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7 things to do when you feel lonely on weekend

Times of loneliness can be quite uncomfortable. Feeling lonely makes people uneasy and sad. Many people struggle greatly during these difficult times. The problem, however, is that times of solitude and loneliness cannot be avoided. In fact, every single human being is confronted with stages in their life when they are feeling more or less alone.

Here are some things to do on a weekend if you are alone:

1. Go to a free gig: Coffee shops, libraries and local venues often host free gigs, so see if there is anything going on in your area this weekend. Concerts can actually be much more rewarding when you go alone; you can really listen to the music, rather than worrying about where your friends are.

2. Take a walk: This may seem disingenuous, but walking has been proven to offer many great health benefits both for the body and the mind. Any form of exercise would do as well, but walking is better because it allows one to explore their town or the area around them in a way a car simply does not allow. While walking, take a different route than you usually would to get to a usual goal point. Even better, simply pick a direction at random and start. Just the feeling of walking down the street, surrounded by traffic and other people, can make you feel more involved in the pulse of your city or town.

3. Finish that project: If you have a few hours free and you’re feeling proactive, head to a coffee shop or your office and finish off anything you’ve been putting off. From updating your CV to finishing a work project, you will feel accomplished and proud as soon as you have finished.

4. Visit a bookstore: If you live near a library or bookstore with seating, take a trip there for a fun day alone. You can pick up a book, snuggle up, and travel to a different world in your mind. This is the perfect weekend plan if you are a little low on money, but you still want to have some quality alone time.

5. Take a long, hot bath: If you have the time, set aside an hour for a long, hot bath. Indulge yourself; light some candles, put on a relaxing album and soak your troubles away.

6. Is something making you lonely? Introverts like their own company, but it’s easy to get too much of it. When this happens, ask yourself what’s changed. Are you with someone who makes you feel lonely even when they’re right next to you? Are you in a new town, job, or living space? Do your surroundings or routines feel stale and overdone? What’s making you unhappy with the situation? In some cases, people feel lonely because something is missing. In others, people feel lonely because something needs to be subtracted. This can be harder to identify, because we always try to hold on to the things we believe make us happy and define us. A big part of overcoming loneliness is defining oneself on one’s own terms.

7. Take a walk in nature: The beauty about taking a walk is that you will quickly forget that you’re feeling lonely. In fact, it can be quite joyful to explore nature on your own with no one interrupting your endeavors. At the same time, walking in nature is soothing and brings calmness to your mind. The goal of going out and exploring nature is to become so immersed in it that you greatly enjoy the time you have for yourself. It will help you to reflect on your life and to discover many new aspects about yourself.

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