Ecuador achieves agreement with the richest in Europe

"We bring Ecuador closer to the world!", affirmed on Twitter the Ministry of Foreign Trade, in a remarkable week for Ecuadorian diplomacy

This is how Peña Nieto celebrated the new trade agreement between Mexico and the European Union

Mexico will be more inside the European Union than the United Kingdom

3 keys to understanding the commercial tension between China and the US

Experts warn of a possible commercial war between the two giants of the world economy

Petro-Yuan: The end of the American dollar era?

China has been planning for two decades the strategy to wrest power from the dollar in oil transactions

Has the trade war started?

China has announced new tariffs on 128 American products

Who would be harmed in a commercial conflict between the United States and China?

Tensions between the two countries announce the start of a global trade war

Canada and Mercosur: a new FTA?

The foreign ministers of the Latin American bloc met with the Canadian Minister of Commerce in Asuncion, and formally initiated negotiations for an FTA

Why did Ecuador lift tariff measures against Colombia?

Although taxes were eliminated, the Colombian rice industry could be affected

What does the commercial strengthening between India and Mexico consist of?

Mexico overtook Brazil as the top destination for Indian exports to Latin America

Chile: The TPP-11 will be signed

On March 8th, the signing of the Integral and Progressive Treaty of Trans-Pacific Partnership has been scheduled

Weapons: Made in Latin America?

Brazil tops the list, while Colombia develops arsenal to compete

What is the new Chinese world order about?

The Asian nation finds new allies in Latin America

United States: The next leading exporter of oil?

the EIA projected that US oil production will increase to an average of 10.6 million bpd in 2018

Argentina and the largest soybean exporter

The agro industrial complex of Gran Rosario, located on the banks of the Parana River, became worldwide leader

Medical Marijuana: an alternative business for Latin America

Several countries in the region move forward in the implementation of cannabis for medicinal purposes

Is there a future for NAFTA?

Members of the free trade agreement are struggling to move forward in the renegotiation process

Is it time for a unified currency in Cuba?

The European Union has offered its expertise to support the unification of currencies in Cuba

Colombian flowers flood the United States

For Valentine's Day, USA imports 75% of flowers from Colombia

US President Donald Trump

Why did Trump's new solar panel tariff draw criticism?

United States President announced he intends to implement a significant tariff on imported parts needed to make solar panels

Nafta Looks Imperiled

Nafta Looks Imperiled

Mexican economy along with it