School harassment: Mexico, alarms on!

The latest report of the International Program of Student Assessment (PISA), presented globally, harassment affects almost 19 percent of students in the Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económicos (OCDE).

Crisis tras crisis en Venezuela

Los diplomáticos venezolanos han buscado presentar la creciente oposición regional al gobierno de Maduro como parte de un esfuerzo encubierto de Estados Unidos para justificar la intervención militar.

El trueque renace en Venezuela

El trueque de alimentos, medicinas y productos de limpieza y de higiene personal en las mayores regiones del país, se vive cotidianamente por medio de las redes sociales.

Venezuela hecha metáfora

“La Soledad” del cineasta Jorge Thielen Armand es su catarsis perfecta para mostrar la caótica situación de Venezuela.

Venezuela and the media

The National Assembly of Venezuela approved official censorship of independent media and national and international journalists out of alleged violence promotion. Who is the violence promoter?

Corruption culture made in Latin America

Corruption blocks the ability of governments to provide basic services to citizens, undermines people's trust in democracy and is often tied to cross-border crime, including drug trafficking, organized crime and money laundering. Is our culture the birth place for this outrageous phenomenon?

2016 was a violent year for Venezuela

According to the OVV report, the total number of violent deaths the past year is slightly higher than the already scandalous in 2015, when it reached 27,875 cases.

Venezuela al límite

Las mujeres de Venezuela optan por la esterilización en cifras récord, otro indicador de la profunda crisis financiera y humanitaria del país latinoamericano.

What’s behind the food banks in Latin America?

Globally, between one-quarter and one-third of the food produced annually for human consumption is lost or wasted. In Latin America and the Caribbean every day up to 348,000 tons of food end up in the trash. 

Tradition VS. Coca-Cola

In the country with more deaths from diabetes in Latin America, the indigenous and rural population is the most vulnerable to the invasion of soda drinks.

Latinos shine in the 2016 Paris fashion week

The luxury design of Latins finds its place in Paris during the 2016 Fashion Week, where successful creators Edgardo Osorio, signature Aquazzura, and Yliana Yepez presented their new designs, increasingly sought after among lovers of international fashion 

Maduro enviará a trabajadores al campo

El presidente de Venezuela ordenó a las empresas, tanto públicas como privadas, poner a disposición a sus trabajadores para que contribuyan en la producción agroalimentaria. 

The ides of wisdom in Venezuela

18 years of copycatting the Cuban revolution, have brought the largest depository of proven oil reserves to be unable to secure power for its households.

Transatlantic reflections

Populist parallels between Europe and Latin America. Seen from Latin America, the agonies of the euro zone arouse a sickening sense of déjà vu. The limits on withdrawals from Greek banks mimic the corralito (“little fence”) imposed by Domingo Cavallo, Argentina’s finance minister in 2001

Watching Venezuela

An outline of what Latam.Media and other colleagues have been observing about the state of affairs in Venezuela leads to justify a major  fraternal concern for the common well-being of our community.