Gender-Specific Depression Circuit

Scientists find gender-distinct circuit for depression

The study found out that previous research didn't include female subjects but depression drives different behaviors in women and men

Mother breastfeeding her daughter.

Compound in breast milk fights harmful bacteria

According to the research, breast milk not also fights harmful bacteria but also allows beneficial bacteria to thrive.

Pregnant woman.

Prenatal stress could affect baby's brain

New research from King's College London has found that maternal stress before and during pregnancy could affect a baby's brain development. Find out why.

Caps medications.

New drug overcomes resistance in aggressive breast cancers

A new type of drug that blocks one of cancer's key evolutionary escape routes from chemotherapy could be used to treat aggressive breast cancers

Man breathing smoke

Why is vaping associated with lung injury?

 A study found out that lung injuries from vaping most likely are caused by direct toxicity or tissue damage from noxious chemical fumes.

Close-up photo of pregnant woman in a garden.

High lead levels during pregnancy linked to child obesity

The risk of their children being obese or overweight decreased if the women had adequate levels of folate 24 to 72 hours after giving birth.

Woman with nausea touching her stomach.

Nausea during pregnancy, everything you need to know

Dr. Angelica Echeverry tells us what you should know about this discomfort that affects most pregnant women

Pink ribbon

New treatment improves survival in women newly diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer

An international study shows that administering niraparib after chemotherapy reduces by nearly 40% the risk of relapse or death from this disease.

Woman in laboratory organizing blood samples.

New blood test capable of detecting multiple types of cancer

The test uses next-generation sequencing technology to probe DNA for tiny chemical tags that influence whether genes are active or inactive

Ghanaian Radiotherapists treating a patient with a linear accelerator at the private cancer center in West Africa

Men with prostate cancer can be spared radiotherapy after surgery

The results suggest that radiotherapy is equally effective whether it is given to all men shortly after surgery or given later.

Doctor writing medical report

Quiz: test your health knowledge

With this quiz you can evaluate the knowledge you have about health

Pregnant woman.

Research shows racial disparities in pregnant women on dialysis

Among patients with certain kidney disease, there is a racial disparity as to who is more likely to become pregnant.

Elderly man holding a stress ball

How and why does Parkinson's disease affect women and men differently?

Scientists review the different clinical features, risk factors, responses to treatments, and mechanisms underlying the disease pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease in women and men

Man holding his head due to migraine.

Does migraine leave your head spinning?

There may be some good news for people with vestibular migraine, a type of migraine that causes vertigo and dizziness with or without headache pain.

Pregnant woman lying back near a lake.

Closing out your Fit Pregnancy Strong!

What if I told you that continuing a Fit Pregnancy in the third trimester can not only help ease pregnancy discomforts, but also make for a smoother labor and delivery?

Pregnant woman sitting near a lake.

Opioid use disorder in pregnancy: 5 things to know

Breastfeeding should be encouraged in women who are stable on opioid agonist therapy and other four things you should know.

Woman with a rose near the chest.

Onion and garlic consumption may reduce breast cancer risk

Onions and garlic are key ingredients in sofrito, a condiment that's a staple of Puerto Rican cuisine. They may also be a recipe for reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Smiling baby biting the right index finger

How to protect your baby's oral health?

With these 5 tips you can prevent your baby from suffering from dental discomfort such as tooth decay

Man sleeping

The brain may actively forget during dream sleep

Forgetting during sleep may be controlled by neurons found deep inside the brain

Woman holding a flag of the LGBTI + community

LGBTQI+ Latin people struggle for cancer prevention and treatment

This 'double minority' group reports they are afraid to tell health care providers their gender identity and/or sexual orientation

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