Sawabona, Afro Woman Knowledge in Favor to Children

Sawabona is a greeting in the Zulú language and it means I respect you, I value you. But also Sawabona is a local initiative in Bogotá of leader afro women

Person serving a glass of milk

Why is Whey Being Banned in Colombia?

Recently, Several Colombian Dairy Companies Found Themselves in the Eye of the Hurricane for Carrying out Prohibited Practices in the Andean Country, Putting the Health of Consumers at Risk.

Woman holding a menstrual cup

Why Don’t We Talk About Menstruation?

The traditional products for menstruation and the lack of education about the female body are causing profound gender inequalities.

Marburg virus and bat vector

Infographic: What is the Marburg Virus and Why is it News?

Ghana, in Africa, Declared an Outbreak of Marburg Virus that has Set off Alarms due to its Severity. We tell You What this Disease is About

Food Allergies: When The Menu Becomes An Ordeal

Eating out or buying prepared food can be a big dilemma for people with food allergies. Even more so, if the problem is not one, but several foods.

Contraceptive methods

Shortage of Contraceptives: A Guide to Know How to Act Correctly

Colombia is Experiencing a Shortage of Contraceptives that is Worrying About the Effects it may Have on Family Planning. For this Reason, we Share a Guide that will Help you Understand how to Act and What are the Best Alternatives

Iris Borda

Iris Borda: We Should Not Fear Mediocrity

Iris Borda touches on various issues related to women, what it means to be a woman, and the weight of mediocrity versus always highlight.

Hands showing the symptoms of syphilis

Keys To Understanding Syphilis And How To Prevent It

Although it is a preventable and curable disease, a report by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) states that by the end of 2021, cases of syphilis and congenital syphilis have grown in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Boy stacking colored blocks

The Importance of Children's Games Their Mental Health

The Accompaniment of Parents Towards their Children in Childhood can Reduce the Chances of Suffering From Long-term Mental Illness. Children's Games are Key

Mom working from home

Parental Exhaustion, and How To Prevent It

Burnout syndrome can be observed not only in the workplace, it also occurs in the family.

siblings in the park

Parentification: Should Children Assume Adult Responsibilities?

Parentification is when parents rely on their children in a way that can be overwhelming and inappropriate for their age.

empty plate on a table

One In 10 People Suffer From Hunger In The World

One of the biggest goals that states have set for 2030 is to end hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition in all its forms. However, a recent report warns that humanity is moving away from that goal.

pregnant woman

The Scientific Truth Behind "Mo Brain"

An alarming number of women report during pregnancy or after giving birth experiencing brain fog. It is known as ‘Brain Mom’.

Person holding marijuana in his hand

Infographic: Drug Use In Latin America And The World

A new report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime details the state of drug use around the world.

Mexico City and Bogota City

The 6 Best Cities To Study In Latin America

Recently the British consulting firm QS published the QS Best Student Cities 2023 Ranking in which it exposes the best cities in the world to study. In this new version there are 6 Latin American cities within the list of the first 100.

dry wheat in an open field

Respiratory Allergies, Asthma and Rhinitis Increase Due to Climate Change

Respiratory Pollen Allergies are one of the Most Common Health Disorders. But their Frequency and Severity are Worryingly Intensifying. What is Happening?

March in protest of Roe vs. Wade

"Roe Vs Wade": The Abortion Ban is a Risk to Public Health

The Ruling of the US Supreme Court Against Abortion Generates Concern in Much of the Scientific Community. A Series of Questions About Public Health are Being Opened

Woman looking at the horizon

Why Are Kids Entering Puberty Earlier?

Bone growth, premature breast development and early menstruation are the most notable factors in precocious puberty. 

kids riding bikes

What Level Of Physical Activity Should Your Child Do?

A study by the World Economic Forum reveals that although schools have reopened and confinement restrictions have been reduced, the levels of physical activity of girls and boys are still lower than they were before the pandemic.

Monkeypox vaccine

Monkeypox: It is Not an International Emergency, But it Raises the Alarm

The World Health Organization, WHO, Points Out that an Intense Response to Monkeypox is Required, but that, for the moment, the Highest Level of Alert Should not be Declared According to International Health Regulations