Diet of disorder?

At first glance it seems that you can. A cross-sectional study has found that individuals with a history of eating di...

brown fat is 'good'

Scientists have discovered that this type of fat is a good thing because it produces lots of heat by burning calories.

New sleeping pill

The drugmaker is in final testing on an insomnia product, named suvorexant, that works differently than the market leade...

Drinking alcohol 'a dementia risk'

Drinking even "moderate" amounts of alcohol increases dementia risk, US research suggests.

The findings, presented...

Polypill 'could save thousands'

A UK study of 84 over-50s, published in the journal PLoS One , showed the pill could cut blood pressure and levels of "b...

Lack of exercise kills as many as smoking

Eight out of 10 youngsters age 13 to 15 don't get enough exercise, according to one of the Lancet studies released Tuesd...

Ecuador hospital mixes folk and modern medicine

Alive without a breath?

Led by John K...

Belviq, weight-loss pill, approved

US health regulators have approved a weight-loss pill for the first time in 13 years.


Belviq, made by ...

How cities become healthy

But on a Sunday vehicles are nowhere to be seen. Instead, the streets are taken over by pedestrians, thanks to ...

Soothe cancer agony easing morphine controls

A Richer Life by Seeing the Glass Half Full

Having failed to achieve the impossible, someone, like me, who is sure everything will somehow get done anyway.

Is abdominal fat linked to cancer?

Is abdominal fat linked to cancer?

A study by the University of Michigan connects obesity to higher chances of malignant tumors


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