Migrants in Texas

New Massive Wave of Migrants at The Texas Border: Biden Sends More Troops

Texas border records new massive wave of migrants and death of two, including a child. Biden has decided to send more troops to the border to help with the registration of migrants

Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez

G77+China Summit Begins: The South Seeks How to Narrow the Technological Gap With the North

The South seeks formulas to narrow the technological gap at the G77+China summit, which begins today in Havana, Cuba

woman while carrying a bucket with banana on top of her head in Tegucigalpa (Honduras).

Women Are Behind On All The Millennium Goals, Warns UN Report

A recent report by UN-Women has warned about the lag of women compared to men in meeting the 17 millennium goals, also called sustainable development goals, SDGs. These are the figures


Joe Biden on his visit to Vietnam

4 Keys to Biden's Tour: From the Megaproject Against China to the Association With Vietnam

Biden's tour of Asia ends today. This has left, among other things, a new strategic agreement between the United States and Vietnam. This occurs in the midst of the tension between both countries with China, what is it about? Here we give you 4 keys to understand Biden's tour

Women showing their hands with purple ribbons

Generation Equality: This is the UN-Women Initiative for Gender Equality

The Generation Equality forum, a UN initiative to promote gender equality, will be present during the beginning of the new session of the United Nations General Assembly next week in New York

Muslim woman in class

Secularism in French Schools: Ban on Abayas or Stigmatization of Muslims?

Today the French court will examine the lawsuit to suspend the ban on abayas in public schools

Putin and Erdoğan

Putin and Erdogan Meet: These Are the Key Points of the Meeting

Putin and Erdogan will meet today, September 4th, to mainly address the issues of the war in Ukraine and grain exports

Sergiy Kyslytsya

Ukraine's Ambassador to the UN: "We Must be Patient and Remain Resilient"

The Ukrainian ambassador spoke this Friday before the UN in response to criticism accusing the Ukrainian counteroffensive of being slow

Woman covering her face

Sexist Violence in Spain: 15 Women Murdered in July and August

At least 15 women were murdered in Spain between June and August of this year; which leaves a worrying number of gender-based murders this summer

Fire in a building in Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa: Fire in Johannesburg Leaves 73 Dead

This morning a fire was reported in a building in the central area of Johannesburg. So far, the fire has left 73 dead and 52 injured

People celebrate after a military coup, in the streets of Akanda, Gabon.

Gabonese Military Coup: What's Happening in Africa?

The military coup in Gabon that has ousted President Ali Bongo from power is the second in a month to take place in Africa. We explain what is happening on this continent

Child with the flag of Ukraine

Learning Loss: This Is How Ukrainian Children Experience War

Children in Ukraine face their fourth school year disrupted by the war with Russia and previously the COVID-19 pandemic


Racist Violence In Florida: White Supremacist Shoots Three People

A white supremacist killed three people this Saturday in the city of Jacksonville, in the north of the state of Florida

Taliban security stands guard in Kabul, Afghanistan, August 28, 2023.

New Ban On Women Under The Taliban Government: Denied Entry To A National Park

International organizations criticize the Taliban government after it has denied women entry to a national park in Afghanistan for not wearing the mandatory veil or hijab