Estéreo Picnic: Un fenómeno que perdura

Según los organizadores, el día de inicio atrajo la mayor cantidad de público con cerca de 20.000 personas que, en los años anteriores, la cifra se había acercado a los 14.000 y 17.000 espectadores.

Swapping coca for cacao

An option for getting away from the Colombian conflict is to change the kind of plantations to a peace kind one. 

90% of our primates are threatened

Colombia is the third country with most primate species in the region, but most of them are threatened by deforestation, illegal traffic and hunting. 

The first generation in peace

Before the peace deal in Colombia, it could have been impossible to even think of guerillas women giving birth and the harsh drama finally ends.

Colombia, víctima de su éxito

Colombia por fin emprende su difícil transición hacia la normalidad. El viejo país cerrado, aislado y huraño intenta dar paso a uno nuevo: abierto, pacífico y seguro.

Cali expands the reintegration program

With the delivery of weapons by 40 teenagers, the beginning of the Integral Treatment of Gangs, TIP, was formalized, covering a total of 700 members of these groups in the city.

Crops over chainsaws

More than 3,500 people from Córdoba in Colombia will stop cutting down trees and focus on sustainable production and agriculture. 

Colombian art takes Switzerland

Colombian sculptor Gabriel Beltrán will be the first Latin American artist to exhibit at the prestigious Christine Brügger gallery in Bern, Switzerland, where he will show a work characterized by its innovative, dynamic and joyful language.

Colombia steps back

The country constant struggle to develop gets shaded by the Senate approval in the second debate the project of Viviane Morales that intends to restrict the adoption to only heterosexual couples.

Colombia: Easier to deny

For many years the European and American thinking system was established in Latin American society even over the local and the traditional customs.