San Salvador de Bahia - Brazil and Historic City of Guanajuato - Mexico

Visit these 5 world heritage towns in Latin America

Latin America is full of magical places that can make your travels a unique experience. Get to know these villages and fall in love with the region.

Views of Tulum (Mexico), Huilo Huilo (Chile) and Cartagena (Colombia)

Love is in the air! 5 romantic destinations in Latin America

For some Latin American countries the celebration of Valentine's Day is in September

Photographs of Ushuaia, Iguazú, Jujuy in Argentina.

The 5 best tourist destinations in Argentina

Argentina stands out for the wide variety of biomes throughout its territory. We select the 5 best tourist destinations for you to visit and marvel at

View from a hotel room

Top 10 weirdest hotels in the world

You want every trip away to be memorable, right?  

Person looking up to the flight schedules at the airport

Generation Z: a pursuit of traveling

A generation is discovering the world, one that is not afraid of anything and whose pursuit of happiness is not focused on material acquisitions but travel and experiences

Tres tiburones en el océano

Most recent trends in global shark attacks

Attacks in Hawaii are mainly from tiger sharks, Southern Australian attacks are mainly from white sharks, and the eastern US/Gulf of Mexico are a mix of bull sharks (which dominate fatalities) and blacktip and spinner sharks (in non-fatal attacks)

Sea cave photography

5 best places in Latin America for cave lovers

If you like to explore Earth's depths, you should visit these caves in Latin America

Easter Island, La Gorgona Island and Galapagos Island

3 South American Pacific islands that are not from this world

From Colombia to Chile, these are three South American islands where you can enjoy nature and animal sightings

Ex-guerrilleros de la Farc cargando la balsa del equipo de rafting

From gunbattles to tourism: Colombia's ex-rebels turn rafting guides

Reincorporation is considered fundamental to ensuring former FARC members do not return to the battlefield

Arquitectura de San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende, the glorious bastion of viceregal art

The Mexican city is a Cultural Heritage of Humanity for its incomparable beauty and cultural richness

Atracciones Disney Star Wars- Toy Story- Avatar

Star Wars and other Disney worlds

From now on, you can visit the world of Star Wars at Disney. But wait, Disney brings you other worlds that you can visit on your trip

3 of the dishes considered intangible cultural heritage of humanity

Here we tell you which are those dishes that have this recognition

5 recommendations to visit the "Mother of cities"

Asunción, the Paraguayan capital, offers its visitors a first-level cultural, touristic and gastronomic offer