Face of a person built by computer.

Engendering trust in an AI world

How do we create trust in artificial intelligence in a world that has come to increasingly rely on it?

The spread of information and epidemics.

To predict an epidemic, evolution can't be ignored

The mutation of a pathogen can change the speed of how it spreads.

Person editing a photo on his cell phone.

The 5 best apps to edit photos on your smartphone

We have made a top 5 of the best applications to edit photographs for smartphones, with professional aspects and intuitive interfaces.

Computer server

Data centers use less energy than you think

 If the world is using more and more data, then it must be using more and more energy, right? Not so, says a comprehensive new analysis.

Woman using her laptop.

Should we charge for offering our personal data on the web?

An IMDEA Networks institute researcher proposes that users receive financial compensation in exchange for the personal data they offer on the web .



A woman adjusts her baby's diaper.

Low-cost 'smart' diaper can notify caregiver when it's wet

If worn too long, a wet diaper can cause painful rashes, and miserable babies -- and parents

Atari video game console.

What will the Atari hotels be like?

The renowned brand of video game consoles will launch its own chain of themed hotels. 


Perfection through diversity

How is the perfect functioning of certain natural and artificial systems achieved? The diversity of its parts may be the answer.

Person touching the hand of a robot

Latin America 2020: labor market and AI

In response to the growth of Artificial Intelligence, experts warn about its impact on the Latin American labor market.

The Sensoria crew jumps for joy before entering the mock Martian habitat on Jan. 4, 2020.

All-female crew returned to earth from 'Mars'

The mission, known as Sensoria I, is part of the Sensoria project, which aims to uplift and support women in science.

View of the showcase of a 'Sex Shop'.

Sex toys are making a comeback to CES 2020

Lora Dicarlo, a sex tech company banned in 2019 from the Consumers Electronic Show, is making a comeback this year. 

Section of a prototype accelerator on a chip, magnified 25,000 times.

Stanford researchers build a particle accelerator that fits on a chip

A Stanford team has prototyped a silicon chip that packs some of the punch delivered by ginormous particle accelerators

The surface of a multicillated cell.

How cells learn to 'count'

Trillions of mammalian cells achieve this uniformity but some consistently break this mold to fulfill unique functions.

View of an operating room in a hospital.

How can healthcare achieve real technology driven transformation?

Real transformation in healthcare through the adoption of artificial intelligence, robotics, telecommunications, and other advanced technologies could provide significant improvements in healthcare quality

The first image of a black hole

Science's 2019 breakthrough of the year: the first image of a black hole

Honoring a feat that was once considered impossible, Science has named the Event Horizon Telescope's image of a supermassive black hole as its 2019 Breakthrough of the Year

Person holding a paper with Wifi symbol

Facts About Illegal WiFi Hotspots in Cuba

The Internet in Cuba was introduced in the late ’90s, but it wasn’t until 2007 that it’s greatly improved

Man driving a car.

How vulnerable is your car to cyberattacks?

The emergence of smart cars has opened the door to limitless possibilities for technology and innovation - but also to threats beyond the car itself

Electric seaplane.

The future takes off from the water in Canada

On December 10th, a fully electric plane made its first flight.

Smartphone showing the apps.

Teens must 'get smart' about social media

New research indicates that social media is leading young adolescent girls and boys down a worrying path towards developing body image issues and eating disorder behaviours

Folding cell in honor of Pablo Escobar.

How is the new Pablo Escobar's smartphone?

The brother of the Colombian drug trafficker launched a folding smartphone in honor of Pablo Escobar .