Couple walking in the city

To Build Healthy Relationships, You Must Take Emotional Responsibility

Emotional responsibility is a very powerful and beautiful practice. However, it can be pretty challenging for some people.

Woman sitting on bed

COVID-19 Brings With It Another Great Pandemic: Depression

COVID-19 has illuminated the relationship between the pandemic and depression

Kintsugi practice on ceramic

The Magic of the Ancient Art of Kintsugi

Facing the challenges that life offers us requires courage, discipline, perseverance, and determination to emerge stronger.

Woman touching her belly

How To Alleviate the Symptoms Of Premenstrual Syndrome

The days before menstruation don't have to be torture. Diet and lifestyle changes can help ease PMS symptoms

Isabel Allende on her TED Talk

How Essential Is To Slow Down the Pace?

We are so caught up in the routine that sometimes we forget to stop to remember and take care of what truly matters. Here are some Ted Talks that will help you to slow down and appreciate the bigger picture.

Vector of a boy with sad expression

Infographic: Child Abuse in Latin America In Numbers

On the International Prevention Day of this tragedy we recall the alarming figures of child abuse in Latin America

Person receiving a vaccine

Wealthier Nations Should Stump up for COVID-19 Jab Tax to drive Vaccine Equity

Fairer than donation model as it better reflects ability to pay, argues political scientist

Person sitting on a swing

The Infallible Medicine To Overcome These Times

With the passage of time and through the centuries, there is something that has allowed human beings to survive any war and has allowed humanity to cope with any situation: Hope.

Woman procrastinating at work

5 Apps For Procrastinators

These are some of the apps for procrastinators that you should have

Group of people raising their liquor glasses

Alcohol Consumption In the Americas Is Higher Than In the Rest Of the World

The United States, Brazil, and Mexico are the countries with the highest mortality rates from alcohol consumption in the Americas

Chairs in a gamers studio

What is the Esports Wellness Program and How Does it Help the Mental Health for Gamers?

A recent Razer campaign seeks to promote good mental health for gamers. Here we tell you what it is about

Coronavirus image

How Has The Healthcare Industry Updated Since The Pandemic

The healthcare industry has undergone the deepest impact, as it’s responsible for controlling the pandemic

Pediatrician with a little baby

Fortunately, They Exist To Guide Us in Raising Children!

A good pediatrician is patient and cares about being constantly updated. They provide individual attention to each child without any of their patients feeling like one more.

Vector of a woman with three syringes

Infographic: Which Countries Are Applying The Third Dose Of the COVID Vaccine?

There are already several countries where the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is being applied. However, this can have negative consequences on a global level

Man and woman hugging

The Transformative Power of Hugs

The power of hugs is magical because it transmits energy, gives love, and can transform a life.

Old woman smiling

Embrace the Years Ahead With Love and Joy

Life is such a full and powerful experience that age is just a number. For this reason, learning to see every stage of our feminine journey as valuable will allow us to radiate true grace and evolve into a better version of ourselves.

Person eating from a plate

The Elimination Diet: What it is and How to Do it?

We tell you everything you need to know about the elimination diet and be able to start taking it in a proper way

Person holding a leaf of a marijuana plant

Infographic: Medicinal Cannabis, What is the Difference Between THC and CBD?

Despite the fact that the use of medical cannabis is increasing more and more, there are many people who still fear this substance derived from the marijuana plant

Woman using a laptop at office

Seven powerful career options to get you started in the Government

There are several reasons why people prefer government jobs. One of the widely known reasons is job security in the public sector

People clapping from their balconies during the quarantine

What Could the Countries that Return to the Lockdown Should Learn from New Zealand?

While countries such as Lithuania, Russia and China enter confinement again, New Zealand remains an example to follow in handling the health crisis