Do you know what is the Single's day in China?

Every November 11, China consumes massively due to the discount campaign carried out by electronic sales platforms, this year Alibaba broke its sales record

Do you know what is the Single's day in China?

On a Sunday like any other, millions of people waited in front of their screens for the clock to mark midnight in order to buy everything they wanted. This November 11, as well as every year, China massively consumed the innumerable discounts offered by electronic sales platforms such as Alibaba.

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In the Asian country, large electronic firms bill millions of dollars in just one day of 24 hours. As in Black Friday, the platforms take big discounts during this day so that all its users can frantically buy different products.

The Single's Day was capitalized by Alibaba in 2009, but the tradition has been around since the 1990s. Originally it was born as an anti-Valentine idea for singles. Thus, these could give themselves their whims as well. In fact, the date, 11/11 was not chosen by chance, but with the intention of playing with the four "singles" that mark this day.

This past Sunday, Alibaba broke its own record and billed $ 213.5 billion yuan ($ 30.730 billion). According to El Tiempo, it only took 16 hours to surpass what it had won the previous year, which reached a figure of $ 168.2 billion yuan. This growing number demonstrates the inflexible force that this event has been taking.

An invention that becomes an event

Currently, the platform includes 180,000 local and international brands with more than 15 million products, while according to EFE, in 2009 they had only 140 stores.

In fact, they have expanded so much, that Latin American markets also have an important role on this day. According to the newspaper La Nación, for example, of these international products offered by the platform, Argentine local products registered high sales during this day. In the first four hours, the supplies of prawns that were available for the event were sold out. In total, this represented $ 1.6 million dollars.

In addition, Alibaba has great movement due to its 600 million monthly active users, not only within the Asian giant but around the world. Despite the fact that the vast majority of sales were made within China, there were transactions in a total of 225 countries through AliExpress.

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Around 800 million orders were made by Alibaba, of which 90% were made through mobile devices.

The Single's Day already exceeds Black Frida

According to the BBC, the Single's Day exceeds on a large scale the total sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the United States. Last year, Alibaba consumers took him to earn $ 25.3 billion, while in the United States, Black Friday reached a total of $ 5 billion and $ 6 billion in Cyber Monday.

According to El Tiempo, in just a few minutes of having started the day € 1 billion in sales were generated. The brands that sold the most during the first moments were the brands of Xiaomi and Apple cell phones, in addition to Dyson that is dedicated to household appliances.

Daniel Zhang, the adviser to Alibaba, which was also the driving force behind the idea of the Single Day, recently clarified that the future would be artificial intelligence since new technologies will transform business models and create new experiences for the consumer.


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