Spicy food

A Burning Topic: What are the Risks and Benefits of Spicy Food?

Spicy food is prevalent in Latin America. However, there are many doubts about how beneficial or harmful it is for health. We tell you what research and traditions say

Bruce Willis and medical studies of the brain

What is Frontotemporal Dementia?

Frontotemporal dementia is a type of dementia that affects specific areas of the brain and can develop in people under the age of 60. We tell you what its symptoms are and how to detect it

stilt in one hand

Alert in Latin America Due to the Increase in Chikungunya

During 2022, the region of the Americas had a considerable increase in chikungunya cases and so far in 2023 the cases continue to grow. PAHO launches an epidemiological alert. We tell you about this disease and its prevention

Hand with a stuffed animal and a ribbon of the fight against cancer

Infographic: What are the Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer?

Early detection of cancer cells in children and adolescents saves lives and allows more effective treatment to be implemented. We tell you what are the symptoms of childhood cancer that you should pay attention to

happy woman

How To Successfully Reach Your Best Version?

Being a better version of ourselves depends on many factors, including the favorable lifestyle habits that we maintain from when we were little

People at a dinner with cell phones

Hyperconnection: The Problem of Always Being Online

The new technologies facilitate many tasks and daily activities, they allow expanding the circle of friends, acquaintances, followers; access general information and know facts in real time, but you can lose control over them. We tell you what hyperconnection is

Woman with a tape measure

About Ozempic and the Dangers of Self-Medication for Weight Loss

Amid the COVID pandemic, influencer Remi Bader has prescribed a newly approved drug to treat her pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, and overweight issues.

Old woman with headphones

Benefits That You Have Missed From Vibroacoustics

On February 14, the world day of healing sounds is celebrated, as well as the day of the healing of the earth through sound

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Atomic Habits by James Clear What Is About

Some many texts and methods propose we make a change in our behavior and routine to acquire positive habits that provide us with well-being and harmony in our lives.

Man with red ribbon the fight against AIDS

Living with AIDS: Beyond the Myths

Despite advances in AIDS treatment and knowledge of the HIV virus, there are still many prejudices and stigmas towards HIV-positive people. A full life is possible and for this it is urgent to stop ignorance and myths

woman in the rain

Weather and Mood: Are They Really Related?

It is often thought that climatic circumstances can affect the way we feel. Is this real? We tell you what research says about the relationship between climate and mood


What is the Protocol to Access an Abortion in Colombia?

Almost a year has passed since the decriminalization of abortion in Colombia until week 24. However, there are many doubts about the procedures to access the voluntary termination of pregnancy. We explain what the protocol is

monkey pox

Monkeypox is Impacting the Most in the Americas

One of the most important epicenters of the monkeypox outbreak is in the region of the Americas

Esther Perell

The Best YouTube Talks About Mental Health

We do not know for sure the dangers of accelerated technological change, the ways of relating and working mode which has harmed our minds.


5 Most Popular Gemstones: Their Meaning, Symbolism, and Powers

This article will delve into the fascinating world of gemstones and explore the deeper significance, healing properties, and metaphysical meaning of the 5 most popular gemstones

online therapy

Online Therapy 101: Pros and Cons of Top 6 Providers for Mental Health Care

It's normal to feel a bit overwhelmed when searching for a therapist due to the sheer number of options out there. It's not uncommon to have to try a few before finding the perfect fit

Woman making heart with hands

Go Ahead With That Transformation You Are Looking For

At the beginning of the year, the corresponding evaluations and balances of the previous year arrive, to plan and project the current year

Couple packing belongings in boxes

How to Face the Mourning When Children Left Home?

According to experts in family psychology, it is important that parents support their children in their new stage of adulthood, but do not assume their responsibilities or obligations. The independence of children is a natural process that you have to know how to deal with.

healthy food plate

130 Million Latin Americans Cannot Afford a Healthy Diet

According to a recent United Nations report, Latin America and the Caribbean is the region in the world with the most expensive healthy diet. Why is this happening and what are the implications for the population?


Why did the WHO Intend to Eliminate Trans Fats in the World by 2023?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released the fourth Report on the global elimination of trans fatty acids (TFA) that seriously affect people's health. Here we tell you what are the path and challenges that countries have to achieve the objectives set