These are the risks and benefits of the "16:8" diet

Does this method of eating for 8 hours and fasting for 16 really work?

Strong by Zumba: bring rhythm to your exercise routine

This high-intensity functional training will be the most fun and effective option for this year's 'bikini operation'

Latin American countries committed to the decrease in the consumption of alcohol in minors

The risks of underage drinking are many, that's why several countries have launched campaigns that seek to raise awareness about this situation

10 tips to boost your energy levels

Here are some tips that will help you boost your energy levels without any gimmicks

6 myths about nutrition debunked

Some ideas in relation to food have become popular despite having no scientific basis; find here the most popular

The #MeToo era: how to raise good boys?

As a parent, there are some things you could do in order to help your boy grow up as a good man in this era of change and equality 

Top 8 fitness trends for this summer

Here's a list of the most popular trends that are ruling the fitness world for summer 2018, and they all have multiple benefits

This is what you should know about Hot Yoga

Would you practice a ninety minutes exercise in a temperature of forty-two degrees?

Can technology promote infidelity?

Sometimes, liking a photo or hiding relationship status in social media is considered cheating

One more reason why you shouldn't skip leg day: skipping could be affecting your neuron production

Here´s why you’re making a huge mistake if you’re only training above the belt

In the world of Trump, Maduro and Kim Jong-Un, how do you explain difficult situations to children?

The political, economic and social context can produce stress and anxiety in the family nucleus; find here some tips to be able to talk with your little ones about it

Foods that help you sleep: Stick to your biological clock

While an occasional sleepless night should not worry you, missing out long-term night rest is more problematic

Alcohol affects your efforts to lose weight

Do you really know the relationship between the cocktails and the number on the scale? Here we tell you how alcohol affects your weight loss

Why is it good to get out of your chair? Sedentary behavior can affect memory

It seems that there is a direct relationship between spending more hours sitting and having the part of the brain related to memory thinner

Post vacation depression: how to overcome it?

Learn practical tips to make returning to school or work less traumatic

Plastic surgery: when the filters go from the selfie to real life

This new trend is the effect of Snapchat and Instagram in our society

Can we inherit fat?

We have all heard that we obtain certain traits of our parents. Is being fat one of these?

Social networks are creating greater insecurity in the self-esteem of women

The "ideal body" is indicated as an attainable goal for all, when the reality is that this is far from the truth

Do you feel as if you need to start eating healthy?

Find here a list of tips that will help you feed without making big changes to your diet

Can the brain be trained to avoid dyslexia?

Scientists believe that this organ can be "trained" to avoid this condition

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