Celular que muestra un niño interactuando con un dispositivo móvil y signos de admiración

Do the new technologies affect your children?

Babies and children are currently exposed to technology in a larger percentage, but is this healthy for them? Here we tell you

Abdomen mostrando la ubicación de los músculos cuando se tiene la diástasis abdominal

Do you know what diastasis recti is?

Here we tell you about this disease that can affect women who have just given birth and we give you some tips so you can recover from it

Manos sosteniendo un libro, una pesa de gimnasio, una hoja y un bolígrafo.

5 habits of successful people

Here we tell you about five habits that, applied in your daily life, will help you achieve success


Identify your baby's body language

A baby has not developed his oral language in the first months, but his body language. Here we tell you some of the signs they do and what they mean


How does a newborn sees?

Have you ever wondered how a newborn sees? Since they are born, they have all the senses fully developed. Here we tell you more about it!

Celular con aplicación baby translator

These 2 apps help you identify why your baby cries

Technology has advanced to the point that now, with just one application, you can know the reason why your baby cries

3 tips to teach your baby to leave the diaper

The process for a baby to leave the diaper is usually long and tedious, but there are tips that can help make it easier and more bearable. Here we show you some

5 unusual ways to burn calories you have to know

There are many ways to burn calories and lose weight. Discover what they are and how they will keep you healthy

Woman brushing teeth - sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Brush your teeth and avoid Alzheimer's disease

A study from the University of Bergen discovered a clear connection between gum diseases and Alzheimer's 

Do you know what baby reflexology is?

With this technique, you cannot only calm your baby's cry but also relieve some of your ailments

Everything you need to know about premature babies

With this infographic and the recommendations of Dr. Angelica Echeverry, you will know how to prevent premature pregnancy and the care of these babies

dia mundial sin tabaco

World No Tobacco Day: Brazil leads the fight in Latin America

Brazil reached its historical minimum of smoking and also starts a legal battle against the main tobacco companies

Are you an extrovert? You have these 4 advantages at work

A study by the University of Toronto reveals the four advantages that extroverted people have in their places of employment. Know them here

WHO recognizes 'burn out' as a disease

The term will be part of the Classification of Diseases of the WHO and would take effect from January 1, 2022

Beyond Meat: what you should know about vegan meat

Two months ago, a company that sells vegan meat entered the New York Stock Exchange and managed to increase the value of its shares almost three times the IPO on the same day

3 smoothie recipes you should try

We show you 3 smoothies recipes that you should try and you can add to your daily diet

What should be the first meals for your baby?

The time to change breast milk for solid food for your baby has arrived. These are good options to make the change little by little

Baby sitting on the floor playing.

3 amazing exercises to stimulate your baby

Physical activity helps your baby's psychomotor development. Here we tell you about three activities to stimulate the growth of your little one

Why is it not advisable to follow the DETOX diets?

In the eagerness to lose weight, some people resort to dubious methods, with supposed promising results. We explain to you why DETOX diets are not recommended

Tips for healthier lashes with natural products

Many of us would like to have long, abundant and healthy eyelashes, that is why today we want to show you some tips for this