and other bacteria

A study published by the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy (IMII) of Chile determined the way in which bacteria can cause diseases

Spotify: these are the playlists based on DNA

Would you use your DNA to find love or listen to a musical list designed just for you?

The Latin American challenge to face heart diseases

Heart diseases are a global illness that particularly affects Latin America