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woman with insomnia

Adolescents' Insomnia and Insufficient Sleep: A Growing Problem

According to several studies, lack of sleep can lead to mental and cognitive illnesses, especially in early stages of life such as childhood and adolescence.

Woman sitting on the floor with a worried expression

5 Ways To Combat Anxiety And Stress

Moments of stress and anxiety are a regular part of almost everyone's life. Therefore, we recommend 5 activities that you can integrate into your routine and which will help you increase your relaxation and calm.

Pregnant woman filling out some papers

What Is A Birth Plan And How Should You Do It?

According to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), approximately more than 27,000 boys and girls are born every day in Latin America and the Caribbean. The birth plan is a valuable document for childbirth

Brene Brown

What Is That That Gives Real Sense to Our Lives?

On many occasions, we feel vulnerable, afraid, or ashamed in situations that expose us and put us to the test.