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Self-Image and the Importance of Knowing Your Worth

Self-image affects what we do, our behavior, and what we allow into our lives. Most of the time, this persona is something that we've cultivated, and it's not necessarily who we are.

Doctor vaccinating a patient

World Immunization Week: 140 million People will be Vaccinated in the Americas

Why has COVID-19 caused other common illnesses to be neglected? What does this PAHO vaccination initiative consist of? Here we tell you the reasons

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Back To Life Without Masks: What Awaits Us?

More and more countries are eliminating the mandatory use of masks in closed spaces. However, this poses various challenges for societies.

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Top 3 Health Specialists a Woman Should See

Women should have medical check-ups from adolescence. That is why The Woman Post invites you to know the options of specialists that you should regularly visit for an annual check-up of your health.

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How To Interpret the Signs of Affection From Your Loved Ones

Knowing the love language of your partner, family, and friends will help you express and receive affection in a more fulfilling way.

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Is Happiness the Key to Longevity and Healthy Life?

An extensive study from Harvard University found a correlation between a happy and a long life, a relevant finding after strong moments of social isolation

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Can You Get Toxic Shock Syndrome From Wearing Tampons?

Tampons, especially super-absorbent varieties, can increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a rare but potentially deadly disease that affects menstruating women.

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How Have Demographics Changed with COVID-19?

With more than 6 million deaths from COVID-19 and the impact of the crisis on health systems, the pandemic has generated changes in global demographics

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Medical Gaslighting in Women: What Is the Problem?

Many situations generate injustice towards women, such as medical gaslighting. We'll tell you what it is.

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Forget About Work Insomnia

Those who have demanding jobs often struggle to reduce stress, disconnect and have a good night’s sleep.

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6 Ways to Invest in Yourself

When we remain stagnant, we miss out on fantastic opportunities and a chance to discover new aspects of ourselves. Here are some tips to start investing in yourself.

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The Secret to Aging Well

Healthy aging goes beyond physical appearance. It's about having a positive view of aging and taking every chance to take care of your mental, physical, emotional, and psychological health.

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Tips for Handling Awkward Family Situations

Family reunions can be a chance for you to practice boundaries and self-control, be emotionally resilient and strong, not get triggered, and dare to express your true self.

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Interview: Symptothermal Method, an Alternative to Hormonal Contraception

More and more women's movements are demonstrating against hormonal contraception and its possible side effects. The symptothermal method is a great alternative

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Gallery: Back to the Office Anxiety ,How to Overcome it?

With the "new normality", people find it necessary to be flexible and adapt to old dynamics. After two years at home, some feel overwhelmed by having to return to their workplaces. Learn how to manage anxiety back at the office

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How to Protect your Skin Against Climate Change?

Skin problems due to climate change have been noticed for a long time. Today humanity faces great changes if the global temperature is not prevented from reaching 1.5 degrees before 2030. The adaptation and extra care that the population must have are urgent

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5 Keys To Achieve Happiness in Life

The Woman Post reveals the best tips for being happy in life. Discover them!

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Fourth Dose Against COVID-19. What is its Progress?

The application of the second booster dose, also known as the fourth dose, has generated controversy. Learn about the recommendations of the authorities and how their approval has progressed in the world

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Healthy Self-Talk Leads to Positive Outcomes

Our dialogue with ourselves has an immense impact on our mental health and ability to achieve. The Woman Post encourages you to shift your perspective from negative to positive, defeat to determination, and insecurity to inspiration.

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What is Parental Stress and How to Manage it After the Kids Return to School?

After more than two years of the pandemic, the return to "normality" also poses challenges, since the world is no longer the same and many habits within families will change again. In this scenario, learning to manage parental stress is essential to have a family life with well-being