Different pots with plants near a window

Plants Can Help You Improve your Mental Health

Here we tell you all you need to know about the benefits of caring for plants in your home

Woman thinking while she's in an office

How To Deal With Grief at the Workspace

Many companies lack norms or policies for dealing with grief, and some that do have policies often find they are insufficient.

Woman with glasses

Test To Find Out if You Are Struggling With Anxiety

With the Beck anxiety test, you will discover if you have this disorder. This short self-administered questionnaire has great acceptance to measure anxiety in adults and adolescents. It has been used both in clinical evaluation and in basic research.

Woman with allergies

What Are the Possible Reasons for Complications From COVID-19?

A study conducted on more than 49,000 people provides new evidence on why some people get sick after having contact with the virus.

Nurses assisting elderly people at retirement home

4 Things To Consider Before Placing A Parent In A Nursing Home

Deciding to place a parent in a nursing home isn’t an easy decision to make

Woman with her laptop in the street

Get Over the Stress of Socializing Again

The pandemic literally caused us to have to reprogram our brains to interact in a different way, less personal, close, and crowded.

Woman taking a shower

How Healthy Are Cold Showers?

Here Are Some Curious Facts About the Effects Of Taking A Cold Shower

Hands of supportive friend holding hands of woman

How To Support a Loved One With Mental Illness

If you don't know how to support a loved one with mental illness, you're not alone. One in three people will struggle with mental illness during their lifetime.

Carolina Del Pilar Alonso Caldas

Interview: How to Focus on Your Well-Being as a woman?

We spoke with Carolina Alonso, author of " Sé la heroína de tu propia historia y desencadena tu poder creador" about the importance women´s well-being

Group of friends

Your Circle of Friends Provides You Well-Being

To commemorate International Friendship Day, let's take a look at the positive mental health effects of having meaningful friendships.

Panning shot of a woman holding a blood lancet near a bloody finger

Do You Have Diabetes? Learn How To Avoid COVID-19

Diabetes Is One Of the Comorbidities With the Highest Risk Of Death From Coronavirus. Here We Tell You How To Avoid Getting This Virus

Woman wearing a face mask

Why do some people get severe COVID-19? The nose may know

People who develop severe COVID-19 have markedly blunted antiviral responses in the nasopharynx

Group of women meditating

Why Should You Start Meditating During Your Work?

These Are the Benefits Of Meditation During Work Hours

Vaccine and mask icons

Infographic: What Should you do Before and after Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine?

These are some tips you must follow to successfully face the vaccination process against COVID-19

Woman drinking a glass of water

5 Habits That Will Rejuvenate Our Brain

Did you know that you can rejuvenate your brain? That's right, the brain is the only organ that the more you use it, the better it works.

Makeup products

Why should you switch to organic makeup?

The trend is walking towards cosmetology with organic or natural ingredients

Almonds and a bottle of milk

DIY! 3 Vegan Milks to Make in the Comfort of Your Home

Learn how to make 3 vegan milks in an artisanal way for yourself or to have your own environmentally friendly micro-business

Young people at college

6 Tips on How to Live a Healthy Life in College

College is one of the busiest periods of life. It is filled with events and activities

People walking on the street

Did you Know that you Could be Immune to COVID-19 Without a Vaccine? Here We Tell you Why

New study shows that people who have been exposed to influenza and cytomegalovirus would have immunity against coronavirus without being vaccinated or infected

Woman stretching at office

Thinking of a New Venture? Reset Your Mind Before Starting

Entrepreneurship is a venture that requires being in tune with our potential to be able to express it and the mentality that we have will be an advantage or an obstacle to advance along the way.