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5 Different Traditions to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Here are some traditions you can join in, too, no matter where you are.

Sunset in Hawaii

Hawaii doesn't want tourists anymore?

One of the main tourist destinations in the world now prefers a life without tourists. What is going on?

Pilots Zoya Aggarwal, Thanmai Papagari, Akanksha Sonawane, and Shivani Manhas

Historic All-Woman Flight to The North Pole

Air India's direct flight from San Francisco, flown by an all-women pilot team, landed in Bengaluru. 

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Top tips for travelers in 2021

Do you have a trip planned? Here are the best ideas for you to start that adventure you have been waiting for so long

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6 Hotels in Latin America that you should visit in 2021

Although we must still live during a pandemic, we have to find some time to travel to these exclusive Hotels that the region offers

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Tips for traveling this December 2020

We give you the following 13 tips for you to travel this December 2020

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IATA Travel Pass: The application to travel abroad

We review the latest measure developed by the aeronautical regulatory body for the safe transfer of passengers between different countries

Bangkok as seen from the river

Exotic destinations to live unforgettable experiences

Asia is a continent where every time you jump a border, things change dramatically: languages, religions and food become more different.

Person eating thai food

5 Countries Where you Can Enjoy the Best Food

There is something special about exploring the world and learning about different cultures through food.

Newly married couple walking on the beach.

The Best Beach Wedding Venues Around the World

Many couples want to enjoy fantastic ocean views as a backdrop for their wedding day. 

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These are some health recommendations for flying

Whether within your country or abroad, we present the precautions to take into account when planning a flight

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Exposure to Covid-19 by plane would be less than in an office

This is how IATA explains it in its report, in which it compiles its own information and that of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world

San Andrés and Medellin, Colombia view

5 Unmissable Destinations in Colombia

Colombia is a magical place where you can find from the coldest but charming places to the jungle and the hot Caribbean.

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Safety Tips if you are Thinking of Traveling Alone

Many female travelers are afraid of traveling alone because they feel that they are exposed to danger. 

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Travel abroad in danger of extinction in Argentina

The wounds produced by the pandemic are a little more open due to certain tax measures taken by the Argentine government

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8 recommendations for a successful hotel opening

In response to the different consequences of the pandemic, hotels have the opportunity to strengthen the way they serve guests

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Why is the tourism crisis affecting women?

Here is an analysis of the figures that show why women are affected by the tourism crisis

The Colombian volunteer that traveled around the world with Peace Boat

On December 26, 2018, Peace Boat (an international NGO based in Japan) left the port of Yokohama with a Colombian passenger.

Colonial House 'Hacienda Casa Blanca'.

Looking for colonial history? This is Casa Blanca

Discover the tragic romance behind Hacienda Casa Blanca and schedule your next event in this colonial house

View of Peyto Lake in Canada.

The 5 most beautiful and striking lakes on the planet

We cannot travel due to the pandemic, but we can enjoy images and videos of some wonders of nature