Woman wearing a face mask

How Does Air Quality Affect Your Health?

Air pollution is the greatest environmental risk to human health. However, sometimes it goes unnoticed, even though it has a huge impact on quality of life and the development of diseases

Woman touching her breast

Optimism and Support: What Women with Breast Cancer Need

With breast cancer, women decrease life satisfaction, however, studies suggest the need to offer psychological support based on their requirements

vector of a bed

Infographic: Keys to Avoid and Cure Insomnia

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that impairs the quality of life of people who suffer from it. There are daily habits that can help treat it and even cure it

Group of friends

Tips on How to Choose a College for Admission

It is important to explore the location of universities, get to know the faculty, and weigh the pros and cons. Today we tell you how to pick the right college and never regret that choice.

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How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

In this article, those trying to get on the lucky list with a scholarship can read information and tips on how to write a winning scholarship essay.

Nazareth Castellanos

The Body Knows What the Mind Has Not Yet Realized

Nazareth Castellanos is a neuroscientist and physicist with a doctorate in neuroscience with 20 years of working as research director of the Nirakara laboratory.

jellyfish in the ocean

Immortal Jellyfish: The Discovery that Opens New Possibilities for Medical Advances

Turritopsis Dohrnii, the Famous Immortal Jellyfish, has the Ability to Rejuvenate Itself and Live Forever

person with monkeypox

Monkeypox Spreads Rapidly In Latin America

Monkeypox is advancing rapidly in Latin America and challenges the region due to the lack of vaccines.

weed with bottle

10 Benefits of Marijuana for Medical Use

Learn about ten of medical marijuana's benefits and how it's changing people's lives for the better. Some of its uses might surprise you

Older adult with a person talking

Pink Noise, Lights and Alectricity: Advances In Treatments To Protect Memory

Deciphering how the brain works is one of the great ambitions of scientists. For this reason, new discoveries emerge every day that would allow us to enhance the functioning of the brain, cure diseases and protect memory.

Woman writing in notebook

Why Should We Embrace Kaizen in Our Daily Lives?

The word Kaizen comes from the Japanese terms “Kai” meaning changes, and “Zen”, which alludes to getting better. This is why the union of the mentioned terms, could be described as the process of continuous improvement. 

Doctor reviewing notes

Polio Cases In Several Countries Have the Medical Community On Alert

In 2022 the presence of the polio virus has been detected in Jerusalem, London, and New York. This has raised concern in the medical community, which fears the virus will spread. Find out what you need to know about this topic.

Drought cracked floor

Drought in Europe: What Does the Future Hold For The Old Continent?

This is the worst drought in almost 500 years. It extends over large regions of Europe, in a historic summer characterized by high temperatures, lack of rain and large fires. Experts warn that it could last longer.

Person with papers

Living in the U.S as a Nonresident

If you are a resident of the US but have not passed the citizenship test, you come into the nonresident alien category. Keep reading to know all the details about it

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Infographic: Microwave Popcorn and 4 Other Unhealthy Foods You Didn't Know About

More and More Researches Show that Various Processed Foods, Common in Everyday Life, cause Significant Damage to Health. We tell you About some of Them

teen woman

Girls: More Vulnerable To Mental Health Problems

Research conducted in 73 countries found that there is a gender gap in adolescent mental health. We tell you about the findings and explanations of this situation.


Person holding coffee beans

Is Caffeine Bad Or Good For Your Health?

There are several studies that have analyzed the effects of regular caffeine consumption. 

Hands holding musical instruments

This Is How Music Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

Much is said about the relationship between music and health. That is why a recent study by Harvard University published the benefits of music in the emotional, psychological, and physical being of people

Monkeypox vaccine

What is Happening with the Monkeypox Vaccines in Latin America?

Currently, There is Only one Supplier of the Monkeypox Vaccine. However, PAHO has Already Begun Negotiations so that the Americas Region has Fair Access to Supplies

Electricity plug with a plant coming out of it

Did You Know That You Can Charge Your Phone With Plant Energy?

The transition from fossil fuels to cleaner and renewable energies is essential to face the current energy crisis. In search of alternatives, new devices allow us to generate electricity from plants.