Hands holding musical instruments

This Is How Music Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

Much is said about the relationship between music and health. That is why a recent study by Harvard University published the benefits of music in the emotional, psychological, and physical being of people

Monkeypox vaccine

What is Happening with the Monkeypox Vaccines in Latin America?

Currently, There is Only one Supplier of the Monkeypox Vaccine. However, PAHO has Already Begun Negotiations so that the Americas Region has Fair Access to Supplies

Electricity plug with a plant coming out of it

Did You Know That You Can Charge Your Phone With Plant Energy?

The transition from fossil fuels to cleaner and renewable energies is essential to face the current energy crisis. In search of alternatives, new devices allow us to generate electricity from plants. 

Woman practicing bungee jumping

These Are the Risks That Women Have When Practicing Extreme Sports

The Woman Post shows you some risks you may face if you play extreme sports.

Woman lying on a bed

Keys To Have More And Better Female Orgasms

More than 8,000 nerve endings are involved in the female orgasm. It is an explosion of pleasure and sensations. However, it is still a taboo subject in many spaces. We tell you about this physiological process and how to enhance it


Woman blowing up a heart shaped balloon

The Neuroscience of Broken Hearts: This Happens in Your Body After a Romantic Breakup

In Recent Decades, Several Studies Have Sought to Unravel at a Scientific Level Why we Fall in Love and Why Heartbreak has the Ability to Impact a Person so Profoundly. Find Out what Science Says About Broken Hearts

Mom breastfeeding her son

Liga De La Leche, Mother-to-Mother Support Network

In 1956 two mothers, Mary White and Marian Tompson with five other mothers created the International Leche League, which today is found in more than 85 countries

woman breathing


There are times when it is convenient to stop, take a breath to continue with your activities, releasing stress, and thus prevent entering states of anxiety.

Woman wearing a face mask

COVID-19: One of the Factors That Revived the Fight for Gender Equality.

Gender equality is the key to a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world

Young woman breastfeeding with her son

How to Achieve Successful Breastfeeding?

In the World Week of Breastfeeding, it is Essential to Understand this Stage of Children with their Mother and Know How to Achieve it Successfully, to Avoid Using the Market Products

Woman in the middle of a heat wave

Gallery: 10 Practical Tips For Coping With A Heat Wave

Heat waves have hit much of the planet hard for the past two months. We tell you what you can do to take care of yourself and overcome high temperatures well

fight against aids ribbon

The Fight Against HIV AIDS Has Achievements, but Also Setbacks And Dangers

Recently, there has been good news in the fight against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). We tell you about its current situation in the world and about some research and evidence that sheds hope around the cure

Young people in graduation

Tips for Studying Abroad

With Good Plans, Studying in Other Countries is a Very Advantageous and Possible Idea

Plastic cup buried in the sand

New Paradigm, New Challenges: How Do We Solve Plastic Pollution?

Plastic pollution is growing at an alarming rate with serious consequences for our health, natural ecosystems and climate change. What are some of the projects to solve the negative effects of plastic waste?

Woman performing nasal covid test

Everything You Need To Know About The Nasal COVID-19 Vaccine

Recent research indicates that nasal vaccines could become a necessity to definitively face the pandemic, since they would provide immunity to the mucous membranes

Senior woman looking out the window

Aging or Alzheimer's? How to Differentiate and Identify Them

As we Age, Our Entire Body Changes and the Brain is no Exception. Older People Often Have a Normal Decline in Certain Cognitive Abilities. However, Some Symptoms are Related to Serious Problems, Such as Alzheimer's.

Three friends laughing together

6 Things To Let Go To Be Happier

Here are six things to let go of today.

Person holding a message paper

Lets Talk About Inclusive Languaje

Meet in The Woman Post different perspectives of the same point in women experts who fight for various reasons for gender equality.

Hand showing monkeypox welts

Monkeypox Is An International Emergency. What Can We Expect?

The World Health Organization has declared monkeypox an international public health emergency. Are we facing a new pandemic?

Person with general discomfort wearing a face mask

Coronavirus and Reinfection: What can Happen if you Have Covid-19 Several Times?

There are Several Doubts About Coronavirus Reinfections. Find Out What the Experts say.