emotionally intelligent

Are you emotionally intelligent?

These six traits are signs that you are in tune with your feelings, as well as with other's emotions


Want to be more likeable?

Here are some traits that amiable people possess 


Menstruation is not the problem

A woman’s monthly cycle is a common experience shared by all females. However, low income and lack of education make it extremely difficult to live a healthy period.

Danger  Asbestos

Asbestos: A silent killer

Only 55 nations around the world have prohibited the use of these silicate minerals

Soccer and math

Soccer and math seek to end lack of interest in schooling

Romanian scholars have found a way to make learning more entertaining.


What makes a good leader?

Here are some key qualities one must learn to emphasize in order to be an outstanding chief.

Seven healthy eating tips

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean giving up all the foods you love

Adopting a new perspective

Creating good habits can make you happier

Eating well can boosts your psychological well-being in just 2 weeks

Lifting your intake of fruit and vegetables can positively affect your mood, studies found

medical marijuana

Health benefits of medical marijuana opens legalization debate

There are some potential health risks of marijuana but there also seems to be countless benefits

body bikini ready

7 tips to get your body bikini ready

Get a jump-start on swimsuit season with these weight-loss tactics.

mental strength

Five tips to become mentally strong

Here are some strategies you can start using today to improve your mental toughness.

Need to bulk up?

Need to bulk up? We have tips for you

Every guy who has ever stepped into a gym has had, at one point or another, some aspiration to gain muscle mass. Follow these seven steps to pack on as much as a pound of muscle a week.

Vegan diets and children

Vegan diets and children?

Young children who follow a vegan diet without medical and dietary counseling carry the risk of lacking a number of nutrients

mental health

Five exercises to increase your mental health

You’re no doubt familiar with the adage “use it or lose it,”  it’s particularly relevant when it comes to your mental acuity.