Haitian migrants at the border and James Rodríguez at AlRayyan

Latin America In Short: The Haitian Migration Crisis Continues And James Goes To Qatar

It has been a busy week for politics, the economy, the environment and sports. On the one hand, the Haitian migration crisis continues and on the other, James goes to Qatar. These and other news in this, our weekly summary

Haitian migrants walking across the Rio Grande

The Haitian Migration Crisis Will Impact Latin America

Shocking photos of nearly 14,000 migrants from the Haitian migration crisis crossing the Rio Grande to Mexico, after being confronted in Texas by border agents on horseback, have traveled the world generating concern

Pushpa Sunar (in blue) and her team distribute food from the community kitchen organized by UN Women partner Maiti Nepal.

Vulnerable Women in Nepal Lead Valuable Support in Soup Kitchens

Empowerment and community intervention are a fundamental part of women's daily work.

Elena Neaga

Women Mayors of Moldova, a Sign of Growing Empowerment

In Moldova, women raise their voices against violence and offer political leaders.

Xi Jinping

Is China the Future Of Afghanistan?

With A Consolidated Government On the Ground And In Practice, the Taliban Is Looking For Allies In the International System In Order To Achieve Official Recognition

Alberto Fernández and person applying a vaccine

Latin America in Short: Division of Peronism and Mandatory Vaccination in Italy

Find out about the most relevant of the week: Peronism seems to be divided, Italy imposes the mandatory vaccine, Environmental Week takes place in Bogotá, and a disappointing debut of the new PSG. Everything explained here

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Michelle Bachelet and Halimah Yacob

Women Presidents Who Have Made History

In recent years, several women have made history by becoming heads of state of different countries. We tell you who are the most relevant.

Amanda Gorman and Lena Waithe

A Brief History Of Political Gestures At the Met Gala

The Biggest Fashion Event On the Planet Has Also Seen A Variety Of Political Gestures Throughout Its History

Charlotte Perriand, Lina Bo Bardi and Kazuyo Sejima

Great Women Architects of History

Did you know that there were many relevant women in the world of architecture? Here you have a selection of the most relevant ones.

Fearless Girl Statue

Statues of Referent Women in the Cities of the World

The project of the six-and-a-half-meter sculpture located in Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico called "Tlalli" would replace that of Christopher Columbus.

Woman with chocolates

The Irresistible Seducer of the Senses Impossible To Avoid, Chocolate

It melts in the mouth, it is a first-line ingredient in the preparation of cakes and desserts, and it pleases icy bodies by providing warmth in its liquid, steamy, seductive, and hot version. There is no corner in the world where it is unknown.

Little girl hugging her grandmother

Families and Societies and the Role Given to Grandparents

Grandparents should be valued in their proper dimension for the importance they have in the family, whether they are funny, rigid, authoritarian, tender, permissive, accomplices, or eternal storytellers.

Rosa at the Twin Towers memorial

20 Years Since 9/11: ¿How The World Has Changed?

On September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda Hijacked Four American Planes And Carried Out the Deadliest Terrorist Attack In History

Woman holding a green scarf and Jair Bolsonaro

Latin America in Short: Mexico Decriminalizes Abortion And Bolsonaro Calms The Tension

The Mexican Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion, Bolsonaro has moderated his speech, Pelé shows improvements in his health and more news explained here