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Findings and Differences on the Effects of Contagion by COVID Between Men and Women

We are all aware that the current pandemic has affected millions of people in the world.

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What Is the Key to Having Positive Relationships?

Is it possible to be happy in a lasting way as a couple?

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Pregnant women hospitalized for COVID-19 infection do not face increased risk of death

UM School of Medicine researchers find reassuring evidence that pregnancy does not increase patient's risk of dying when hospitalized with pneumonia

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How to take care of your mental health during the political chaos?

In the midst of the protests and strikes that are taking place in Latin America, it is important to remember that we must take care of our mental health. Here are some tips

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Why Social Media Can Be Unhealthy for Mothers

Recent studies have suggested that making social comparisons online can also affect mothers.

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The Unknown Impact of Selfie Posting

The commonly known selfies can be considered as a way to present ourselves on social media.

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Best gifts for the modern mom

Surprise your mother on this special day with these modern gifts

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Is Your Mental Health Affected by the Pandemic?

The fourth wave of the pandemic is affecting the mental health of people around the world, we are submerged in a barrage of bad news.


These are the risks of contraception in women

Various methods of preventing pregnancy in women can increase cancer risks by up to 38%, depending on how long you've been using them

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Study: Older adults found resilience during pandemic through community

If resilience is understood as the ability to see positives in the midst of a negative situation, then many of the study's participants demonstrated resilience during that time, the researchers said

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Opinion: Are sugary drinks bad for your health?

The health of Colombians should be a priority when thinking about tax reform

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How To Keep Our Brain in Good Shape?

Many studies associate sport with better brain development and with the increase in the formation of new neurons.

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How Katalin Karikó Contributed to the COVID Vaccine

Karikó is a Hungarian who studied biochemistry and spent 40 years working and discovering some of the key facts for the Moderna and BioNTech vaccines.

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Life-Changing Practices for Foodies

Mindful eating is a simple technique to help you eat least while enjoying your food more.

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More than half of generation Z gay, bisexual teenage boys report being out to parents

A majority of gay and bisexual Generation Z teenage boys report being out to their parents, part of an uptick in coming out among young people that researchers have noted in recent decades

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Can pregnant women get vaccinated against COVID-19?

Future mothers wonder if it is safe for them to get the coronavirus vaccine

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Doing Things That Scare You Is Worth It

In her talk, Luvvie Ajayi Jones states why being true to ourselves is the most revolutionary act to change the world and those around us.

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Options To Take a Breath

We all tend to mistakenly believe that sleeping and resting are synonyms, hence associating a good night’s sleep with deep rest.

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Videoconferences more exhausting when participants don't feel group belonging

Videoconferences may be less exhausting if participants feel some sense of group belonging, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association

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Half Orphan: Losing a Parent to COVID

Over 42.000 kids in the United States have lost a parent to COVID-19, according to a study made by JAMA Pediatrics.