Do you know what is the Single's day in China?

Every November 11, China consumes massively due to the discount campaign carried out by electronic sales platforms, this year Alibaba broke its sales record

Unasur is in crisis: why are their projects stagnating?

The Union of South American Nations has come close to what many consider an imminent end, their investments remain in doubt

New taxes? How does the trade war change between China and United States

Donald Trump introduced new taxes on 6,000 products from China, a measure that is beginning to be answered by the Asian country

This is the new trade agreement between the US, Mexico, and Canada

It is estimated that the new agreement between the North American countries will be signed in November of this year and will go to Congress for its final approval in 2019

This is the impact of the rise in the price of oil in Latin America

On September 26, OPEC quoted the oil at USD $ 81.58. How would this affect Latin America's economy?

Day of love and friendship: What did you give?

After celebrating love and friendship in Colombia, we can see how much Colombians spent on their gifts

Maduro in China: A sign of help in midst of Venezuela's crisis?

The visit of Nicolás Maduro to the Asian giant seeks an exit to the serious economic crisis that Venezuela is going through

Did Latin America win the lottery with the US-China trade war?

China declared that there will be "the greatest commercial war in economic history." For Latin America, the conflict would be an excellent opportunity

For the alliance! These are the countries invited to join the Northern Triangle

In the framework of the ratification of El Salvador as a new member of the Customs Union of the Northern Triangle, Guatemala and Honduras invited three other countries to join their initiative

What's next for El Salvador after denying political recognition to Taiwan?

Trade relations will be maintained despite the rupture of diplomatic relations, but not without a warning and some uncertainty

Union makes strength: the secret of the northern triangle’s economy

Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador already agglomerate 70% of Central American trade and aspire to more through the creation of a customs union

Milk: the main obstacle to the FTA between Colombia and New Zealand

Colombia seeks to enter further IGNORE INTO international markets, but this is not the direction that all Colombians want

Paraguay and Taiwan: An unlikely but fruitful relationship

Despite their remoteness and obvious differences, the economic relations between Taiwan and Paraguay are as close as they are allowed to be

The European Union: Is it a commercial enemy of the United States or only Trump’s?

Donald Trump's statements about a supposed commercial enmity between the United States and Europe were not taken seriously by European leaders

Chile and Argentina under the microscope: the problem of overfishing in Latin America

From 1961 to 2015 the overexploitation of marine species has gone from 10% to 33.1%, which represents a setback for the goal of zero overfishing by 2030

What does Bolivia gain from being a strategic partner of China?

In addition to signing their association, Evo Morales and Xi Jinping also signed protocols to open the Chinese market to more Bolivian products

Illegal fishing: The millionaire business that puts hundreds of human lives at risk

In addition to ending entire populations of fish, illegal fishing facilitates human trafficking and puts the health of fish consumers at risk

What consequences does Mexico face if it ends NAFTA?

Given the possibility that the next government will threaten the future of the Free Trade Agreement, Mexico must abide by the consequences


What do Colombians earn with the arrival of Amazon?

Colombians can save around $ 30 on each purchase and online commerce is expected to grow with the arrival of the third largest company in the world

The renegotiation of NAFTA: Is it favorable or detrimental to Latin America?

The stipulation of the North American Free Trade Agreement continues to be prolonged and uncertainty extends over the entire American continent