Two woman laughing

Good Sense of Humor Is a Sign of Wellbeing

Having a good sense of humor is incredibly valuable, especially during these unpredictable times.

Man getting a vaccine

Do not be fooled. The coronavirus vaccine does not cause sterility.

No scientific data supports this idea, although there are conflicting opinions

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Thinking Positive: Decreases the Risk of Getting Sick

Emotional well-being only depends on effective social relationships and having optimistic thoughts.

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Did you Know that the Architecture of your House Influences your Mental Health?

The new technique called house coaching could improve your well-being and comfort within your home

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Tips To Stay Psychologically Younger

Have you ever wondered why do people age differently? The answer is in their psychological age and their skill to keep an optimistic mindset.

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How to Take Care of Your Health While at College

College life is very busy, and students often spend all their time studying. In the constant rush, it’s easy to forget about healthy well-being

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Does Working Out Help With Sleep Apnea?

Regular exercise helps us overcome many things that contribute to sleep apnea like hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.

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Infographic: Does the mandatory use of masks in schools really work?

With the return to the non-virtual model in schools, it is worth asking ourselves if the use of the mask is worth it or not

Woman calm holding her head

How To Overcome Exhaustion

Life is too short to feel unhappy with what you do, and when I talk about happiness, I am not referring to feeling euphoric and smiling all day.

Pfizer vaccine bottle

The FDA Approved the COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine, What Does This Imply?

The FDA Approval Of the Pfizer Vaccine May Create More Confidence In Its Efficacy, But It Could Lead To Mistrust In Vaccines From Other Laboratories

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Antibody Protects Against Broad Range of COVID-19 Virus Variants

Targets key part of virus’ spike protein that changes little across variants

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Why People Love to Use CBD Products

More and more people have started to use and benefit from CBD, and there are now many products you can choose from

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How To Teach Your Child To Stay Calm

Raising children is a great challenge and requires the utmost dedication to help them establish beliefs that allow them to have a good life and mold their brains to function at the level of the demands of modern life.

Person in Intensive Care Unit

What to do to Reduce the Post-ICU Sequelae from COVID-19?

The sequelae presented by a person who was in intensive care can vary and be more serious. We tell you some recommendations that you should take into account

Woman in holidays

Boost Your Health by Taking Time Off

Taking family vacations can have a long-lasting impact on your loved ones' happiness thanks to all the overall experiences and the memories those trips create.

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Opinion: Two Different Ways of Tackling a Pandemic, the case of HIV and COVID-19

The start of clinical trials of the vaccine against the Human Immunodeficiency Virus thanks to the advances made by the Coronavirus is evidence of forty years of delay

Children playing with a tablet

How To Reduce Video Game Addiction In Children

COVID-19 Caused A Severe Feeling Of Loneliness In Children Increasing Their Susceptibility To Videogame Addiction 

Mother and daugther in a mountain

Improve Your Child's Self-Esteem With These Tips

Parent-child communication is essential in building positive self-esteem in children. Here are some tips for parents to raise self-confident kids.

Woman applying a face mask

5 Scientifically Validated Ways To Relax

Here are some tips to make relaxation a calmer and happier way of living.

Manufacturing line for a generic Covid 19 vaccine.

Combining COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines improves immunity

The Combination Of Vaccines Can Be Positive For the Body