Cover from the book 'My bipolarity and its tidal waves'

Let's Detect the Alerts of Our Mental Health

On 2006 Palm Day, the Colombian journalist Catalina Gallo woke up from her bed and thought she was dead.

Man carrying boxes

Tips to survive the complicated moving day

Moving day, the culmination of the entire moving process is approaching near and if you are planning to handle this day with ease then you have jumped just at the right place

Doctor in a medical consultation

Is There Discrimination in Health Services?

Discrimination can result in sub-optimal care through deficient communication and preventing treatment adherence.

Woman writing a to-do list in an agenda

5 Self-Love Habits

Your morning routine can significantly change your life.

3 Considerations After A Workplace Injury

 If you or your family member got injured or killed in an accident at work, it’s imperative that you know how to fight for your rights.

Market in Wuhan, China

The coronavirus could have originated in an exotic animal farm

A commission of scientists from the WHO traveled to China to find out the possible origin of the virus

Sliced meats on a board.

Eating processed meat could increase dementia risk

Their findings also show that eating some unprocessed red meat, such as beef, pork or veal, could be protective, as people who consumed 50g a day were 19% less likely to develop dementia

Meat in a refrigerator

Is eating meat dangerous for your health?

In a recent study by the University of Oxford it is concluded that the consumption of meat of any kind increases the risk of different types of diseases

Person holding a syringe

There is no relationship between autism and vaccines

Misinformation has discouraged the vaccination of newborns, causing major public health problems

Menstrual pads and tampon

What Do We Know About Period Poverty and Its Effects?

Menstruation is something that most cisgender women and transgender men must experience during their lifetime.

Woman sleeping

7 Benefits of Sleeping More and Better

Scientific research has shown that poor sleep habits carry many consequences that could ultimately put our health at serious risk.

Woman looking herself through a mirror

Towards True Happiness

To be happy that desire that we have pursued as humanity for so many years and that many times we see very far from our possibilities.

People walking on street

The More Who Die, the Less We Care?

Psychic numbing is a psychological phenomenon that affects the way we make decisions.

Woman wearing mask showing thumb up

Opinion: Toxic positivity after one year of pandemic

One of the most common attitudes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been watching the positive side of the matter. However, in the extreme, this can be dangerous

Person holding a COVID test

Home testing for COVID-19 could prevent infections and reduce deaths at justifiable cost

Mailing a package of SARS-CoV-2 tests to every household in America and asking people to use them once a week could greatly reduce total infections

Group of friends

Friendship Brings You Well-Being and Health

Having good friends brings health benefits.

Woman meditating

Tips To Boost the Power of Your Brain

There is a high potential little explored in women that make them more talented to be leaders, due to their capacity for empathy.

Dr. Yenni Báez

World Kidney Day: An Organ To Take Care Of

It is important to be alert to any abnormality or discomfort that you feel with the functioning of the kidney.

African girl

Female mutilation, a practice that is still happening. Why?

Female genital mutilation has consequences for both physical and mental health

Health personnel handling a swab

Covid-19: How dangerous are its mutations?

The variants of the coronavirus not only put the health system on alert but also the effectiveness of the new vaccines