Climate change and human health: it’s a killer

The impact of climate change is not just bad weather, melting polar ice caps, and increases in sea level that may occur at some distant time in the future, rather, it is clear that the environmental consequences of climate change are killing humans right now.

Climate change and inequality

Besides disproportionally affecting the world's poor, climate change is expected to complicate addressing and resolving structural issues of inequality and social exclusion. 

Do we have a chance?

There is a reason to be optimistic about the future of the human race despite we haven't build homes on Mars yet. 

World Meteorological Day

World Meteorological Organization concluded 2015 made history with shattered temperature records, intense heatwaves, exceptional rainfall, devastating drought and unusual tropical cyclone activity.

The importance of saving the Amazon

While the Earth’s oceans are our largest carbon sinks, in terms of land ecosystems, the Amazon stores 10 percent of the world’s carbon, probably more than anywhere else on the planet.

Chile Has 24,133 Glaciers, and We’re Losing Them Piece by Piece

There are 24,133 glaciers in Chile – 82% of the glaciers in South America. These vast and intricate cascades of white, blue and brown not only form one of the largest freshwater reserves in the world, they are also vital to the preservation of vulnerable local ecosystems.

El Niño Has Put the World in an ‘Uncharted Territory’

Briefing UN Member States on 7 January 2016 on the widely varied and devastating impacts of the current El Niño weather phenomenon – which for months has sparked massive floods in some countries while leaving others, often in the same region, bone dry

El Niño’s full force felt in Paraguay

More than 100,000 Paraguayan’s on the move and the river flowing at its highest since 1992. Paraguay’s floods have left tragic losses, but they come as a result of a global phenomenon

How does COP21 affect Latin America?

Climate change, and the effect it is having on temperatures and ecosystems across Latin America has seen more and more governments start to think green. Paris then has served to set some ground work, raising awareness and increasing consciousness that change needs to happen now.

COP21: The ambitions and flaws of the Paris Agreement

The conclusion of COP21 did give us an environmental agreement, the first to impose various binding and voluntary measures within its remit that will first permit a peak of greenhouse gases globally before rapidly reducing.

Short answers to hard questions about Climate Change

Amid the COP21 summit in Paris, we think everyone should know what "Climate Change" is. The issue can be overwhelming. The science is complicated. Predictions about the fate of the planet carry endless caveats and asterisks.

What would Jesus do about global warming?

Pope Francis Statement on the environment is readable and in places, beautiful. With a clear eye on some global climate-change diplomacy it affirms that carbon emitted by humans is the main reason why Earth is warming, and urges rapid action.

Climate change mitigation and adaptation in LatAm

By now the fact that climate change is a global environmental, social and economic threat comes as a surprise to few. Many world leaders even call climate change the single greatest threat to humanity in this century.  Latin American cities are particularly vulnerable to the devastating effects of climate change.

Pope Francis Steps Up Campaign on Climate Change

Since his first homily in 2013, Pope Francis has preached about the need to protect the earth and all of creation as part of a broad message on the environment. It has caused little controversy so far.