Marine snails: the key to understanding memory?

New research with these animals opens the door to a better understanding of the functioning of memory

YouTube Music: Can it beat Spotify and Deezer?

Everything you need to know about the new version of the streaming app that failed in 2015

Change movies with your mind: the future of the cinema?

"The Moment" a movie which you can be a director thanks to your brain waves

Dumb phones: A proposal that will end smartphones?

These cell phones intentionally designed to be useless begin to attract the attention of thousands of users

Extreme cleaning and isolation could cause Acute Childhood Lifoblastic Leukemia

The study conducted by Professor Mel Greaves shows that early exposure to environmental factors and other children could prevent the onset of this disease

Why is allowing a virtual assistant access to your home a risk?

In recent days, a controversy has been maintained around the problem that represents the existence of virtual assistants to the privacy of people who use them

The solution to repair brain tissue could be a gel

Scientists from the University of California at Los Angeles announced this advance to counteract the effects of a stroke

This is how brain changes when one is in solitude for a long time

Being alone generates a chemical in the brain that makes it more aggressive and fearful

Hamburger rain? What you should know about Uber's new way to make delivers

As part of an innovation program, the company intends to use drones to facilitate ultra-fast food deliveries

Meet the teen who trains to live on Mars

Alyssa Carson speaks four languages, has knowledge about aeronautics and robotics, and is the promise of humanity on Mars

Worcket: An app to get a job in the Tinder style

Latin American entrepreneurship promises to optimize job search through Artificial Intelligence

Why should the end of net neutrality matter to you?

On June 11 the free Internet that the United States knew will end

The art of procrastination: do you avoid your tasks and at the end of the day are never done?

Procrastinating is in the minds of many and it seems that even the buzzing of a fly prevents you from completing your responsibilities

Can diabetes 2 be reversed?

Diabetes 2 is a disease in which the amount of sugar in the blood is higher than normal levels and is the type of diabetes that most people suffer from

Learn about latest 2018 Google algorithm updates in SEO

If you are IGNORE INTO website content creation make sure you abide the guidelines of the Google algorithm updates

Get to know the Colombian artificial intelligence project that won Google's annual prize

A Colombian project obtains for the third consecutive time one of the prizes of the Latin American Research Awards

Vero: The replacement of Facebook?

After the latest Facebook scandals, a new social network promises not to include advertising and encourage "real" interactions between authentic users

“Despacito” deleted and Vevo accounts hacked: a political statement?

Why did the world wake up on the morning of April 10th to a changed YouTube?


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