Flood and players of the Ecuadorian team

Latin America in Short: La Niña Phenomenon Continues | Ecuador and Mexico Out of the Qatar World Cup

Two important news in Latin America this week. On the one hand, it is confirmed that the La Niña phenomenon will continue. In sports news, on the other hand, Ecuador and Mexico are left out of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. This and more summarized here

Xi Jinping

If it is not the fall of Xi Jinping, what can change in China with the protests?

Protests over China's strict Covid-zero policy measures have created an unusual context. Although XI Jinping's position is not at risk, what can happen to the Asian giant?

Morocco and Saudi Arabia

It's Not Just Qatar. Rights-Violating Countries that Want to Host the Next World Cups

The current World Cup in Qatar has been the target of criticism for the systematic violation of human rights against foreign workers and people from the LGBT+ community

Johana Izurieta Montesdeoca and Ninfa Cruz

Top Women Human Rights Defenders

November 29 is the International Day of Women Defenders, approved in 2005 in Sri Lanka during the First International Consultation of Women Defenders

Volodomir Zelensky

Ukraine: The Negotiation for Peace Is Not Seen as a Priority In the Government

The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, does not consider it appropriate, for now, to resume peace talks with the Russian government because several coups have been carried out in combat that could lead the Ukrainian militias to a social and territorial victory

Protest of the German soccer team

Political chess in Qatar 2022: Understand all the political conflict that is played in the World Cup

Like every four years, the FIFA World Cup is not exempt from political chess and the international context that surrounds it. These are the elements of international politics that you need to know to understand what is at stake in Qatar.

Nayib Bukele and people holding a plant

Latin America in Short: Bukele's Security Measure | Uruguay Hosts Environmental Negociations

This week, Bukele has filed another security measure that, according to organizations, violates Human Rights. In more positive news, Uruguay will host negotiations for a plastics treaty. This and more in our weekly summary

Woman fist in fight sign

25N International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: History and Why To March

At 25N we invite you to add your voice and actions to the elimination of violence against women. We tell you the story of this date and why it is important to raise awareness about this type of violence with alarming figures in Latin America.

Sarah Josepha Hale

Sarah Josepha Bale, the Promoter of Thanksgiving Day

Thanks to this American writer, composer, editor, teacher, and a great fighter for women's rights, the celebration of Thanksgiving Day was established.

LGBT flag

Massacre in Bar Q Proves Once Again that Homophobia Is Systematic

The community has once again been plagued by systematic hate crimes that are fueled by far-right discourse. The recent massacre at Bar Q in Colorado is an example of the growing homophobia

Crowd of people

8 billion world overpopulation. What is the controversial theory of Malthusianism about?

With the birth of the 8 billionth person, the debate has been resumed as to whether overpopulation is an opportunity to strengthen the human race or if, on the contrary, it could mean a latent threat to its extinction—the theory of Malthusianism.

Members of the G20 summit

It is time to rethink the G20: who is there and who participates?

The last G20 summit brought together the 20 largest economies in the world. Or maybe it wasn't like that? Countries like Argentina are no longer part of the economic powers, but they are still invited

Latin America in Short: COP27 Ends | The World Cup in Qatar 2022 Begins

This week, the international summit to take action against climate change, COP27, ends. And once the COP is over, the World Cup in Qatar 2022 begins. These and other relevant news of the week are summarized here

donald trump

Presidential United States: Donald Trump's low hours. Will he be the Republican candidate again?

Donald Trump jumps into the water of the electoral contest, but how strong is the former president in the current panorama of the presidential elections in the United States?