Woman reading a book in a library.

People who cannot read may be three times as likely to develop dementia

The study provides more evidence that reading and writing may be important factors in helping maintain a healthy brain.

Man sitting on stairs.

A potential new way to diagnose male infertility and pharmaceutical treatment options

It can take a year or longer of trial and error for a doctor to determine if a man is infertile but new research could change that

Man looking at the window.

Is there finally a solution to the poor state of mental health in Latin America?

Mental instability has proven to be a significant problem globally. And, it’s costly

Kush on jar near woman.

Australian women turning to cannabis to treat endometriosis symptoms

A new study has found one in eight Australian women with endometriosis use cannabis to alleviate pain and other symptoms

Woman sitting watching through a window.

Virginity testing is still a thing is some parts of the world

This practice has been used historically to torture and punish young women in some parts of the world.

Measuring tape wrapped around a silver metal fork.

Anorexia nervosa comes in all sizes, including plus size

Patients with atypical anorexia nervosa are as likely as underweight patients to suffer from bradycardia, and other complications.

Nurse holding a syringe to draw blood to a woman

Blood test can help spot ovarian cancer

The study says that clinical guidelines could now be improved to ensure urgent referrals are made for women most at risk.

In Colombia, women are the best peacebuilders

Cleiner Almanza, leader of Corporación Mujer Sigue Mis Pasos, told us how women in Colombia have been responsible for building peace among themselves.

Woman smoking cigarette

Evidence that tobacco smoking increases risk of depression and schizophrenia

Researchers have found that tobacco smoking may increase your risk of developing depression and schizophrenia

Anger, anxiety, insomnia: Tweets from Twitter users could predict loneliness

Social media has the potential to allow researchers and clinicians to passively measure loneliness over time.

Woman covering her face with her hands.

Women at higher risk of feeling chronic pain

Higher frequency of some chronic diseases, worse functional state, psychological stress, and less physical activity can explain the risk in women.

Woman holding baby while they're sitting on bean bag.

A mother's warmth, sensitivity can mitigate obesity risk factors in infants

A majority of mothers in the UB study had used cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana or cocaine during pregnancy, an obesity risk factor.

Man touching his hair.

Dysthymia: the disease of bad mood

Dysthymia is compromised with global functioning, but not to the point of severe depression.

Two people eating in a restaurant.

Scientists may have found the reason of impulsivity

There's a circuit in the brain that appears to be associated with psychiatric disorders ranging from overeating to gambling, drug abuse, and even Parkinson's disease.

Mother and daughter smiling at each other.

Teens who have loving bond with mother less likely to enter abusive relationships

Positive parenting behaviors help children form positive internal working models of themselves as lovable and worthy of respect.

Two football players

The significance of teeth guard in Latin American football

Mouthguards are usually related to high contact sports, like rugby or American football. But, what about other sports that offer a medium risk of collision, such as soccer?

Two girls taking a selfie with their cell phone.

Narcissism can lower stress levels and reduce chances of depression

People who have grandiose narcissistic traits are more likely to be 'mentally tough', feel less stressed and are less vulnerable to depression

Menstrual cup.

A friendly way to bleed: switch to a menstrual cup

Even though they have been around for decades, it's only today that we are starting to love them. Here's why

Glucose test for diabetes.

Obesity exacerbates many causes of death, but risks are different for men and women

Obesity is implicated in two thirds of the leading causes of death from non-communicable diseases worldwide

Woman scientist in a laboratory.

Women scientists author fewer invited commentaries in medical journals than men

They found that the disparity was larger for women who were further progressed in their careers

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