In Colombia, Anato´s tourism fair pulling up economy

The Anato’s thirthy-sixth tourism fair 2017, undertaken in Bogotá, achieve around 150 million dollars on tourism business transactions.

Top 5 National Parks in Colombia

Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.  Sitting near the equator and along various sections of the Andes mountain

Top 5 things to do in Montevideo

Home to a beautiful coastline, charming towns, green countryside dotted with cattle, and a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere is South America’s best-kept secret, Uruguay.

Desert on the Pacific becomes Peru’s latest tourist attraction

The Peruvian peninsula of Paracas, whose 335,000 hectares (827 acres) of tropical desert stretch IGNORE INTO the Pacific Ocean to form one of the richest, rarest ecosystems in the world

A day of playing cowboy in Colombia

There's a myth here in Los Llanos. A myth about a fireball that comes from the sky and approaches solitary walkers, engulfing them in flames.

The 10 most luxurious travel destinations in Latin America

But which destinations in Latin America offer the most luxury travel experiences?

Check these options for hiking in Peru

The INCA TRAIL permits for the months of May through August 2017 have almost sold out, and many people are exploring alternate hiking trails to Machu Picchu.

Spicing Up the Colombian Melting Pot

As Bogotá has increasingly become a melting pot of cultures from every part of Colombia, restaurants focusing on regional dishes and ingredients are opening with regularity.

Colombia’s popular Parque Tayrona closes for indigenous cleansing ceremony

Parque Tayrona, one of Colombia’s most popular tourist attractions, will close for a month on Saturday to allow the local indigenous tribes to carry out an “environmental and cultural cleansing” of the nature reserve.

Animals and architecture make Guayaquil’s Parque Histórico worth the trip

As the largest city in Ecuador, Guayaquil is an important hub for business and transportation. It’s also home to an increasing number of interesting tourism attractions.

A trek through Colombia

Floating weightless in mile-and-a-half-deep volcanic mud was by far the most memorable part of my visit to Colombia, even if I didn't have my phone in hand to document the surrealness of it all.

Tourist route traces footsteps of spanish conquistadors in Peru

Nearly 500 years after the first Spaniards in Peru raided the sanctuary of Pachacamac, a major pre-Columbian deity, their steps have been retraced in a tour of the ruins of that site’s ancient temples and palaces.

Neo-Gothic colombian mountain church becomes major tourist attraction

The Las Lajas Sanctuary, a church located at an altitude of 2,900 meters (9,508 feet) in the Colombian Andes, has become a major draw for tourists, with some calling the neo-Gothic basilica the world’s most beautiful church.

36 Hours in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

With its inventive food scene, excellent beaches and “Night of the Iguana” mystique, the city makes the perfect weekend getaway.

Colombia nominated as ‘best emerging LGBT tourist destination’ for 2017

Colombia was nominated as the “best emerging LGBT tourist destination” for 2017 by the FITUR, an annual International Tourism Trade Fair to be held in Spain later this month.

How to spend 10 days traveling in Rio de Janeiro

With some planning and good weather, it is possible to hit the highlights in ten days and still not have to rush too much.

Top things to do in Lima, Peru, for first-time visitors

Peru’s historic grandeur is still visible in the city center (called El Centro or simply Lima, by locals), where the massive colonial buildings have warranted a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation