Person writing on notebook

Journaling Gives Many Benefits to Your Mind and Soul

Journaling awakens intuition and allows you to work on your self-growth. This form of self-expression will also help you express your feelings, improve your mental health, and boost self-discovery.

Pregnant woman

Whose Children? The Problem Of Surrogate Wombs In Ukraine

In recent years, Ukraine has become a destination for couples looking for a surrogacy. However, the war has made several dilemmas about surrogate motherhood evident. We tell you about this crisis



Hands holding a paper cutout of lungs

The Coronavirus Slowed The Plan To End Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis research, diagnosis, and prevention were affected by the pandemic. The panorama in Latin America is worrying

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How To Love Again After Losing Your Partner?

If you are either a widow or lost someone in your life, you might wonder how to move on and love again after loss. Here are some tips to help you find happiness during this process.

Person doing push-ups

Exercise, the Best Ally Against Prolonged COVID

A recent study ensures that exercise can help reduce the effects of long-lasting COVID-19, one of the mysteries of the pandemic

Man wearing health uniform sitting on a chair

Caring for Caregivers. The World on Alert for the Mental Health of Health Personnel

A study by the WHO and PAHO yielded several worrying results regarding the dangers that these workers have like depression or suicide. What is their mental health situation and how much help have they received in Latin America?

Person being vaccinated by health personnel

Pfizer requests authorization to apply fourth dose against COVID-19

While the pharmaceutical company awaits FDA approval to apply a fourth dose, it is also working on the creation of a new vaccine that works against any variant.

Woman holding medical equipment in an operating room

Xenotransplantation, the best alternative for organ transplantation?

The chances of doing successful organ transplants have advanced in recent years. Learn more about xenotransplantation and its potential

Mother and daughter lying on a bed

How to Talk to Children and Teenagers About War and Conflicts?

Nowadays, we live events that can be difficult to explain to the little ones. Here are some tips for talking to children and teenagers about war and other conflicts

Woman with pain in the belly

Endometriosis Day, An Invisible Disease

Endometriosis is a disease that consists of the growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus, which can cause pain or infertility.

Close-up of an older man's eye

World Glaucoma Day: What is it and How to Prevent it?

March 12 is World Glaucoma Day. To commemorate it, we tell you what it is and, above all, how you can prevent it

Man holding a woman's hand

What is the Rape Culture and How to Destroy it?

Violence against women has worrying numbers in Latin America and the world. Behind this phenomenon hides the rape culture that socially justifies sexist acts

Woman making a sign of strength with her arm

The United Nations Changes its Strategy for Gender Equality

UN Women has renewed its strategic plan towards the fulfillment of the SDGs and the achievement of effective rights for women and girls and gender equality

baby milk with spoon

WHO and Unicef ​​Point Out the False Advertisement of Powdered Milk for Babies

An investigation carried out by UNICEF reveals the risk that advertising represents for newborns when companies mislead manufacturing powdered milk for babies

Couple using their computers while doing work at home.

Teleworking: Tips to Improve your Work Environment at Home

If you work from home, at some point you have wondered about how to improve your space to make it comfortable and healthy. In this article we give you tips to improve your teleworking experience

World and mask vectors

Infographic: Countries That No Longer Use a Mask

Do you know which countries have lowered their COVID-19 restrictions the most? These are some of the countries where masks are no longer used

Robot Pool Cleaner

Maintain Your Pool Without Hiring a Professional

Do you find it expensive to hire an expert pool cleaner from time to time? Well, I guess it’s time to eliminate that habit. Nowadays, it’s more practical to have your own pool robot cleaner. Let’s discuss why owning one is a good idea.

Woman wearing a green scarf, a symbol of the fight for legal abortion

Abortion depenalized in Colombia. How will this impact public health?

This Monday, February 21, the Constitutional Court made the decision to decriminalize abortion in Colombia until week 24. How will this impact public health?

A strain of Candida auris grown in a Petri dish in a CDC laboratory.

Candida Auris: The Superfungus that could be Worse than COVID-19

The health systems of several countries are concerned about the health emergency that could be caused by Candida Auris, a superfungus resistant to antibiotics

SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro

Study shows new drug combination more effective against SARS-CoV-2

University of Maryland School of Medicine research shows experimental drug together with drugs approved by FDA for emergency use blocked replication of the virus in human cells and mice