Woman breastfeeding her son

5 Tips Every Expectant Mother Should Read Before Breastfeeding

In 2016, Lorena Beltrán Villamil decided to create a support group for nursing mothers on Facebook, which today has more than 4,500 followers

woman breathing

Decide To Think Positively To Achieve Great Changes

Sometimes it is based on the idea that success depends relatively on academic training, social or economic status, and intelligence

Cover of the book 'Liquid Love'

Portrait of a mother

A Liquid Love is a text by Carolina Vegas in which she finds herself as a writer and addresses her experience as a mother

fight against cancer ribbon

Cancer in Young People: A New Epidemic?

Cancer in Young People in Latin America has set Off Alarms; A Phenomenon that Responds to a Series of Causes that, from the Region's Health Entities and Through Research, have Aroused Interest. What's Going On? Here we Tell you.

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What About the Women Live Experiences?

For The Woman Post, women's well-being is a priority. That is why; it shows you the most recent studies that emphasize the reality of the world of women who live this event.


Group of friends drinking glasses of wine

Can Drinking Alcohol have Health Benefits?

Despite the Benefits of Alcohol Consumption that Some Studies have Shown, it is Important not to Forget its Limitations and Risks


Cricket Flour: A Beneficial Leap for Nutrition and the Environment

High Nutritional Value and Reduced Environmental Impact are Keys to Global Food Security that some Insects can Provide

children in group

1 out of 3 Children has Lead in their Body. How to Avoid Exposure and Poisoning?

Lead Poisoning is Responsible for One Million Deaths a Year, According to Information from the WHO. Children and Pregnant Women are Among the Most Vulnerable Groups to this Toxic Heavy Metal, Which is Present in Various Everyday Objects. We tell you How to Avoid it

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Are You a Victim of Narcissistic Abuse and Don’t Know It?

Due to our deeply unequal system, women throughout history have been victims of physical, emotional, social, and cultural abuse

Eco menstrual products

Ecofriendly Menstruation: How to Choose the Best Menstrual Product?

According to the World Health Organization, a Woman During her Fertile Life uses Around 15,000 Disposable Pads and Tampons, which Take 500 Years to Decompose. However, There are more and more Sustainable Alternatives

Woman touching her breasts

Interview: Is Breast Pain Normal? What Signs Should Alarm?

October is a month dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer prevention. We interviewed Dr. Johanna Paola Ibarra, a specialist in Breast and Soft Tissue Surgery at the National Institute of Cancerology of Colombia, to clarify doubts

Women having a conversation

Holding a Good Conversation, Key Social Skill

With technological advances, the way we communicate has changed remarkably.

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More Countries Should Embrace This Initiative To Prevent Breast Cancer

Meet in The Woman Post 15 years of experience with the quality that Mexican women are looking for.


Boy with a toothbrush and a tooth figure

Cavities in Children: How to Prevent It?

Cavities is an Oral Health Problem that Usually Affects Children. We Tell you How to Prevent its Appearance

therapy dog

Emotional support animals make their way into the field of mental health

At present, the incorporation of animals in the different areas of study and treatments of mental health is arousing more and more interest in the scientific community.

Man tattooing a forearm

How to Take Care of the Skin after Getting Tattoos?

After Tattooing, it is Necessary to Have a Series of Skin Care that Guarantee Good Healing and that the Tattoo Lasts in Good Condition. In Latinamerican Post we Compile a Series of Recommendations

monkeypox virus

Monkeypox is Mutating, Should We be Concerned?

Researchers have discovered that the monkeypox virus is mutating. Although the implications that this may have on the behavior of the virus and the disease are not known, it does concern the scientific community. We tell you why

Woman sleeping

Do You Know the Consequences of Not Sleeping Enough?

Sometimes we make excuses for not getting enough sleep, whether it's because we're worried, because of a mood, or because of work, How does this affect your health and well-being?

Woman smiling at office

“Androgynous Leadership” Rescue Women’s Sympathy

For a long time, it has been very difficult for women to earn a place in leadership without being judged for being selfish, inquisitive, or dominant, which is why what has been called the "sympathy dilemma".

View of the city of Bogota

Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala Among the Worst Countries to Work

According to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), in 2022, the Condition for Workers on the American Continent Worsened due to Several Violations of Labor Rights