More megapixels better camera? This is the reality

The quality of a camera goes far beyond the number of megapixels it has, there are other factors involved in a good photo

Tumblr returns with new policies. Will it survive?

The app had been unsubscribed from the Apple Store for harboring child pornography, forcing it to rethink its content policies

What are the functions of the new Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in Colombia?

This initiative seeks to transform 'Colciencias' IGNORE INTO an entity that can capture more resources for research


Do you know what sarcopenia is?

Weight increasing comes as you get older. It can be due to the degeneration suffered by your muscle mass. Get to know about sarcopenia and how you can prevent it

Technology is at the service of war

USA and France have just hired services from companies like Microsoft to equip their armies with technological elements for combat

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The best inventions of the year, according to Time Magazine, include, among others, the categories of accessibility, foods, and design. Here we show you some of them


We can discover the dark side of the moon!

The Chang'e-4 Mission departed from China and is expected to descend by the end of January. LatinAmerican Post reviews the details of this event

Christmas is coming: how to buy safe online

With the approach of the Christmas holidays the cases of theft, electronic scams, and phishing increase, so we give you some recommendations on how to buy safe online

These are the sensitive technologies that the US refuses to give to China

Due to trade frictions with China, the US Department of Commerce proposed to control sales of sensitive technologies for the country's security