5 ways playing chess can boost your mind and your life

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Surprising link between athletics and addiction

Work-hard, play-hard culture may put elite athletes at higher risk of substance abuse.

5 habits of chronically unhappy people

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Facebook use may alter perception of time, study finds

How much time do you spend browsing "status updates" or friends' pictures on Facebook? According to a new study, it is likely more than you think.

Do children inherit drug protection from parents exposed to nicotine or drugs?

In a study, Oliver J. Rando, MD, PhD, and colleagues at UMass Medical School, demonstrate that mice born of fathers who are habitually exposed to nicotine inherit enhanced chemical tolerance and drug clearance abilities.

7 traits of old souls that make them utterly unique and beautiful

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5 positive comebacks for dealing with negative people

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6 signs you might be in love

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Nonmedical use of prescription drugs among young people: A growing global concern

A new article shows increased rates of deaths worldwide from prescription opioids as high as 550 percent depending on country and time-period. 

Skipping breakfast could increase your risk of heart disease

When we eat may be important to consider, in addition to what we eat.

5 reasons why you are always tired

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How to spot a sociopath

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Oxytocin-love hormone from insects could prevent preterm labor

New research may have found a way to inhibit preterm labor by using a synthetic substance derived from ants, which looks and behaves a lot like oxytocin.

Sleep deprivation handicaps the brain's ability to form new memories

Chemical recalibration of brain cells during sleep is crucial for learning, and sleeping pills may sabotage it.

Video games improve attention in children with ADHD

The tool includes a series of quests which turn IGNORE INTO challenges for children, who with a cellphone or tablet embark on trying to discover similarities between figures, for instance, stimulating concentration, memory and striking their interest.

Scientists find brain hormone that triggers fat burning

Biologists have identified a brain hormone that appears to trigger fat burning in the gut. Their findings in animal models could have implications for future pharmaceutical development.

6 things to do to survive and heal after a breakup

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How to be more assertive in 5 simple steps

In addition to being more kind, patient, and compassionate, many people also list increased assertiveness as one of the facets they’d like to develop, but haven’t had the confidence to try yet. 

Pets are a child’s best friend, not their siblings

Children get more satisfaction from relationships with their pets than with their brothers or sisters, according to new research. Children also appear to get on even better with their animal companions than with siblings.

6 signs you and your partner are compatible

If you have recently found yourself questioning whether your partner is really your soulmate, here are a few signs that the two of you may actually be compatible.