Anti-vaccine social movement threatens global health

Since 2008, diseases such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough have increased, among others which had been controlled thanks to vaccines

Memories: How are they formed and what are they made of?

Find the keys to understand the brain function that allows us to store and process information from everyday experiences

Exposure to dim light can impair learning ability

The environment affects the brain structure responsible of storing and processing information

How are new technologies influencing healthcare?

These inventions and new strategies are changing the way we perceive treatment

What does the Universe looks like?

A group of astrophysicists have used the Hazel Hen machine, Germany's fastest mainframe computer, to create the most detailed simulation ever of the entire universe

Are low levels of alcohol good for the brain?

New research from the University of Rochester Medical Center suggests that a glass of wine after work may be good for your brain

What are some telltale signs of the flu?

It is important to recognize the symptoms to tell whether you have this contagious infection or just a common cold

Image of a human brain

Where does anxiety come from?

A new study has shown that it seems to be controlled by a group of cells in the hippocampus and they could be regulated using light





Space X has done it again

The pioneering rocket company carried out a perfect launch 

Searching for a safer Internet for your kids?

According to the UNICEF, 1 in 3 internet users is a minor

Why is antibiotic resistance today's greatest health challenge?

This issue threatens our ability to defend ourselves against the bacteria we thought we had overcome


The modern Sherlock Holmes is Colombian

Eduardo Salcedo combats the growing criminal complexity with the latest technology tools

'Messenger Kids' not suitable for young children?

In an open letter to Facebook, child health experts call the app an “irresponsible” attempt to attract kids onto social media

Who decides what can be deifined as a planet?

Johns Hopkins University researcher, Kevin Schlaufman, sets the upper boundary of planet mass between 4 and 10 times the mass of Jupiter

Understanding the new blood test that could detect 8 types of cancer

This innovative test would identify the disease early and before symptoms are shown

Byton: the car of the future

Everything you need to know about the vehicle that promises to revolutionize the automotive industry

Is coconut oil good for health?

The fitness world's miraculous food could be worse than butter pork and lard

Prostate cancer and dietary fat intake, are they really connected?

The association between prostate cancer and dietary fat intake has studied in different occasions

Millions of Americans could be drinking radioactive water

A new study shows that 22,000 public services in all states reported presence of radioactive particles in water

A sensory suit: Is it possible to experience humanitarian catastrophes?

Virtual reality will help to deal with humanitarian challenges, thanks to the union between science and social innovation