Want to become a gaucho in the Argentinian Patagonia?

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Belize: The country of natural wonders

When people think of tropical vacations, they probably think of the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, or possibly even Mexico. Perhaps, you should look a little further south to the small country of Belize.

What to do in Taganga, Colombia

Taganga may not be the most obvious tourist destination in Colombia, but certainly it’s worth a thought if you’re in the Caribbean region. 

In Lima, Peru, history and culture run deep

Lima it’s truly an international city, with a wealth of sights, tastes and activities that connect the present with its ancient past (all on a relatively inexpensive budget, of course).

Best time to visit Uruguay

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What to do in Manaos, Brazil

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San Agustín Archaeological Park in Colombia

The park was declared a World Heritage Site in 1995

5 amazing landscapes in Chile that you've probably never heard of

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Colombia: Ready to become a tourist beacon in LatAm

Analysts and big players in the hotel industry argue that tourism will become one of the biggest contributors to Colombian economy in the next years.

Peruvian company enters high-end Amazon market

Rivers & Forest Expeditions aims to teach passengers about the region's flora and fauna as well as the customs of tribal communities in the Peruvian Amazon.

Be amazed by Ciudad Perdida in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada

Ciudad Perdida gives travellers the chance to live out their Indiana Jones fantasies as they battle rock scrambles, steep ascents and numerous waterfalls along the way.

12 travel tips for visiting Colombia

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Finding some of the best beaches in Brazil

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Welcome to Guayana

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5 golden rules for travelling South America

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Colombia brims with travel wonders

Colombia is a world unto itself, from tropical rainforests to timeworn colonial buildings, the country boasts sundry treasures almost surreal to the senses

Puerto Rico top 5 beaches

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Bogotá charms with boutiques and eats

Colombia has far more destinations on offer than the Caribbean coastline, perhaps none more exciting than Bogotá

Under the spell of sunny Puerto Rico

You know things are going pretty well when the big family argument is over whether to splash in the rain forest waterfall or loll around on the white-sand beach.

Coffee region and the Cocora Valley

If you are casually visiting Colombia, do not miss the opportunity to perceive the beauty of this region.