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Junk food can also affect your mental health

Although obesity is the biggest problem caused by excess fast food, there are several consequences that addiction to these foods leaves and that exceed aesthetics

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These Habits Will Give You the Lifestyle You Want

We are made of habits. Every day we have approximately 90.000 thoughts of which 80% are the same as yesterday and even a week ago.

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The Freedom To Accept Feelings of Pain and Sadness

The pandemic has brought with it a significant number of losses that go further than death.

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34% of COVID-positive people had their mental health affected

According to a study, several people who suffered from COVID-19 also developed mental disorders such as anxiety and dementia six months after contracting the disease

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IU School of Medicine researchers develop blood test for depression, bipolar disorder

A breakthrough study by Indiana University School of Medicine researchers sheds new light on the biological basis of mood disorders, and offers a promising blood test aimed at a precision medicine approach to treatment

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Can hormonal imbalance cause anxiety?

There is a strong correlation between hormones and anxiety

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Why Are We Feeling So Tired Right Now?

Do you feel that accomplishing everything on your to-do list gets harder every day?


This is how World Health Day 2021 was celebrated

On April 7, World Health Day was celebrated in the midst of a pandemic that reminds us of the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles

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5 Powerful Tips for Overcoming Challenges

Mental resilience is an essential skill for preventing job burnout. This phenomenon is described as physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion.


Tips To Approach Problems Effectively

Here are three simple steps you can take to clear your mind and motivate yourself to keep doing your best.

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Coronavirus: third cause of death in 2020

Covid-19 ranked as the third leading cause of death in 2020 in the US after cancer and heart disease

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Can people vaccinated against COVID-19 transmit the virus?

One of the most common questions around the vaccine is whether it can prevent you from spreading the virus to other people

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Can Social Media Affect Mental Health?

Social media has become an important means of communication for young people, and it is also beneficial as a source of information.

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PIMS: The Fatal Syndrome in Children, Associated With COVID 19

Children and preteens might not be as safe from COVID-19 as initially thought.

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Is It Important To Apply the Vaccine? Responds the Pediatrician Carlos Chacón

Although children are not very susceptible to contracting the COVID-19 virus, it is important to be alert to the symptoms and to be vaccinated.

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5 Tips to Manage Your Limiting Thoughts

Every day the mind produces approximately 90.000 thoughts and 80% of these are negative or limiting.

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Is COVID-19 reinfection possible?

A study published in The Lancet magazine reveals the probabilities of COVID-19 reinfection

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What do we know about the coronavirus in the first year of the pandemic

More than twelve months have passed since the WHO declared a worldwide pandemic. Today science knows more about Covid-19 and how it affects humans


5 Ways To Stop Procrastination

Words that haunt us and make us feel guilty when we stop doing what is important to dedicate ourselves to what is pleasant.

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Let's Detect the Alerts of Our Mental Health

On 2006 Palm Day, the Colombian journalist Catalina Gallo woke up from her bed and thought she was dead.