Provider Burnout

Burnout reported in health care workers during COVID-19

Overworked health care workers have become a problem around the world

Pregnant woman.

Placentas from COVID-19-positive pregnant women show injury

The placentas from 16 women who tested positive for COVID-19 while pregnant showed evidence of injury

Pregnant woman in a field.

Study paints picture of marijuana use in pregnant women

The number of people who use the drug daily is on the rise. This trend also holds up in women who are pregnant, despite evidence that using it could harm their babies

Woman eating strawberrys.

Consuming extra calories can help exercising women avoid menstrual disorders

Increasing food intake could also prevent injuries in female athletes    

Woman doing yoga.

Spiritual disciplines in times of quarantine

Here are some habits that will strengthen your spiritual life and your health in times of quarantine

Pregnant woman near a crib.

How it is to be pregnant during quarantine

Quarantine, anxiety, and the fast spreading of the COVID-19 may affect the experience of women´s pregnancy 

Mother with baby

New evidence for optimizing malaria treatment in pregnant women

A new drug should be used to minimize the side effects pregnant women suffer from the usual treatment

Woman doing yoga.

Ayurveda and yoga for COVID-19 prevention

Those practices may help strengthen host immunity and provide an effective, accessible, and affordable means of prophylaxis of COVID-19 infection.

Sample of test tubes

Do you know these viruses that have no cure?

Although we are in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine, there are other viruses that still have no cure. 

Woman blowing smoke.

Are women using e-cigarettes during preconception and/or pregnancy?

A new study reveals worrying and surprising findings of women's use of e-cigarettes during pregnancy. 

Woman lighting a cigarette

6 alternatives that can help you quit smoking in quarantine

Smokers face a higher risk of coronavirus. So we bring you some options to quit smoking during quarantine.

Person filling clear glass with coffee.

How to make the healthiest coffee during COVID-19 lockdown

We may all be drinking more coffee to help us survive the COVID-19 lockdown. Today scientists announce the healthiest way to make a brew.

Scientist testing with coronavirus through test tubes.

New test for COVID-19 may deliver faster results to more people

Scientists have developed a novel assay capable of detecting the causative viral pathogen of COVID-19 that can be run in decentralized test facilities

Two women walking on snowshoes

Physical activity contributes to positive mental well-being in menopausal women

Exercise can reduce the negative mental effects of menopause. 

Little girl drinking a glass of milk.

Milk allergy guidelines may cause overdiagnosis in babies

Current medical guidelines for diagnosing cow's milk allergy in babies and young children may be linked to overdiagnosis of the condition

Yerba mate in a bowl.

The benefits of consuming yerba mate

Yerba is part of the daily lives of millions of Latin Americans. Therefore, we decided to see what are the benefits of incorporating it into our lives.

Woman wearing face mask.

Loss of smell and taste validated as COVID-19 symptoms

Study suggests clinicians should include sensory impairment as a standard screening measure

Doctor administering a vaccine to a woman.

How to boost immune response to vaccines in older people

A new study reveals a way to make vaccines more effective for older people. 

Senior woman knitting.

You don’t have to leave your home just because you’re getting older

You worked hard for your home – you’ve earned the right to stay there as long as you like.  But as you age, safety becomes a consideration

People sitting inside an airplane.

What is the risk of getting a virus on an airplane?

Fair or not, airplanes have a reputation for germs. However, there are ways to minimize the risks.