Children playing in a park

Outdoor Time Reduces the Negative Effects of Mobile Devices on Children

A study showed that the excessive use of mobile devices in young children affects their neurological development. However, it also found that outdoor games can help mitigate it

happy woman

Carry the Magic of this Word to Your Daily Life

If you give thanks daily, you will be better prepared for crises and you will be able to handle stress more assertively


Almonds: The Superfood With More and More Properties

Almonds are an excellent option to include in a healthy diet due to their high content of essential nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, and fiber. We tell you about the latest findings of its benefits.

people using their cell phone

What is Phubbing and How Can it Affect Us?

Phubbing Consists of Ignoring Those in Front of us by Concentrating on the Use of Our Mobile Devices. There are Several Studies that Warn About the Negative Effects of This Type of Practice

Woman receiving vaccine

What is the Controversy with the Prices and Profits of Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines?

Moderna has Reported Price Hikes on COVID-19 Vaccines. These Increases Could be up to 400% and Have Generated Great Controversy. We Tell you About the Situation

Paramedical service

How To Handle Medical Emergency Situations

Medical emergencies are a matter of life and death. They often occur as you go on with your daily life, for instance, at work or home. When they happen, it’s best to respond quickly and help avert the situation. It may save lives and reduce the effects of accidents or emergencies

Dentist checking a patient

Interview: How to Take Care of Teeth to Protect General Health?

The Relationship Between Oral Care and General Health is Closer than it Seems, and it Goes Beyond Just Beautiful Teeth. We Interviewed a Dentist to Resolve Doubts About it

Woman smiling

Secrets to Happiness Do Exist

It is said out there that there is no formula or secret to achieving happiness, but according to these experts, it can be achieved by identifying your purpose!

coronavirus molecules

"Kraken": The New Variant of the Coronavirus. Why is it Causing Concern?

The Recent Variant of the Coronavirus Causes Concern Due to its Particular Mutation. Learn About the Features of "Kraken"

person receiving a vaccine

Vaccines Against Cancer: An Increasingly Closer Reality

In Recent Years, Various Advances have been Made in the Fight Against Cancer. Vaccines are Presented as a Possibility to Fight this Disease. We tell you the Advances in this Regard and How they Would Work

Boss with his employee in an office

What to do in Case of Experiencing Violence or Harassment at Work?

We Offer you Some Recommendations on what Steps you can Take if you are a Victim of Workplace Violence or Harassment in your Work


2023 Will be the International Year of Millet

The UN General Assembly Decided in 2021 that 2023 Would be the International Year of Millet. Millets are a Group of Cereals Highly Consumed in Asia and Africa, Famous for their Protein Content and Because they are able to Grow in Arid Places.

Group of people in an office

Trends and Challenges in the Area of Human Resources for 2023

Talent Management in 2023 Brings New Challenges. Inflation, Teleworking, and Work Overload are Issues that Companies Must Know How to Handle this Year

View of the city of Dominica

Best Places In Latin America To Travel In 2023

We tell you about tourist destinations, for different tastes, that will be a trend to travel in 2023

Doctor typing on the computer

Medical Check-Ups that you Should do at Least Once a Year

Find Out What Prevention and Control Practices are Recommended by Specialists to Rule out and Prevent Different Diseases. These are Medical Check-Ups that you Should Schedule for this 2023

man counting banknotes

Outlook for Purchasing Power and Wages for 2023: Impacted by Inflation

In the latest World Report on Wages, the International Labor Organization (ILO) Makes an Analysis of the Labor Market and Wage Prospects, in the Midst of the Current Economic Situation. Here we tell you What the Outlook is for Latin America

Maria del Pilar Garcia

Clinical Hypnosis and Reflections on Human Pleasure

We are in a society of pleasure, a discourse in which happiness prevails above all things

Duolingo logos, Calendar, Pocket Yoga

8 Apps To Meet New Year's Goals

Get to know the mobile apps that will allow you to meet your goals in 2023 and start the year with enthusiasm and good habits

Cosmetics in a table

Top Sustainable Innovations in Beauty Product & Cosmetics Technology

Sustainable innovations in the beauty and cosmetics industry are more important than ever as consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental and ethical impacts of their purchasing decisions

Moderna De Pueblo, Carolina Contreras, Behind the Scars, Stevie Blaine

Body Positive: 10 Content Creators who Challenge the Imposition of Beauty Standards

The Holiday Season can be Stressful for Many People with the Pressure Around Food, Family and Work Gatherings, and Beauty Stereotypes. We Share 7 Activist Profiles of the Body Positive!