Bombing in Baghdad

Iraq: Two Decades After an Invasion That Shouldn't Have Happened

In March 2003, a US-led coalition of countries identified Iraq as a war target, promising to bring freedom and democracy to that Arab nation. Twenty years later, history catalogs this action as a powerful social, military, and geopolitical failure

drag queen

Republicans vs. Drag Queens: Laws to Care for Children or to Limit Rights?

US states with a Republican majority are drawing up bills to ban drag shows

World map and weapons photography

Infographic: Which Is the Region of the World that Buys the Most Weapons?

The Stockholm International Peace Institute details that in 2022, several regions of the world had a reduction in the purchase of weapons, except Europe and East Asia

Ambulance in Sutatausa, Linda Caicedo

Latin America in Short: Explosion in Sutatausa | Linda Caicedo is Named "Queen of America"

This week there was an explosion in a mine in Sutatausa, Colombia. In sports, Linda Caicedo was named "Queen of America." This and more summarized here

rural women

Campaign To Link Rural Women to Sustainable Projects

 Rural Women Campaign: make women visible as guardians and promoters of sustainable development

Meeting in China where Iran and Arabia formalize agreement

Iran and Saudi Arabia Restore Relations: End of Terrorism in the Region?

With China's mediation, the Saudis and Iranians reached an agreement to restore their diplomatic relations, which have been broken since 2016. How far will this agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia go?

People celebrate with colors

Holi Festival Invites Us To Welcome the Good Times

This celebration, which has spread around the world, leaves a trail of optimism, but also the message of human responsibility to work for the common good in the new times.

View of a destroyed building in the city of Bakhmut

Why Bakhmut Could Define the Outcome of the War in Ukraine?

As Russian seizure of Bakhmut progresses, Ukraine says it will not give up the city

People working in an office, Mariana Pajon

Latin America in Short: Labor Reform in Colombia | Mariana Pajón in the Guinness Records

This week the Minister of Labor announced some points of the Colombian Labor Reform. In sports, the Colombian Mariana Pajón entered the Guinness Records book. This and more summarized here

Hands of women raised

Women's Day: What Happened to Women in Iran and Afghanistan?

The situation of women in these Central Asian countries worsens despite the feminist struggle of their citizens

North Stream

Sabotage in Nord Stream: the Theories in the Gas Pipeline that Connects Russia and Germany

In LatinAmerican Post, we took a tour of the theories that have been generated around the explosion in the gas pipeline through which Russia sends gas to Germany. Is it a Russian self-sabotage or a plan orchestrated by NATO?

Woman playing chess

A Creative Way To Remember Women in History Month

Women's History Month is celebrated every March since the UN proclaimed March 8 in 1975 as International Women's Rights Day

people protesting

What Is Being “Woke”? The Divisive Term that Seems to Be Coming to Latin America

The term "woke" has generated a political and cultural battle in the United States, and now it reaches Latin America with shades of leftist thought.

Viva Air plane, Gustavo Petro and Nayib Bukele

Latin America in Short: Crisis at Viva Air | Diplomatic Crisis Between Petro and Bukele

This week two crises have occurred in Colombia. On the one hand, the airline Viva Air is going through an operations crisis. On the other, Petro and Bukele argue on Twitter about the best way to end crime. These and more news in our weekly summary