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Ideas For The Perfect Getaway

We are here to help you plan that perfect getaway and reclaim the rest that you have lost out on over months and years

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Inspiration for Your 2021 Summer Vacations

We all know that schools are coming to the end of term, and days are starting to feel longer. The summer vacations are finally arriving.  

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World Relaxation Day: Which Latin American Cities Are Most Stressful?

It is not certain how or when the commemoration of this date arose, what is clear is that it is celebrated on August 15 of each year and its purpose is to make people aware so that they take a moment of relaxation every day


6 Destinations to Visit on Your Summer Break

If you are a student planning to go on a vacation but aren’t sure where you should go, we have you covered!

Panoramic view of Paris, France

Tokyo 2020 is Over: Ready to Travel to Paris 2024?

Paris is ready to welcome tourists to the 2024 Olympic Games, we advise you on how to plan your trip

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International Beer Day: Which Latin American Countries Drink the Most?

International Beer Day Is Celebrated In August. To Mark the Occasion, Here Are the Latin Countries That Consume the Most Beer

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In Love With Tokyo? Tips For Visiting It

The capital of Japan is one of the most attractive and preferred metropolises for travelers

View of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Top 6 Spots in Tennessee You Don't Want to Miss

If you plan to travel to The United States, you must visit Tennessee

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Five Cities to Visit in Pride Month

These cities are one of the destinations most visited by people in the LGBTIQ + community, especially in pride month

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10 Low Budget Destinations You Should Consider

Traveling to less touristy destinations in developing countries is a great way of seeing wonderful places off the beaten track.

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Do You Know What Is the Current Trend in Tourism for Women?

In recent years, the trend of women-only travel has begun to gain momentum. Let's see what this innovative proposal is all about.

Primate Cathedral of Colombia

What colombian temples can you visit virtually during Holy Week?

Traditionally, in Latin America Seven Temples are visited in the Holy Week period, that is why we invite you to explore them virtually

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7 Tips To Travel Around the World Again

Traveling has been one of the activities we have had to erase due to the pandemic.

Natalia Bayona

Natalia Bayona, Determined To Position Tourism Towards the Digital Economy

Natalia Bayona is the Director of Innovation, Education, and Investments at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

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Stop Discouraging Women From Traveling Alone

There are many attitudes and behaviors that have to change for the world to become a safe space for travelers and migrant women.

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5 Different Traditions to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Here are some traditions you can join in, too, no matter where you are.

Sunset in Hawaii

Hawaii doesn't want tourists anymore?

One of the main tourist destinations in the world now prefers a life without tourists. What is going on?

Pilots Zoya Aggarwal, Thanmai Papagari, Akanksha Sonawane, and Shivani Manhas

Historic All-Woman Flight to The North Pole

Air India's direct flight from San Francisco, flown by an all-women pilot team, landed in Bengaluru. 

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Top tips for travelers in 2021

Do you have a trip planned? Here are the best ideas for you to start that adventure you have been waiting for so long

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6 Hotels in Latin America that you should visit in 2021

Although we must still live during a pandemic, we have to find some time to travel to these exclusive Hotels that the region offers