Top 5 Must-Eat Foods in Colombia

Colombian cuisine is colorful, full of flavor, and everchanging. If you’re an adventure seeker with a big appetite, then this South American country should be your next travel destination

LLanos Colombia

Forgotten destinations of Colombia: Llanos Orientales

It is an area that possess many wonders known to few due to the internal conflict that the country was facing.


The wonders of Guatavita

A Colombian town filled with incredible myths and legends

Madidi national park

Madidi national park in Bolivia

Whether it’s spotting a jaguar or smelling the scent of a rare type of flower, this spot has something to offer to every nature lover.

Caminito  - Buenos Aires

Caminito: A street full of culture

If you want to learn how to dance Tango, Caminito is the correct place where you can see, smell, and experience all about this singular music

Top 6 diving spots in Latin America

If you love to live an adventurous life near the ocean, this article may help you when booking your next vacation

Arauca awakening

An Arauca awakening

Colombia's popularity as a tourist destination has never been higher  

San Andrés

San Andres' quieter side

Things are far quieter on the south and west sides of the island, the latter being the prime spot for diving and snorkelling

eco lodges in South America

Coolest eco lodges in South America

When it comes to sustainable country houses, South America is a wonderland of quirky, unique, and downright beautiful ecolodges

Bird watching in Costa Rica

Top 6 eco tours in Latin America

Here are six ecotourism activities in Latin America that adventurous souls should add to their bucket list

Cape Horn  - Chile

Cape Horn: What a journey!

Come to Cape Horn and disconnect yourself from the outside world on the southernmost point of South America.

desert of Atacama

The magical desert of Atacama

Far from being a desolate, arid wilderness, the Atacama Desert in Chile is overflowing with captivating allure.


Come to Florianopolis in south Brazil

Standing as the capital of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina on the southern coast of Brazil, Florianópolis is the epitome of a Brazilian beach paradise.


Capurganá: The paradise you’ve been waiting for

Capurganá, located in the Caribbean, offers picture- perfect, sandy landscapes between a small bay and dense tropical rain forest.

5 bizarre foods of South America

Latin America is home to a wide variety of culinary traditions and styles. From its indigenous cuisines to ingredients and recipes introduced by immigrants from around the world.

Cerro Negro: An adventure waiting for you

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Cerro Negro and enjoy its adventurous plans.

Three moorlands that you must see in Colombia

The following three paramos can easily be reached from Bogotá, so put on your waterproof boots, grab a raincoat, and head for the city's surrounding hills.

Want to become a gaucho in the Argentinian Patagonia?

Escape the tyranny of your inbox to immerse yourself in the nitty gritty of gaucho life.

Belize: The country of natural wonders

When people think of tropical vacations, they probably think of the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, or possibly even Mexico. Perhaps, you should look a little further south to the small country of Belize.

What to do in Taganga, Colombia

Taganga may not be the most obvious tourist destination in Colombia, but certainly it’s worth a thought if you’re in the Caribbean region.