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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Study Social Work

If you're considering going into social work, you should go into the sector. Here are some reasons why the decision is the best one for you.

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Infographic: ABC Of The Omicron Variant

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 has set off alarms around the world in recent days. Here we tell you everything you need to know about it

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Post-Workout Foods: What To Eat and What To Avoid

Working out will help you to stay fit and healthy. However, your diet will play a significant role in your performance and results.

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Opinion: To Figh HIV / AIDS, We Need To End Inequalities

Today we remember that to put an end to HIV / AIDS it is necessary to change the paradigm that has sustained this pandemic for decades: inequality

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When To Worry About the Eating Habits of Children?

There is one way in which children can be compared to adults: They all have different eating habits. However, adults sometimes expect them to follow specific eating patterns.

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Practice These 7 Ways To Rest and Relax

The reward for hard work shouldn't only be tied to a financial outcome. Resting is also crucial to find peace, ease and refresh our minds after a long day.

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Study Finds COVID-19 Infection During Pregnancy Leads to Distinct Immune Changes in Mother and Babie

Cleveland Clinic team publishes findings on how infection modulates the expression of different inflammatory molecules

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Let's Get Rid of Bad Eating Habits

Some families felt that having extra time at home led to a considerable increase in unhealthy snacks caused by the lockdown. In addition, they generated the storage and uncontrollable purchases of censer products by panic due to uncertainty.

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Procrastination, a Matter of Emotional Management

According to the lawyer and motivational speaker Mel Robbins, procrastination is a form of stress relief. In fact, the act of delaying tasks has nothing to do with work but with emotions.

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Does The COVID-19 Vaccine Really Work To Prevent Hospitalizations?

With the new wave of COVID-19, mandatory vaccination and its effectiveness, the application of third doses, and the confinements are in the public debate. Does the COVID-19 vaccine really work to prevent hospitalizations?

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Molnupiravir Pill: Alternative to COVID-19 Vaccine?

Merck has been developing an antiviral drug that promises to be an alternative to COVID-19 vaccine and a solution to the pandemic. Here we tell you all about this pill

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To Build Healthy Relationships, You Must Take Emotional Responsibility

Emotional responsibility is a very powerful and beautiful practice. However, it can be pretty challenging for some people.

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COVID-19 Brings With It Another Great Pandemic: Depression

COVID-19 has illuminated the relationship between the pandemic and depression

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The Magic of the Ancient Art of Kintsugi

Facing the challenges that life offers us requires courage, discipline, perseverance, and determination to emerge stronger.

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How To Alleviate the Symptoms Of Premenstrual Syndrome

The days before menstruation don't have to be torture. Diet and lifestyle changes can help ease PMS symptoms

Isabel Allende on her TED Talk

How Essential Is To Slow Down the Pace?

We are so caught up in the routine that sometimes we forget to stop to remember and take care of what truly matters. Here are some Ted Talks that will help you to slow down and appreciate the bigger picture.

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Infographic: Child Abuse in Latin America In Numbers

On the International Prevention Day of this tragedy we recall the alarming figures of child abuse in Latin America

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Wealthier Nations Should Stump up for COVID-19 Jab Tax to drive Vaccine Equity

Fairer than donation model as it better reflects ability to pay, argues political scientist

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The Infallible Medicine To Overcome These Times

With the passage of time and through the centuries, there is something that has allowed human beings to survive any war and has allowed humanity to cope with any situation: Hope.

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5 Apps For Procrastinators

These are some of the apps for procrastinators that you should have