Keto Diet

The Keto Diet Could Cause Increased Cardiovascular Risk

The keto diet, so popular in recent years, could cause more harm than you think. A recent investigation relates it to increased cardiovascular risk

IVF injection of cells and needles

Egg Freezing: An Option for Late Motherhood

Egg freezing has become an increasingly popular technique to preserve fertility. If you want to know more about it, keep reading

Woman with a doctor

What Is Needed To Know as Women About Parkinson’s Disease

Studies of new treatments, one of them in Colombia, suggest an optimistic future for the disease.

Woman alone

Being a Single and Alone Woman: Synonymous With Happiness?

Study shows that women are more independent than men since we are generally prepared to take on all the household chores and additionally solve our economy

DNA View

The Rules for Gene Editing Worry Scientists

The laws to regulate genetic manipulation or editing are one of the great current challenges of bioethics. The latest Summit on Human Genome Editing leaves much to reflect on

Cat and dog lying on a bed

Dangerous Objects and Plants for Gogs and Pets at Home

There is a common thought that houses are the safest spaces for pets. However, multiple dangerous objects and plants for dogs and other pets in homes can pose significant risks to their health

Person using a game control

5 Skills That You Can Improve Through Gaming

Unfairly, video games are frequently accused of being a time waster, of encouraging violence and immaturity, and even of promoting addiction. What if we asserted, however, that modern video games offer more than just mindless amusement? 

Student with an esay

How to Start a Uni Essay and Not Lose Motivation

"I can't do it" is what a lot of students say when they ask themselves how to start an essay. They know they should be writing, but can't get past the task. But it doesn't have to be that way!

gender inequality

Farther from Gender Equality? The Gaps have Increased and have New Faces

This March 8 has a bitter taste with the figures that UN Women and the ILO have revealed regarding the situation of women in the world. The digital divide has become the new face of gender inequality

Dominique Santos Rubenich, Diana Acevedo

Women Scientists: 5 Latin Americans Awarded for their Work in Health

A jury made up of academics, leaders, and specialists from scientific industries evaluated 1,700 projects by women scientists to select the 25 most outstanding, this being a way of exalting and vindicating the critical role they play in society

hands of two people together

Suicides on the Rise in America: What's Happening?

Inequalities at different levels, unemployment, and the consumption of alcohol or other psychoactive substances are reasons why suicides have increased in the region of the Americas. There are also significant gender differences in this phenomenon

Children eating at school

7 Nutritionists to Inspire Healthy Lunch Boxes for Boys and Girls

Bad eating habits in childhood can have severe consequences for health and adult life. That is why it is essential to promote healthy habits from childhood. We tell you about nutritionists who share recipes for healthy snacks and lunch boxes

wheat plants

Oligopolies and Multinationals: Who Profits From Food Insecurity?

Large companies in the food industry are keeping a larger proportion of the business, while hunger increases in the world

teenage girls

Why Do Teenage Girls Tend To Suffer From Anxiety and Depression More Than Boys?

Usually, adolescent girls are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression than adolescent boys. But, we all wonder why? Here's the answer.

Victoria Baptiste

Victoria Baptiste, Promoter of Vaccines To Prevent Cervical Cancer

Nurse, a member of the Lacks family, has made important efforts for the prevention of cervical cancer, a disease for which Henrietta Lacks died in 1951.

Women wearing face masks on the street

Climate Change and Disease: A Dangerous Combination

One of the great challenges that come with climate change is in human health. This is how the climate crisis affects disease

Spicy food

A Burning Topic: What are the Risks and Benefits of Spicy Food?

Spicy food is prevalent in Latin America. However, there are many doubts about how beneficial or harmful it is for health. We tell you what research and traditions say

Bruce Willis and medical studies of the brain

What is Frontotemporal Dementia?

Frontotemporal dementia is a type of dementia that affects specific areas of the brain and can develop in people under the age of 60. We tell you what its symptoms are and how to detect it

stilt in one hand

Alert in Latin America Due to the Increase in Chikungunya

During 2022, the region of the Americas had a considerable increase in chikungunya cases and so far in 2023 the cases continue to grow. PAHO launches an epidemiological alert. We tell you about this disease and its prevention

Hand with a stuffed animal and a ribbon of the fight against cancer

Infographic: What are the Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer?

Early detection of cancer cells in children and adolescents saves lives and allows more effective treatment to be implemented. We tell you what are the symptoms of childhood cancer that you should pay attention to