Giselle Castillo Villa and vaccine

Colombia Contributes Female Talent for The COVID-19 Vaccine

They claim that Pfizer's vaccine is 95% effective in preventing COVID-19 cases, according to CNBN Television.

Woman looking through a window.

COVID 19 and The Mental Health of Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents can develop serious mental conditions due to the pandemic, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Woman in a hospital bed

How to Help Yourself Fully Recover Following a Car Accident

If you or someone you know has experienced a car accident, the road to recovery is a long and difficult process

Teenagers usign to smartphone

Guidelines for Parents and Children to Combat Cyberbullying

The psychologist, Viviana Quintero, describes the dangers to which children and adolescents are exposed on the Internet.


Woman on appointment with psychologist.

Mental health strained by disaster

Suicide rates increase during hurricanes, tornadoes and other similar events, new research finds

Dr. Mauricio José Ortiz Ruiz in a surgery

Skin Cancer A Public Health Problem Around The World

According to the American Cancer Society, by 2020, in the United States alone, 100,350 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed

Man having a videocall on his cellphone

7 Tips for Managing Social Isolation During the Pandemic

Millions of people are in quarantine, causing many to suddenly feel very isolated and alone

Man moving boxes in a car

A few mistakes to avoid to make moving to your new house easy and stress-free

Moving to a new house is one of its kind experience

Woman standing on green grass

This is Why Autism Manifests Itself Differently in Women

Because misperception of autism is a bigger problem for boys than for girls, it is more difficult to get an early diagnosis for women.

Mom doing yoga with her son

4 Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Personal care is an essential part of your life. 

Woman sunbathing through a window.

Do we avoid doing the things we liked before the coronavirus?

Despite the fact that some restrictions were lifted in Latin America, we could be avoiding returning to these activities for fear of contagion

Hamburger on a plate

Hamburger culture: will this trend last?

Little by little, hamburgers began to acquire incredible success in Latin America, especially during the pandemic

Baby's feet.

Battling wih Postpartum Depression

Between 15 to 20% of women experience postpartum depression (PPD).

Woman looking through a window.

Helpful Breast Augmentation and Reconstruction After Care Tips

Breast augmentations are very popular procedures in Australia

Woman sitting looking around

Recommendations for the Sexual Health of Young Women

Education on issues of sexuality improves knowledge and promotes self-reflection among adolescents.

Liliana Consuegra

Liliana Consuegra: The Doctor with Angel Skin

Many of the patients cannot receive hugs due to the condition of their wounds ...

Pregnant woman

How Does COVID-19 Affect Pregnant Women?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pregnant women are at increased risk of contracting COVID-19.

Person touching her chest with both hands.

Reasons Why Heart Disease is Deadlier for Women

According to the American Heart Association, "Heart disease is the number one threat to women's health."

Woman running near the ocean.

Tips for a Better Quality of Life

To have a healthier life, start with a few small changes that you can establish a daily routine, and then turn into habits.

Mother and father with their baby

How to Overcome Parental Burnout

Fulfilling the responsibilities of work and multiple family activities simultaneously can generate symptoms of fatigue in some parents.

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