Boutique hotel chain Mama Shelter opens in Rio

Mama Shelter, a budget boutique hotel brand set up by the co-founder of Club Med, has plumped the cushions at a new design-focused property in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil’s Most Sustainable Beaches Honored With Blue Flag

In Rio de Janeiro, Prainha beach, in Grumari, and Marina Costabella, in Angra dos Reis, join seven other beaches and marinas across Brazil to be awarded the Blue Flag for sustainability and quality.

3 Things to do in Cuba that no traveler should miss

Some great Cuba travel tips from Leigh Barnes, North America director at Intrepid Travel, a company that offers packages including cycling tours of Cuba

Quito and the hidden treasures

The Ecuador capital is full of curiosities and treasures: a covered church gold leaf inside, volcanic landscapes and streets steeped in tradition, which surprise visitors to this city, declared a World Heritage Site.

Sleep Over The Sea In Mexico

If you’re spending your days dreaming up ways to escape the swiftly approaching winter, there’s a brand new option for you to consider ? and it’s straight out of a dream.

7 Reasons Tulum should be your magical next trip

By now you’ve almost certainly heard of Tulum, that leafy green wonderland on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. Tulum is eco-friendly and trendy

5 great zip lines in Latin America

Adventure travel is something many travelers crave every now and then. And one of the most easily planned adventures is a heavenly adventure zip line ride around Latin America.

The 6 best markets in La Paz

La Paz, Bolivia’s capital, is located on the Andes’ plateau at more than 3,500 meters above sea level. and it is home to a few markets which are great for picking up bargains.

Santiago: More than a stopover city

New York has the Statue of Liberty. Paris has the Eiffel Tower. Moscow has the St. Basil’s Cathedral. The site that lures tourists to Santiago, Chile? The city in its entirety.

6 Artsy, creative & cool things to do in Bogota

As the capital and largest city in Colombia, Bogota is known by many travelers as a business destination, or a connecting point for exploring other places in the nation

A hiker’s paradise in Peru (No, Not That One)

Machu Picchu hogs all the attention but for adventurers who want to veer off the beaten-to-death path, Colca Canyon is a quainter, quieter alternative

Mexico City´s mezcal tour

The Mezcal Route, a chance to explore the history of mezcal through tastings accompanied by traditional dishes of the Mexican states that distill it.

A Local’s Guide to the Rio 2016 Olympics

Então (so), the key things to remember when visiting Rio for the Games are: be polite, be safe, plan ahead, and enjoy the Cidade Maravilhosa!

5 Reasons to visit Cuba — with a group or solo

Want to take a trip to Cuba, but can’t find a group to travel with? Now may just be the right time for solo travel

Plunging Dollar Makes Visiting Rio Olympics More Expensive

The drop in the dollar and higher prices for some services, such as hotels, will make Rio de Janeiro a more expensive city to visit during the Summer Olympics next month, but tourists will find the “Ciudad Maravilhosa” more affordable than during the 2014 World Cup.

Amazing Waves: 3 Great Places to Surf in Latin America

Surf vacations provide a challenging and exciting way to enjoy the scenery of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And Latin America does well when it comes to providing opportunities to jump on a surfboard.

Surf's up: Peru’s shrine to big-wave boarding

Punta Hermosa, near Lima, is home to the Kon-Tiki Surfboard Museum, and a base for surfing culture 2,000 years in the making

Andrea Vidler: The best Chile travel experiences

In this exclusive interview, Andrea shares some of her favorite Chile vacation experiences, including the most mouthwatering Chilean food.

First hotel managed by U.S. chain since 1959 opens in Cuba

The U.S. hotel chain also announced in March that it hopes to finalize another contract with Cuba’s Habaguanex, a firm operating in Havana’s historic downtown

Cartagena tourists will learn history of slavery

The new history which will be told in Cartagena will transcend the only slavery references in the city which are limited to the Benkos Biohó Plaza and the statue of the slave protected by San Pedro Clave

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