Person holding cell phone displaying 'Twitter' app

How can you Identify a Bot on Twitter?

Bots on Twitter are multipurpose, malicious and, sadly, countless. But how can you identify them? Here are some tips that could help you.

Cell phone showing the main screen of the game 'Wordle'

The "Strange" Versions of Wordle that you Will Surely Have Fun With

The versatility of Wordle has allowed it to "mutate" into "strange" and at the same time funny forms

Cellphone with social media

Do you know Which Data your Favorite Social Networks Collect from you?

On a daily basis, social networks obtain data about us, the why and what for is usually unknown to most of its users

Kid doing homework

Brainly and Other Online Platforms that help you with your Homework

Do you need help with your homework? Here we tell you about Brainly and other sites that can help you

SonyPlayStation VR2 and TCL NXTWear Air

The 3 Most Anticipated Gadgets of 2022

Ready for the future? These are the most anticipated gadgets of 2022 in the technological world

Vector of the Duolingo's pet reading books

Universities that accept the Duolingo English test

Did you know that there are universities that accept the Duolingo English test as if it were the TOEFL or IELTS? Here we tell you what they are.

Person using the app Nequi

Why does Nequi Fail so much?

Here we explain you why Nequi experiences constant system crashes

Elon Musk

4 Greatest Successes and Failures of Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a controversial figure who is seen by some as a trailblazer and by others as a trickster.

Animated characters from Activision Blizzard company video games

The Good and the Bad of the Microsoft/ Activision Blizzard union

The Microsoft/ Activision Blizzard union has important consequences for the video game market

X-ray vector, cellphone and web transmision

Infographic: The 5 Strangest NFTs of the Moment

Everything can turn into one of these digital assets. Here we tell you what the strangest NFTs are

Edition of Asteroid about to hit the planet Earth

What Plans Does Humanity Have To Stop An Asteroid?

At this moment there are 2000 asteroids that are potentially dangerous for the earth. What plans does humanity have to stop an asteroid?

electronic circuit

The Good Side of the Microchip Shortage

The microchip shortage has also been a positive for consumers.

Woman using a laptop at office

Female Founders Day, Event With Women Leaders in Technology

The inspiration of the female gender has become an accelerator of STEM innovation. In this event, you as a woman can take advantage of these great opportunities. Don't miss it out! 

Tubo de ensayo y notas

5 Tips For Managing EDCs in Clinical Research

Clinical research requires collecting and handling data from various sources or from individual patients to arrive at a valuable analysis.

Man standing in front of people

How Some New Businesses Are Affecting the Environment?

5G technology and digitalization generate significant changes from the construction of new companies, and the environment is the coalition's greatest ally.

María José Treviño, María Luisa Licón and Katya Somohano

3 Brilliant Women in Energy Leadership Positions

Right now, the female gender seeks to project its maximum effort in the energy sector to transform the panorama strongly.

The 4 Technologies That Marked 2021

These are, in our opinion, the technologies that marked 2021

Person surfing the internet

Tips to Improve your Privacy Online

People are made vulnerable online due to mistakes they make themselves. So you can take care of your privacy online

Person leaving a cell phone on a table

Main Advantages of Doing a Technological Detox

Do you feel tired after using your smartphone so much? You may need a good technological detox. We tell you everything you need to know about this

People sitting in a chair in front of computers

Tech Entrepreneurs who Joined the Forbes List

Thanks to their innovative companies, these tech entrepreneurs have amassed fortunes that have led them to stand out on this list