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5 Ways To Combat Anxiety And Stress

Moments of stress and anxiety are a regular part of almost everyone's life. Therefore, we recommend 5 activities that you can integrate into your routine and which will help you increase your relaxation and calm.

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What Is A Birth Plan And How Should You Do It?

According to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), approximately more than 27,000 boys and girls are born every day in Latin America and the Caribbean. The birth plan is a valuable document for childbirth

Brene Brown

What Is That That Gives Real Sense to Our Lives?

On many occasions, we feel vulnerable, afraid, or ashamed in situations that expose us and put us to the test.


Psilocybin Newfangled Treatment Against Depression

The war against drugs stopped medical research on psychedelics for decades but now it’s back as an alternative for treating depression

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Humanitarian Crises in the World: Panorama of 2022

Since December 2021, the Financial Needs for Humanitarian Aid have Grown by 21%, According to UN Reports. Hunger, Natural Disasters, Conflicts and Wars are Situations Faced by Around 308 Million People

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Gallery: World Travel Awards: the Best Destinations in Latin America

The World Travel Awards are the Most Prestigious Tourism Awards. Meet the Best Destinations this Year in Latin America

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Latin America Will Not Reach Its Education Goals, According To The UN

According to a report by UNESCO, Unicef and ECLAC, there are still some negative trends that could slow down educational improvements in the region, with COVID-19 as the protagonist

Mediterranean food plate

What is the Mediterranean Diet and Why is it Considered to be so Healthy?

In Recent Years, Several Studies have Investigated the Relationship Between the Mediterranean Diet and People's Health and Have Concluded that, in Addition to Being Linked to Longevity, it has Turned out to be one of the Healthiest in the World

Doctor holding a breast implant

FDA Warns of Various Types of Cancer Associated with Breast Implants

It is a Security Alert so that People who want to get Breast Implants take Extra Precaution and Know the Risks that These can Bring to Health

Baby with his mother

Why Should I Save my Baby's Umbilical Cord?

Most of the Time, the Umbilical Cord is Discarded After Delivery. Health Specialists Highlight the Importance of Promoting Awareness About the Storage of Umbilical Cord, a Rich Source of Stem Cells that are Used for the Effective Treatment of More than 80 Diseases.

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"Creating hope through action": Do's and don'ts on suicide prevention.

In 2003 the International Association for Suicide Prevention, in conjunction with the WHO, established the 10th of September as World Suicide Prevention Day.


Gallery: The 5 Most Common Dog Diseases and their Warning Symptoms

Dogs Cannot Communicate to us when they Feel Bad. However, there are some Symptoms that Warn of a Possible Disease. They Must not be Overlooked

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How Does Air Quality Affect Your Health?

Air pollution is the greatest environmental risk to human health. However, sometimes it goes unnoticed, even though it has a huge impact on quality of life and the development of diseases

Woman touching her breast

Optimism and Support: What Women with Breast Cancer Need

With breast cancer, women decrease life satisfaction, however, studies suggest the need to offer psychological support based on their requirements

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Infographic: Keys to Avoid and Cure Insomnia

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that impairs the quality of life of people who suffer from it. There are daily habits that can help treat it and even cure it

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Tips on How to Choose a College for Admission

It is important to explore the location of universities, get to know the faculty, and weigh the pros and cons. Today we tell you how to pick the right college and never regret that choice.

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How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

In this article, those trying to get on the lucky list with a scholarship can read information and tips on how to write a winning scholarship essay.

Nazareth Castellanos

The Body Knows What the Mind Has Not Yet Realized

Nazareth Castellanos is a neuroscientist and physicist with a doctorate in neuroscience with 20 years of working as research director of the Nirakara laboratory.

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Immortal Jellyfish: The Discovery that Opens New Possibilities for Medical Advances

Turritopsis Dohrnii, the Famous Immortal Jellyfish, has the Ability to Rejuvenate Itself and Live Forever

person with monkeypox

Monkeypox Spreads Rapidly In Latin America

Monkeypox is advancing rapidly in Latin America and challenges the region due to the lack of vaccines.