Apps to Split the Budget of a Group Trip

These apps can help you split expenses among multiple people and make organization easier

Pregnant woman using a smartphone.

Why Does the US Want to Ban the Sale of Location Data?

A bill in the US Senate seeks to prohibit location data obtained from smartphones from being sold


What is Dogecoin and Why is it Claimed to be a Tesla Pyramid Scam?

Here we Explain Why Elon Musk is in Trouble Again for his Irresponsibility on Twitter, This Time Because of the Dogecoin Cryptocurrency

Katya Echazarreta

Katya Echazarreta: Latina Engineer Becomes Youngest Women To Fly to Space

Katya Echazarreta, electrical engineer and scientific disseminator, has become the first Mexican to travel to space thanks to the company founded by Jeff Bezos and the help of Space For Humanity.

Scientists Create Skin to Cover a Robot

Five scientists from the Department of Mechanical Informatics at the University of Tokyo created living skin to cover a robotic finger

Infographic: 5 Key Moments in the History of Internet Explorer

The one that used to be the king of browsers, Internet Explorer, was abandoned by Microsoft on June 15. Here we tell you some great moments of its history.

Tesla sign with a car model in front

The Falls of Tesla as a Company in Recent Months

This company, which is often at the forefront, has taken a few steps backward in recent months

Business woman pointing to board

3 Areas That Have Reached Data-Driven Digital Maturity

Meet in The Woman Post the Data-Driven Maturity Index of companies with advanced prediction models and key digital transformation processes.

Woman telecommuting from home

Cyber Attack on Your Home: How to Protect Phones, PCs and Wi-Fi

With the rise of remote work, most people only care that their computers are set up correctly and connected via Wi-Fi

ford electric car

Beyond Tesla: Other Big Companies Leading Electric Car Manufacturing

Companies such as Ford, Volkswagen, Rivian, Nissan and Einride are committed to competing in the sale of electric cars to Tesla Motors and surpassing it in the future.

Woman touching her shoulder

Technological Advances Are Allowing Early Diagnoses

Known as AI or artificial intelligence, this technology has many fields of application in medicine.

The Changes that Netflix Will Make to Stay Afloat

Netflix will Begin to Implement some Fundamental Changes to the Company to get More Revenue.

hand holding a cell phone

China's 'Universal Apps' that Put Airbnb out of Business

These Chinese Apps are Driving Western Competition out of the Market by Offering all Kinds of Services.

Person reviewing an Instagram profile

Why Muting Real-Life Friends on Social Media It's a Common Practice?

The mute feature on Instagram it's a great way to avoid annoying publications from friends and loved ones. You can mute all their posts and stories (without them knowing) instead of unfollowing them.

Person holding cryptocurrencies

The Cryptocurrency Market Imploded: The Beginning of the End?

Last week cryptocurrencies suffered one of their hardest blows. What happened?

Burger and fries

Beyond Meat and Other Artificial Foods What Does the Future Hold?

Beyond Meat is part of a new food line that seeks to replace food products of animal origin

Man holding a cell phone

How to Detect Spy Malware on Your Cell Phone?

There are several ways to protect your phone from malware . In this article, we offer you some tips

Man working from his sofa and the AirBnb and Spotify logos

Airbnb and Other Companies that Already Work Completely from Home

Here are Some Top Companies that Have Fully Embraced Working from Home.

Laptop screen on Google home page

What Are Chrome Extensions and How Can You Use Them to Improve Your Browsing?

Here's how you can use Chrome extensions for a more enjoyable online experience

Amal Hosni

Amal Hosni: "Technology Can Change the Lives of Millions of Women"

Amal Hosni married technology many years ago when she was a child when she, in front of a computer, understood that it was on that machine that she had her academic and professional destiny.