Woman practicing chair yoga

How To Act To Prevent and Control Anxiety

It is a fact that anxiety has increased significantly since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are suffering from high levels of stress, partly caused by the uncertainty of workplaces.

Parents holding their newborn baby

Why do New Generations of New Parents Feel Lonely?

Being a new parent is one of the best experiences, but it is also a constant concern

Woman doing a yoga pose

5 Best Yoga YouTube Channels

Yoga is an alternative to improve health, reduce stress and increase self-confidence. Here we recommend some yoga YouTube channels that will help you improve your lifestyle

Person climbing stairs

10,000 Steps a Day: A Marketing Myth

It is said that you should walk 10,000 steps a day to improve your health, but this is a false belief that originates from a marketing campaign in the 1960s

Woman looking up to the sky

How To Heal What Hurts You and Forgive To Move On?

Healing requires sharing our story, forgiving ourselves, cultivating positive habits, and setting ourselves free from the past.

Woman touching her stomach

Women Period Could Be Affected As of COVID Vaccination

In the UK, 30.000 women have reported a change in their periods after getting vaccinated. However, researchers are still not sure if there's a link between changes in the menstrual cycle and COVID-19 vaccination.

Render of a brain

Tips To Reduce the Risk Of Stroke

Strokes are more common than you might think. Here are some tips to reduce the risk of stroke

Image of the COVID virus

Infographic: Everything you Need to Know About the AY4.2 Sub-variant of COVID-19

The AY4.2 sub-variant has put the UK health services on alert. Here's what you need to know about it

Young woman breastfeeding her baby

Breast Milk May Protect Babies From COVID-19

According to Dr. Marta Perez, there are immune benefits in breast milk that shouldn't be taken for granted.

Woman serving a tea in a cup

Nine Infusions To Improve Your Physical And Mental Health

Do you like tea? Here are a variety of infusions to improve your physical and mental health

Orange with fruitflies

Could Fruit Fly Research Results Increase Survival for Cancer Patients?

Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley have followed fruit flies with tumors to find out if something besides the critical damage to organs, can cause the death of patients.

Two hands

Ask for Help To Heal

Asking for help doesn't make you weak, vulnerable, or incompetent. Instead, it makes you stronger, braver, and happier.

Children running in a field

Connecting With Your Children's Feelings Ensures a Healthy Upbringing

Most children are yelled at, spanked, and punished just for showing their feelings. Here are some valuable tips from Corporación Cariño to be more empathetic parents.

Woman looking at her cellphone lying on a bed

Calm Down! Tips to Prevent Doomsurfing from Affecting your Health

The COVID-19 pandemic created an environment of anguish and loneliness for many people and made then to focus on the negative news unfolding globally. Learn how to avoid doomsurfing

Vector of woman doing breast self-exam

Infographic: Today We Celebrate World Breast Cancer Day

On World Breast Cancer Day we tell you some of the most relevant data about this disease in Latin America

Woman looking through a window.

Miscarriage Should Cease To Be a Taboo

Pregnancy is supposed to be a secret until you make it to 12 weeks. The reason for this is that most miscarriages take place before 12 weeks.

House near some trees

Wellness Housing: How to Seek Wellbeing in the Real Estate Sector?

One of the most recent bets in the real estate sector is that of the Wellness Housing that is expanding throughout the world. Know what it is about!

Woman eating

Strategies To Enjoy What You Eat

One of the keys to having a healthy relationship with food is learning when to indulge in specific cravings and how to enjoy those meals without deprivation or guilt.

Hands of old woman

What Are the Considerations To Authorize a Death With Dignity?

Exercising the right to a dignified death is not easy, especially when only seven countries have legalized euthanasia.

Two people holding their hands together

Why Should You Consider Becoming An Organ Donor?

We invite you to become an organ donor and help save lives