Iran and Venezuela: could they reactivate their trade relationship?

After a totally political decision and without real economic benefits, the airline Mahan Air decided to open a new direct route Tehran - Caracas

What would happen to the Mexican economy in case of a border closure?

After Trump threatened to close the border with Mexico, the economy of the Latin American country could face enormous difficulties

Chile vs. Peru: what is the origin of pisco?

Chile would forbid the import of Peruvian pisco under that name, forcing it to use the generic 'aguardiente'

Trump's threats are already reflected in the price of avocados

Mexico is the first exporter of this fruit, whose price grew unexpectedly in response to a possible border closure

Palladium: the precious metal that exceeds the price of gold

Palladium, used in a large amount of electronic equipment, reached $ 1,600 dollars per ounce and global demand is controlled by Russia

Latin America can take advantage of the shortage of Venezuelan oil

The recent sanctions by the US government to PDVSA may open the door for a 'boom' in the Latin American oil exportation

Trump: a trade war with India and Turkey is looming

War is no longer just with China. Trump revoked the preferential trade deal with these countries, a measure that will cost them, could Latin America be the next?


Is the China-Venezuela commercial agreement closer to an end?

The interim government of Venezuela was emphatic in defending and preserving economic agreements with the Asian giant, especially the commercialization of oil

The Venezuelan gold route: the wild card of Maduro's government

A mysterious agreement between Turkey and Venezuela opens a new trade route that helps maintain the economy of Maduro's regime

The economic power of football: these are the stars of the big European clubs

Yes, the usual ones: Real Madrid, Manchester United, Juventus, Barcelona and Manchester City, lead a select list of teams with the high annual income

Pisco: is it from Peru or is it from Chile?

A large number of countries recognize the denomination of origin of Pisco as Peruvian. These are some other denominations of origin in Latin America

United States: how will the Venezuelan oil be replaced?

The sanctions of the Donald Trump government to PDVSA lead us to ask ourselves how the US can cover the Venezuelan oil deficit

Colombian avocados: the real stars of the Super Bowl

It is expected that 100 tons of Colombian avocados will be consumed in the most important sporting event in the United States

United States: How do Venezuela's new sanctions work?

The recent and harsh sanctions against PDVSA by the Donald Trump government will have a negative impact on the currency earnings of Maduro's government

This is how 2019 will be for commodities in Latin America

Because of  the uncertainty of the international market, the price of raw materials has been volatile in recent years and this year may not be different

Will Colombia overcome Venezuela's oil production?

While the indexes of the Colombian industry grow subtly but constantly, the Venezuelan oil industry has plummeted in recent years


China and EU: a commercial strategy that serves the environment?

In spite of the voices of protest that it generated among the European producers, the European Union eliminated the tariffs to the solar panels coming from the Asian giant

What will be the oil prices for 2019?

The forecast exceeds last year's, but the figures are not encouraging, it may be that another year of disenchantment for oil comes

Venezuela assumes presidency in OPEC: What does this position mean?

The presidency of the OPEC Conference is rotating, with Venezuela in the lead they will try to recover the price of crude oil and stabilize its behavior

Is the truce between China and the United States over?

The capture of Meng Wanzhou, from Huawei, in Canada, has complicated the truce between the United States and China