Maria del Pilar Garcia

Clinical Hypnosis and Reflections on Human Pleasure

We are in a society of pleasure, a discourse in which happiness prevails above all things

Duolingo logos, Calendar, Pocket Yoga

8 Apps To Meet New Year's Goals

Get to know the mobile apps that will allow you to meet your goals in 2023 and start the year with enthusiasm and good habits

Cosmetics in a table

Top Sustainable Innovations in Beauty Product & Cosmetics Technology

Sustainable innovations in the beauty and cosmetics industry are more important than ever as consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental and ethical impacts of their purchasing decisions

Moderna De Pueblo, Carolina Contreras, Behind the Scars, Stevie Blaine

Body Positive: 10 Content Creators who Challenge the Imposition of Beauty Standards

The Holiday Season can be Stressful for Many People with the Pressure Around Food, Family and Work Gatherings, and Beauty Stereotypes. We Share 7 Activist Profiles of the Body Positive!

Little girl playing with her toys

Guide To The Best Toys For Each Age

Here we tell you which are the most suitable toys for each stage of childhood

Water from the Andes mountains in Peru

Peru: In Addition to Political Crisis, on Health Alert

The UN Estimates that Ten Million Peruvians Have Their Health at Risk Due to Water Contamination With Toxic Substances


WHO Warns of Increasing Resistance to Antibiotics in Deadly Infections

The World Health Organization has set off the Alarm Through a Study that has Revealed an Increase in Cases of Pathogens with Resistance to Antibiotics

Family under a cardboard

Home Sweet Home: Key To Individual And Social Well-Being

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of taking care of the closest relationships and working for the quality of life in the domestic environment became more evident. There are several factors that influence well-being within the home. We tell you about them.

population vector

Infographic: Population in Latin America: Growth Projections and Impact of COVID-19

Population Trends in Latin America and the Caribbean Have Been Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. These are the Data from the Demographic Observatory of Latin America and the Caribbean

product labeling

Does Food Labeling With Nutritional Warnings Work?

A Study Reveals the Extent of the Real Impact of Food Labeling with Nutrition Warning Labels. Here we tell you What the Findings Were

man in an office

ILO: 1 Out Of 5 Employees Experience Violence at Work

According to a Global Survey on Experiences of Violence at Work and Workplace Harassment, Around 23% of the Workers Surveyed Stated that they had Suffered Physical, Psychological or Sexual Violence.

Sad man wearing a christmas hat

Those Who Have Christmas Blues Syndrome Do Not Want Joy

At this time of year, we feel that everything is speeding up, and commercial establishments are decorated from floor to ceiling with Christmas decorations

Woman with stress

The Keys to Handling the Most Common Types of Stress

Stress is a more common phenomenon than we think. All of us at some point in our lives have felt stress and although they recommend different strategies to manage it, they have not been useful to us

Monica Cortes

Monica Cortes: It’s Time To Talk About Disability Without Fear

Intellectual disability is related to those situations that create difficulties in a person's learning processes

car accident

Texas Auto Collisions Seriously Increasing

Unfortunately, one person is killed in a car crash every two hours, one person is injured in a car crash every two minutes, and a reported crash occurs every minute in Texas. While these reported numbers are frightening, you must know what to do when you have been involved in a car accident

Pregnancy test

Fertility Treatments: What Are They and How Are They Different?

Thanks to Technology, Many People and Couples can Solve their Infertility Problem to Fulfill the Dream of Being Parents

vector of boy with measles

Infographic: Measles Threatens 40 Million Children

The WHO and the US CDC Have Noted that Measles is "An Imminent Threat in All Regions of the World." We tell you About the Increase in Outbreaks of this Disease and the Delays in Vaccination.

Woman in front of a computer screen

What is visual ergonomics and why is it so important for the care of our eyes?

Are you one of those who spends a lot of time in front of your computer or cell phone screen? Here we tell you the risks and care you must have for good visual health.

Menstrual cup and tampons

Toxic Shock Syndrome: Cares When Using Tampons or the Menstrual Cup

It is Essential that Those who use Menstrual Products Know the Hygiene Recommendations for Safe use that Prevents the Proliferation of Dangerous Bacteria

Woman using cleaning items

Recognition of Care Work, What is Its Status in Latin America?

The Region Faces Great Challenges in Recognizing Care Work, An Issue that Affects Millions of Women. It is Time to Implement Plans that Allow the Protection of Domestic Workers and Caregivers